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The Cat's Pajamas

by Wallace Daniel & Keller Kim

Meet Louis Fellini. Louis lived in a time long ago when cats wore clothes, worked in cities, and went on picnics. But the cats dressed all the same, down to the shoes they wore. Louis Fellini was a different...

The Tale of Samuel Whiskers or,The Roly-Poly Pudding

by Beatrix Potter

The little Tom Kitten runs away from his mother up the chimney and, through a crack in the wall, he finds himself under the floor of the attic. Here he meets Mr. Samuel Whiskers and his wife Anna Maria, two...

The Tale of Tom Kitten

by Beatrix Potter

Mrs. Tabitha Twitchit sets up for a tea in good company. His three rowdy children Mittens, Tom Kitten and Moppet, however, prefer to play the dust, climb the walls and make the fight rather than sit quietly...

The Tale of Ginger and Pickles

by Beatrix Potter

Ginger and Pickles are two shopkeepers who extend unlimited credit to their customers and, as a result, are forced to go out of business. Tabitha Twitchit, the proprietor of the now only village shop, exploits...

The Tale of the Pie and the Patty-Pan

by Beatrix Potter

Ribby, a "Pussy-cat" invites a little dog called Duchess to tea with a cake made by her. Duchess hopes she will not be served mouse: she can’t eat mouse, but does not want to offend. She decides to bake a...

The Story of Miss Moppet

by Beatrix Potter

Miss Moppet is a young kitten. With an ingenious trick captures a curious mouse that made fun of her. She does not notice, however, that in the duster in which she imprisoned the mouse there is a hole. The mouse...

The Tailor of Gloucester

by Beatrix Potter

In his absence, a tailor frees some mice that Simpkin, his cat, has imprisoned under teacups. Grateful for the rendered freedom will help the tailor to complete in time the waistcoat commissioned by the mayor...

Orlando's Amazing Adventures

by Mary Costantini

An amusing story of a well-loved cat. Enjoyable reading for both children and cat-lovers everywhere.

The Cats Who Brought Presents

by Thomas,Eulyn

Mom better watch out because her feline companions are full of gratitude, and they are not afraid to show it.

-Amuche Nwafor – the Poet

This is a colorfully illustrated and beautifully written story that will...

The Alley Cat and the Magical Tree

by The Pest,

There is this place called the Cat Tree. It is a magical special place for cats to come and enjoy. All cats are welcome to the tree. Cats like young cats, old cats, mama cats with their kittens, fat cats, wild...

Cat Mandoo

by Kasden,Alexis

    When children are asked which superhuman power they would like to have, one of their most common answers is "to fly." It wouldn't be surprising to learn that other creatures want to be able to fly too....

Christmas Magic in Believing

by Sandra Garris Woolard

It was a new beginning, and Amber gave meaning to "love at first sight." She petted and rubbed me the moment she held me in her arms. Being the petite, cute, and adorable tortoiseshell kitten that I was and...


by Michael R. Martin

Ariel is a very curious homeless cat who lives in Jerusalem at the time of Jesus' birth. Her curiosity leads her to Bethlehem. There she becomes friends with the animals who lives in the stable where Jesus is...

Your Guide to All Things Caticorn

by Winters ,Karissa

Welcome to a magical place where macarons grow on bushes and milk rivers flow. Rainbows are protected and mythical creatures near and far rely on the one and only caticorn. You may be asking what place could...

JJ Finds Everlasting Life

by Wanda Hawkins

Count down with JJ as he overcomes obstacles in his journey of many lives.

The Adventures of Harbour and His Sister, Miss Kitty

by Donna Lynn

Adventure is wonderful! We all enjoy the stimulation of even thinking about exploring and participating in something out of the ordinary! Do animals feel the same? Just take them to a new place; soon they are...

Aces the Cat and the Christmas Tree

by Sweet,Edward M.

Aces the Cat is a real cat who dreams of being a blues harmonica player and spends his time doing battle with birds and various other furry animals. Christmas is his favorite time of year as he loves doing battle...

Tomcat Teddy's Forever Friends

by Steele,Jerry

"The only way to have a friend," Lady the Beagle tells Tomcat Teddy through the fence, "is to be one." But Tomcat Teddy isn't buying it. He has other ideas. And in his eye-opening journey outside the fence,...

Live like a Cat

by Laurie R. Karp

Cats are amazing creatures. Historically they were worshiped by different cultures. Cats are not discriminative toward any variation of the feline species. Humans can learn a lesson by observing the behavior...


by MaryAnn Gavenda

Meet the Itty Bitty Pretty Black Kitty. Join her as she hopes for someone to love her and name her. Will she get a new mommy? Become part of the adventures of the Itty Bitty Pretty Black Kitty and see if you...