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The Apartment (wait a minute)

by Giuseppe Cristiano

The house is too large and the rent is too expensive for the protagonist of this story. And he goes from being the only inhabitant to the roommate of five other people, who are occasionally joined by strangers,...

From the bedroom

by Rich Cole

It's another morning and Craig wakes up perturbed. His night has been riddled with an odd dream that he can neither decipher nor remember.

Getting out of bed, he decides to go through his usual routine and start...

GIONCAVALLO - A folk tale of bandits, demons and witches

by Pier Maria Colombo

In the darkest time of the Middle Ages, Gioncavallo, a blacksmith's son in medieval Italy is left alone to fend for himself after his parents died of a fever. No matter how hard he tries to avoid it, trouble...

The Misadventures of a Porn Actor

by Hank Fredo

On a very sunny day in Berlin, Michael Meyer is going about his normal daily dealings, as normal as it could be for a sex shop attendant. Other than the scorching sun outside, another major concern of his are...

The Farmer

by Rich Cole

All old Keith wanted was to live his last days in rural Lakeside with his dog, Booster, and his horse in his empty farm. But sometimes we don't get what we want. We get the opposite...

Keith gets pulled back...

Primal Dreams

by Hank Fredo

Four college students (Adam, Simon, Mia and Laurene) embark on a journey towards a jungle that turns out to be more than they could’ve ever imagined. The tribe living in the jungle, and its way of living,...

The Landlords

by Rich Cole

"The Landlords" is a brief but imaginative story exploring the relations between the modern human race and a group of aliens called The Landlords who reveal to us that we have only been allowed to exist on planet...

Sustainable sh*t

by Hank Fredo

Robert is a successful creative at Publicus and Partners.

For a long time, Robert has been dealing with an inner turmoil, always embracing any new trend. To people around him, his life is perfect.

However, when...

A Greek Horror Story

by Pier Maria Colombo

Detectives Tasos and Michalis, partners on the local police force, are tasked with trying to solve a string of murders in Athens, Greece. While Michalis believes it was the work of local gangs, Tasos is hell-bent...


by Ulrika Sjoberg

The Virus, follows Corinne, a new mother, on a painful journey to bring her remaining family together after the majority of human life has been lost following a biological warfare attack.

Set in the near future,...

The Yoga Master Fighter

by Rich Cole

Hugh Benton is a slacker. He doesn't aspire to much. He just wants to coast and do some yoga, but that all changes when he performs the mystical and forbidden 85th pose of yoga. Suddenly, Hugh, the slacker becomes...

The Elimination of Words

by Giuseppe Cristiano

Sometime in the future when thinking for oneself is prohibited, a devoted soldier to the NWO government begins to question his loyalty after the public execution of a famous elite politician. This execution...

My name is Ophelia

by Marzia Stella

Ophelia, a young lady in her early twenties finds love in the eyes of a local writer, Edward Turner. She is attracted to his art, and he to her name. Their love quickly blossoms as Ophelia and Edward move in...

Luckily it's not raining

by Marzia Stella

Marta Rice, a modest baker in a small town was faced with losing her dream job. All her life, what she wanted was to live quietly as a baker, and earn modestly for her and her mother but, life isn't a wish granting...

Suburban porn

by Hank Fredo

They have always been regarded as losers right from their high school days. Now in their mid-thirties, four friends decide it is time to change the perception of the world about them.

It is one thing to dream...

The fly who saved the World

by Giuseppe Cristiano

Joe wanted to live the life he had been enjoying his entire life so far, breakfast whenever he woke up, sleep while the sun shone, and a few naps throughout the night when he knew no one else would eat his food....

Cowboys, Pirates & Aliens

by Rich Cole

Cowboys, Pirates and Aliens is a madcap adventure which drops four dusty cowboys from the 1860s into Port Royal just before a massive earthquake and tsunami destroy the island. That is only the beginning as...

Into the swamplands

by Rich Cole

The swamps of Atchafalaya is filled with wonders and magic of nature, and Army veteran Nate

goes in search for Crocs, but meets a deadlier set of predators—humans. Suddenly, his world

gets darker than the sins...


by Rich Cole

Quando Tess Reed si sveglia in mezzo al deserto, senza ricordare come ci sia finita, non ha idea di essere in un gioco mortale, che non può sperare di vincere. Tutto ciò che possedeva è sparito: il telefono,...

Friends by heart

by Rich Cole

The woods. Dark of night. Two young girls drag a lump bundled in bedsheets.

When Joanna wakes up one morning to a phone call from her best friend Monika, she has no idea what awaits her. A horrifying truth will...