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The Elimination of Words

by Giuseppe Cristiano

Sometime in the future when thinking for oneself is prohibited, a devoted soldier to the NWO government begins to question his loyalty after the public execution of a famous elite politician. This execution...

My name is Ofelia

by Marzia Stella

Ophelia, a young lady in her early twenties finds love in the eyes of a local writer, Edward Turner. She is attracted to his art, and he to her name. Their love quickly blossoms as Ophelia and Edward move in...

Luckily it's not raining

by Marzia Stella

Marta Rice, a modest baker in a small town was faced with losing her dream job. All her life, what she wanted was to live quietly as a baker, and earn modestly for her and her mother but, life isn't a wish granting...

Suburban porn

by Hank Fredo

They have always been regarded as losers right from their high school days. Now in their mid-thirties, four friends decide it is time to change the perception of the world about them.

It is one thing to dream...

The fly who saved the World

by Giuseppe Cristiano

Joe wanted to live the life he had been enjoying his entire life so far, breakfast whenever he woke up, sleep while the sun shone, and a few naps throughout the night when he knew no one else would eat his food....

Cowboys, Pirates & Aliens

by Rich Cole

Cowboys, Pirates and Aliens is a madcap adventure which drops four dusty cowboys from the 1860s into Port Royal just before a massive earthquake and tsunami destroy the island. That is only the beginning as...

Into the swamplands

by Rich Cole

The swamps of Atchafalaya is filled with wonders and magic of nature, and Army veteran Nate

goes in search for Crocs, but meets a deadlier set of predators—humans. Suddenly, his world

gets darker than the sins...


by Rich Cole

Quando Tess Reed si sveglia in mezzo al deserto, senza ricordare come ci sia finita, non ha idea di essere in un gioco mortale, che non può sperare di vincere. Tutto ciò che possedeva è sparito: il telefono,...

Friends by heart

by Rich Cole

The woods. Dark of night. Two young girls drag a lump bundled in bedsheets.

When Joanna wakes up one morning to a phone call from her best friend Monika, she has no idea what awaits her. A horrifying truth will...

The Hunters Den

by Rich Cole

Zoe Lucas is an American reporter on a special report mission in Panama. She finds herself within one of the most dangerous national parks on earth – The Darien National Park. Upon her arrival, she finds solace...


by Giuseppe Cristiano

When Mia woke up, something wasn't right with the world. In fact, as the week progressed, things just got stranger. Day by day, all the colors in the world seem to be disappearing! What could be the reason for...

Guitar from Hell

by Giuseppe Cristiano

Iron Coffin wasn't as popular as they would like. As a matter of fact, after ten years in the music industry, they had discovered that the rockstar life wasn't what they expected at all. For Johnny Steele, the...

The Cursed

by Giuseppe Cristiano

Joe, the owner of a local comic book store, is a pretty unlucky guy. Furnished with a diagnosis of obsessive-compulsive disorder and a looming curse that seems to touch everything in his life, he just can't...

Happy Campers

by Rich Cole

An average couple take a vacation into the wilderness, finding a beautiful spot in the mountains of Appalachia. Here, they hope to reconnect with nature and one another but Gavin, a survivalist and hunting enthusiast,...

Frank Martino The Accidental Killer

by Hank Fredo

Life is all about twists and turns but what do you do when the twists and turns are personified in one person?

Meet Frank, a nerd in oversized clothing, but happens to be one of the top hitmen in the business...

My Evil Brother

by Giuseppe Cristiano

A summer of video games was all Sam had planned while his parents were busy in their corporate world of finance. There was nothing out of the ordinary until Brennan, his older brother, showed back up unannounced...


by Rich Cole

Stone Edge, a place filled with the worse kind of criminals is the one place that holds the truth. The world is cruel and unjust and the country is rife with its corruption. Justice is what Detective Landon...


by Rich Cole

It is just another ordinary weekend. All Tom wants to do is hit the road, visit his friend, grab some bottles of beer, and watch baseball.

However, when his loving wife Sera pleads with him to get the groceries...

The Forgotten Town

by Rich Cole

Rayan Janssen has always thought he had a connection with his twin brother, Jurre, and when his instincts tell him that there’s something wrong, his worries are confirmed when his brother doesn’t return...

Crazy Cat Lady

by Rich Cole

In a dystopian society filled with absurdity and violence, Michelle has chosen to be different. While everyone else has lost sense of humanity, Michelle chooses to maintain hers and ensure her nephew sees only...