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Picturing Alyssa

by Alison Lohans

Short-listed for the 2011 Saskatchewan Book Awards: Children?s Literature Award and Regina Book Award

Who is the girl staring out of the old photograph? Every time Alyssa Dixon looks at it, even by accident,...

Throwaway Girl

by Kristine Scarrow

When your teen years are so messed up, how do you grow up happy?

Andy Burton knows a thing or two about survival. Since she was removed from her mother?s home and placed in foster care when she was nine, she?s...

The Secret Garden

by Frances Hodgson Burnett

The new life in the Yorkshire moors, allows the young and spoiled Mary Lennox to accomplish a gradual maturation and discover the small values and joys of life. Will be able to give courage and a meaning to...

Jo's Boys

by Louisa May Alcott

Ten years have passed and Plumfield's kids are grow up and took their own way. We will be touched by the academic and work achievements, and the loves of our heroes and suffer with them for the obstacles and...

Good Wives

by Louisa May Alcott

We meet again the four protagonists: the whimsical Amy, the lively Meg, the fine Beth and the rebellious and impulsive Jo growing up between dreams, hopes and so many projects to be realized.

The Little Jane Silver 2-Book Bundle

by Adira Rotstein

Presenting both of Little Jane Silver's piratical adventures in one special bundle!

Little Jane Silver is the granddaughter of the notorious pirate Long John Silver. Growing up on her parents' ship, she vows...

The Acting Bug

by Kathryn Ellis

TV stardom ? fame, fortune, and Hollywood! It?s the chance of a lifetime for Kate Merriman when she lands a small role in a new TV series called Backbeat.

But it?s less fun when Kate finds out her best friend...

Anne of Green Gables

by Lucy Maud Montgomery & Mint Editions

A classic coming-of-age story, Anne Shirley is a little orphan girl who brings the whole town of Avonlea together. Sacrificing her own desires for the well-being of her new family, Anne comes to learn that family...

Anne of Avonlea

by L.M. Montgomery & Mint Editions

As a young woman, Anne Shirley is embracing adulthood by becoming a productive member of society making the transition from imaginative student to respected schoolteacher. In this classic coming of age story,...

Pretty Kitty of the House

by Rose,Martha Mary

Pretty Kitty of the House is a touching story about a shy five-year-old girl. A young woman was giving out kittens, and Nina's dad happened to get one for his precious little daughter. The young five-year-old...

Isabelle’s Best Day Ever!

by Mk Goldwin

Families deal with struggles on a daily basis. This is the story of one little girl?s struggle to finally exercise the basic need of relieving herself in a ?big person?s toilet?. She only has two days before...

Princesses Have Awkward Lives

by Shanice M. Guidry

Sometimes life is difficult for little ones. Sometimes children are treated unfairly because of their personality or who their parents are or what color their skin is.

In Princesses Have Awkward Lives, a fairy...

Lightning Mary

by Anthea Simmons

Winner of the middle grade STEAM Book Prize

Ordinary is what most people are and I am not. I am not ordinary at all. I am a scientist.

One stormy night, a group of villagers are struck by lightning. The only survivor...

Secret Suffragette

by Barbara Mitchelhill

Daisy?s hero is Florence Nightingale, and she hopes to one day become a nurse just like her. But as a girl growing up in the East End of London in 1912, it seems like all her future holds is dropping out of...

Through the Looking Glass

by Lewis Carroll & Mint Editions

Alice discovers an unknown land on the other side of the mirror and finds herself part of a problem in chess, meeting some unlikely characters of nursery rhyme and puzzled by the reversal of many of the laws...

I Do Not Like Living with Brothers

by Daniel Baxter

Living With Siblings Can Be Great, Even When They're Brothers

#1 New Release in Early Learning Beginner Readers

Learn about the importance of family. I Do Not Like Living With Brothers aims to teach young siblings...

The Medusa Quest

by Alane Adams

Phoebe Katz is back on a new mission to save Olympus and undo the fallout from her first visit. Damian has troubling news?the epic mythology stories in the books are changing. Instead of Perseus slaying Medusa...

You Were Designed to Shine

by Smith,Dr. Kimberly

Every child is born with his or her own unique gifts and talents. With the support of the adults in their lives, children can have the opportunity to explore their interests. This story is designed to highlight...

Mariella Mystery Investigates The Disappearance of Diana Dumpling

by Kate Pankhurst

Mariella Mystery is back, and in this seventh installment of the bestselling series, she's on a quest to save?LUNCH! No mysterious mystery or perplexing problem is too hot to handle for this super sleuth-y youngster...

Art Girls Together

by M. B. Goffstein

Two sensitive and funny portraits of young women determined to be artists and coming of age in the late 1950s, M. B. Goffstein?s novels for young adults are available again?published together for the first time...