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Truths I Learned from Sam

by Kristin Butcher

2016 SYRCA Snow Willow Award — Shortlisted

It’s the best summer of Dani’s life, until the bottom falls out.

Dani’s mother is getting married – again – because that’s what she does, and while she...

Everybody's Napping but Me

by Kristen Jablonski

Every time this new mom tries to close her eyes,

She looks around the house to a find a new surprise.

This book will leave you with a laugh and a smile,

but mom's next nap? That might be a while…

When I'm a Big Kid Like Daddy

by Woodward,Dustin

When I'm a Big Kid like Daddy primarily consists of a collection of musings from the mind of a three-year-old. From growing a beard to driving a truck to hitting a home run, this book is sure to warm the hearts...

Dapooh Goes to Virtual School

by Renee Jones-Welch PhD

This rookie reader presents a new experience for many young children – school in the virtual. DaPooh the Kangaroo reminisces on his in-person school days, as he then has to prepare for his adventure of attending...

I Believe in You

by Elias Barks & George Bletsis

A Loch Ness Monster parent reassures their child that they'll believe in them—no matter who else may have their doubts. Set in a magical imagining of the Scotland’s Loch Ness, I Believe in You is an ode...

I Love You More than Plunder

by Kyle Sullivan & Nicole Miles

A father pirate explains to his daughter that he loves her more than anything—even the most exciting and valuable aspects of his incredible job. All the sunken treasure in the ocean is worth nothing compared...

The Pocket Chaotic

by Ziggy Hanaor & Daniel Gray-Barnett

Praise for Pocket Chaotic

'Pops of golden yellow dominate the watercolor, ink, and pencil illustrations of this tongue-in-cheek story about helping children embrace their independence'. -- Foreword Reviews


I Love You out Loud Mommy

by Elizabeth A. Cranford & Gary R. Phillips

"I Love You Out Loud Mommy"

“I Love You Out Loud” will give children a warm and fuzzy feeling all over!

I Love You Out Loud Children’s Book Collection will help to nurture children into loving and compassionate...

We're Not Gonna Take It

by Dee Snider & Margaret McCartney

This picture book of Dee Snider's classic song of empowerment and self-determination will strike a chord with kids everywhere.

Oh we're not gonna take it

No, we ain't gonna take it

Oh we're not gonna take it anymore...


by James Whittier

This story is about a daddy talking to his young daughter as she is on the edge of some very critical decisions that will affect the way she sees the world forever. Sometimes we let others decide what we believe,...

Always and Forever My Boy

by Hutchens,Lizzie

From the moment you find out you're expecting, you become a mom. There are so many wonderful and exciting events that take place from that day forward?your first ultrasound, the first time you feel your baby...

When Mom Doesn't Feel Good

by Rorabaugh,Kristen L.

You know your mom loves you so very much. But some days, Mom just isn't herself. Just like you, she may be sad, sick, in pain, or just incredibly tired. Not only are these days challenging for Mom, they are...

I Love You, Mommy

by Tatiana Ashanda Newson

"I Love You, Mommy" is dedicated not only to little boys and girls but to everyone, young and old. We all have a Mommy. When they look at us, we are always their baby no matter our age. This is why I name my...

The Christmas Shoes

by Cecilia Jones

Imagine it is Christmas morning. You wake up and run downstairs to find a mysterious box sitting under the tree. What could in this box possibly be? Well, just open this book if you would really like to see....

Cave Dada Picky Eater

by Brandon Reese

A laugh-out-loud testament to Cave Dada's prehistoric-sized love for his picky eater.

It's a peaceful prehistoric morning for Cave Dada and his Baba. But wait! Baba wants breakfast. And not just any breakfast....

Ripe Tomatoes

by Angela Rena & Kid Flvsh

Ripe Tomatoes is a book about a daycare provider, the children she serves and the parents she supports. This children?s book celebrates the necessity to nurture and to harvest people of all ages. Furthermore,...

This Is Our Normal

by Tania Glenn & Kalpart

The lives of the children of first responders are different than most kids. First responder families carry the burden of service to others. In the past few years, this is more pronounced than ever. Meet Christopher,...

Missing Daddy

by Mariame Kaba & royal bria

“This book is a crucial tool for parents, educators, and anyone who cares about the well-being of children who, through no fault of their own, are forced to bear the consequences of our country’s obsession...

Understanding Me

by Angela Rena & Kid Flvsh

Understanding Me is the story of Akilah a pre-teen African American girl who finds all about her African heritage on a trip to Detroit to see her favorite grandparents. Akilah discovers her love for self and...

My Daddy Went to Jail and I'm Sad

by Bowman,Mark A.

My Daddy Went to Jail and I Am Sad is about unfortunate real-life instances that are hard to talk about with our children. Sometimes, we as parents are embarrassed to talk to our family and friends and especially...