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A Friend in Need Is a Friend Indeed

by Katrina L. Turner

After Bobby encounters a homeless puppy, he offers him a forever home on his farm. Soon, Bobby and his newfound furry friend set out on a great adventure together to find just the right spot.

As Bobby and the...


by Pamela J. Johnson

Tanuki, the adventurous raccoon, watches over Sugar Creek Farm. He has become forever friends with the four little mice who live in the barn—Itzy, Bitzy, Mitzy, and Ditzy. After playing on the tire swing,...

Sheep Count Flowers

by Micaela Chirif & Amanda Mijangos

If people count sheep to fall asleep, then…

what do sheep count?

Flowers, says this beautifully fanciful dream of a book. Sunflowers, roses, geraniums, jasmine. And there's lots of OTHER things you probably...

Toots on the Farm

by Ricky Wright

This book is about a small girl living on a farm. She loves to run and play and talk to the animals. Come along with Toots as she adventures through the farm with her wonderful companion. Maybe you can find...

The Christmas Tree Disaster

by Tami Johnson

Annie-Loo tells Santa that he does not need to bring her a present this year because she has emptied her piggy bank and plans to buy her own present, a goat.

While attending an auction with her dad, she spots...

The Cranky Cricket Ranch Buck and the Barnyard Boogie

by Jayme Robins

This is a little tale of barnyard animals and the fun they have twiddling their tails on the Cranky Cricket Ranch. Everyone is not created the same, and this book is an enjoyable illustration of the fact that...

Might as Wool (Media tie-in)

by Ace Landers

It's time for an all-new "it" animal to take the stage! This new funny guidebook is "alpaca-ed" with funny jokes, memes, gags, and more!

Meet Alpaca, a soft, fluffy animal who is absolutely not a llama. (That...

Barnyard Games

by Rubino,Tony

On an animal farm located high in eastern Pennsylvania, next to the dark forest, the farm animals like to pass the time by playing a game of tag, led by the farmer's two Shih Tzu dogs, Omni and Baby. A six-foot...

The Fox and the Hen

by Carter,Curtis

A fox and a hen are an odd pair. You might like to see how they interact knowing that the hen is usually the fox's dinner. The hen is gullible and believes that they can be friends. Her friends are a little...

Sampson's One Sock

by Conway,Sharon

Sampson is hurt. He can walk but only very slowly. Granny Sharon is going to have to find out what has happened. Can a tube sock possibly be of help? Granny Sharon must get him well.

Mr. Watson's Chickens

by Jarrett Dapier & Andrea Tsurumi

Interrupting Chicken meets Click, Clack, Moo in this zany classic-in-the-making!

With rollicking rhythms, nonsensical refrains, and too many chickens to count, this modern classic will inspire unstoppable giggles...

I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

by Alan Mills, PisHier, Thomas Hellman & Emilie Clepper

A quirky, cumulative rhyme about an old lady who swallows a multitude of animals, one after the other, to her detriment. The narrated story is followed by recordings of the songs “I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed...

Bucky, the New Kid on the Farm

by Johnson,Tami

A young goat woke up one morning to find himself in the back of a truck. With him are several other goats. He heard one say that they are headed for market though he did not know what that meant. He did not...

The Carrier Pigeon

by Lane,John

The story is about a little homing pigeon named Lucky and a round-faced, redheaded boy named Alex. Join the adventures of Lucky the homing pigeon, Ole Charlie the big rooster, Penny the head hen, and the warmhearted...

Today I Get My Show Goat

by Chumley,Danielle

McKenzie is so excited to travel with her family to get her show goat. She has been waiting so long for this moment. She gets up bright and early to travel with her parents and older sister to the auction. The...

Trevor the Runaway Turkey

by Rebecca Schlaegel

Trevor the turkey is facing a serious problem. Thanksgiving is coming! Trevor needs a plan to avoid becoming part of the farmer’s meal. All his animal friends bolster his confidence and help him develop an...

Grandpa's Goat-Goat

by Hufnagel,Thai

A move to a new home with new friends, family, and plenty of animals on the farm. There's a lot of hard work and new adventures waiting. Just imagine what will happen!

A Pig and His Pet

by Cheryl Pappas

A Pig and His Pet is about how a young girl saw the friendship of two unlikely farm mates.


Bertram Finds a Friend!

by Jim Shields & Susan Shorter

Just imagine how exciting it can be to make a new friend when you least expect it! A wonderful story in rhymed verse, Bertram Finds A Friend, shows us how trust, compassion and respect can lead to forever friendships!...

Adventures of Louie the Llama

by Gay Byers

Come with me into a world where imagination is free to roam, our innocence and youth return. A place where one could read about the many adventures of Louie the Llama. Let me introduce you to a story about the...