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Funny  Bunny

by Latonya Gaston

This is a fun and playful book about a cute little bunny with very long ears and big brown eyes. Your children will love this book and will learn to appreciate how to find humor in everything around them.

Patsy the Seagull Visits Ellis Island

by Richel,Patricia

Best seagull friends, Patsy and Harriet decide to visit Ellis Island with their human beach friends, the two Grandma Pats, to find out about their ancestors who came to the United States from Europe. One of...

Adam and Seymour

by Cathy Finch White

Adam and Seymour are two young boys who wants to play soccer ,but does not know how to play, they both signs up for soccer tryouts, believing that they could make the team with a little help and determination....

The Hummingbird

by Melanie Korth

The Hummingbird Learns A Lesson is about a hummingbird that is not very kind to other desert critters that are different or less fortunate than him. Then, a incident occurs, which positively influences his attitude....

Lovebird and Dove

by Zelalem Biruk

One fine morning, two extraordinary birds, Dove and Lovebird, set out for their daily job, a job that no ordinary birds could do?saving the world from trouble caused by the human being.

A Bird's-Eye View

by Claudia Williams

This story book originated from the looks of my own backyard after being the ballpark to my first four grandsons in their pre and teen years. Not only my grands, but the neighborhood boys also. You see my house...

The Magical Owls

by Pierson Tadeo

The story of The Magical Owls is about ten little mice who were in search of these Magical Owls to ask them for help to cool off their dry dessert land.  These Magical Owls had the power to bring water, or...

Skippy the Flea Is off to See the President

by Glynda T. King

Skippy is a very Happy little flea that wears a straw hat and overalls. Other fleas laugh at him and call him a hillbilly flea. One day Skippy found a lettle red pebble. He thought it was the rarest jewel in...

The Songbirds

by Melanie Korth

This book is about three birds, a Cardinal, a Blue Jay and a Yellow Warbler, that are always arguing about which one is the most beautiful and which one has the most beautiful singing voice. A Red Fox informs...

A Bat Called "George"

by Cynthia L. Rogers & Roxan L. Affeldt

This is the story of an endearing creature, George, a baby bat, who is curious about the world that exists beneath the confines of the attic of his old farmhouse. Warned by his mother not to venture out alone,...

The Adventures of Jedediah the Mule

by Alita Buzel

On a very fine day, in a very plush town, a beautiful, golden mare arrived at a very fancy stable.   During her first night, the new mare gave birth to a little baby.  However, to everyone?s surprise, the...

Ferdinand  the Parrot

by Jay P. McGuire & Lawrence D. Liseo

Ferdinand the Parrot was born without color. He came upon the character of a kind wise old owl who helped Ferdinand on a jopurney. "The old owl told Ferdinand to go to the woods where the trees are colored bright....


by Millicent Haik

Wanabe is a little song-bird who became discontented because he wanted to be like the other birds whom he perceived to be happy. His perception of happiness in the first case was based on being cool, in the...

Counting Your Way Down the Toccoa River Canoe Trail

by Elizabeth A. Salvati & Mike Motz

Deep Hole to Rock Creek Road Bridge: 1.5 miles Rock Creek Road Bridge to Margret: 1.0 mile Margret to Butt Bridge: 5.8 miles Butt Bridge to Dial Bridge: 1.5 miles Dial Bridge to Sandy Bottoms: 4.0 miles

Sugarfoots Tattle-Tale Series

by Barbara Nyaliemaa Mosima & Karim R. Whalen

?Sugar roads and sugar toes Sugarfoots and all that glows In my hand the stones will be And my imagination Will be with me?? And with that, the Sugarfoots dolls come to life! Babelle, a young African-American...

A Bird's-Eye View

by Claudia Williams

This story book originated from the looks of my own backyard after being the ballpark to my first four grandsons in their pre and teen years. Not only my grands, but the neighborhood boys also. You see my house...

Tony Trout of the Toccoa River

by Elizabeth A. Salvati & Dominic Gade

There's no available information at this time. Author will provide once information is available.

Sparkles & Zarkles

by Rebecca Angelina Nigro

Two adventurous fish, named Sparkles and Zarkles, jump out of the deep blue sea. Amazed at being on land, Sparkles and Zarkles find themselves trying to adjust to a new environment. This is an amusing story...

You Must Have Fallen off the Bed and Bumped Your Head

by Latonya Gaston

My name is Latonya Gaston, and I live in Jacksonville, Florida. I?m a professionally trained health care and project manager with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree, and I?m continuing with my...

Boom Boom Crash

by Marie Barbee

In a little town in the woods, the towns folk explore a mysterious noise from down the long dirt road. To the surprise of all, it is coming from inside the house but what is causing the noise.