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The Tale of Mr. Tod

by Beatrix Potter

Tommy Brock, a badger, kidnaps the sons of Benjamin Bunny and disappears hiding in one of Mr. Tod's houses. Mr. Tod, came home and discovered the invasion starts a fight with Tommy. Benjamin Bunny and Peter...

The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies

by Beatrix Potter

The Flopsy Bunnies are six young rabbits, sons of Benjamin and Flopsy Bunny. One day, while they are eating some rotten vegetables in the garden of Mr. McGregor, the six rabbits fall asleep and are captured...

The Story of a Fierce Bad Rabbit

by Beatrix Potter

A bad rabbit, attacks a good rabbit to steal a carrot and starts to munch it on a bench. After a while, a hunter mistake the bad rabbit for a bird and shoots. The bad rabbit will run away without whiskers, tail...

The Tale of Benjamin Bunny

by Beatrix Potter

While Mr. and Mrs. McGregor are absent, Peter Rabbit and his cousin Benjamin Bunny venture in search of clothes Peter lost before. Busy gathering onions for Peter's mother, they don't notice a cat who to traps...

The Adventure of Foot, Footfoot, and Footfootfoot

by Greenway,Brandon

This is a story about three little rabbits, Foot, Footfoot, and Footfootfoot, who were planning a long journey across The Big Field to the woods in search of The Dark Lake. Their mother had always told them...

The Hare and the Tortoise

by Helen Ward

Join one fast hare and one slow tortoise, along with a whole host of other animals, to discover who will be the winner of a most unusual race. Award-winning illustrator and author Helen Ward's gorgeous artwork...

The Adventures of Belle and Buster

by Canne.M

Belle loves to dance and dreams of becoming a famous ballerina. Belle needs a partner to dance with but no boys do ballet and she cannot dance alone. Buster is a Street Dance, Hip-Hop dancer and can do lots...

The Owl and the Two Rabbits

by Nadia Sammurtok & Marcus Cutler

When two rabbit sisters ignore their parents' warnings and decide to play outside on the open tundra, a hungry owl soon spots them and decides they will make a delicious meal. As a chase ensues, the sisters...

The Origin of Day and Night

by Paula Ikuutaq Rumbolt & Lenny Lishchenko

In this Inuit tale, the actions of a hare and a fox change the Arctic forever by creating day and night. In very early times, there was no night or day and words spoken by chance could become real. When a hare...

Welcome to Carrotsville

by Teresa Kay Bowens & Keionne Rhodes

The Miggens family is a family of bunnies. This book is about their life experiences in this current day setting and having to where a mask. The stories are about different things the Miggens’ little bunnies...

Reign's Rabbit

by Wright,Gloria G.

Most children dream of having a pet of their very own. Reign, like any other seven-year-old, is no exception. Her dream is to have a pet rabbit! She confides in her mother who advises her to have faith for what...

Rabbit Talk

by Sam T. Scaling M.D.

From the time we are born until we leave home, Mom and Dad are there to protect and guide us in the world. For these baby rabbits, the meaning of love and family is learned from their parents to they may go...

Pierre Rabbit

by A.C. Murphy

The book is about a rabbit who is very unhappy being a rabbit. He wants to go to the North Pole to be Santa's helper to help deliver Christmas presents. He faces some scary challenges as he ventures to the North...

The Painting Hopper

by Bootsie Wingate & Emilie Wingate

Kai is a curious bunny who lives in the cool-colored planes of a watercolor painting with his mother and sister, Kallie. Although he loves the painting, he cannot help but feel there is something beyond his...

Samantha and the Baby Rabbit

by R D Hohenstein

When Samantha notices a movement under the bushes in her yard, she and her dad find a lost and cold baby rabbit. Samantha learns a valuable lesson as they search for its home and return it to its mother.

The Good Habit Rabbits

by Fowler,Summer Craze

When the rabbits awake from their winter slumber and check in on their friends, they are dismayed to discover that everyone has forgotten good manners and habits! The rabbits work together to remind and motivate...

The Turtle and the Rabbit

by Fereshteh Ajdari & Natalie de Stefano

There's no available information at this time. Author will provide once information is available.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Presents a Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo

by Marlon Bundo, Jill Twiss & Eg Keller (Gerald Kelley)

100% of Last Week Tonight's proceeds will be donated to The Trevor Project and AIDS United.

HBO's Emmy-winning Last Week Tonight with John Oliver presents a children's picture book about a Very Special boy bunny...

The Cabbagetown Bunny Family

by R. C. Shanks

The authors ability to write these stories comes from his ability to tap into his ?inner child? plus years of working in the floral business and making? very special?, floral/toy/candy arrangements for extremely...

Floppy Feet

by Bittick,Tiffany

Wilson really wants to take part in the big bunny race, but his big, floppy feet are always making him fall. Will Wilson muster the courage to give it a go, or will he just embarrass himself in front of all...