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Otto of the Silver Hand

by Howard Pyle & Mint Editions

“A personification of divine forgiveness.”-Jill P. May

“From American history books to Pirates of the Caribbean, the work of Howard Pyle continues to captivate us...”-Big Think

“...it has a significant,...

My Life as a Viking Child in the 800s

by Laura K. Parker

Hi, my name is Dustin. My name means "Thor's stone" in the Viking language. I live in Scandinavia around AD 800-900. I also have a sister, Ragna. Her name means "giving advice," and boy, does she love to give...

Miles Schlaufe

by William Cavanough

Miles Schlaufe is just a regular future king, until Haydn comes along with a plot to destroy the world. From battles with flying demons, to ships being eaten by magic termites and dragons eating bad guys, Miles...

Crossing To Paradise

by Kevin Crossley-Holland

Gatty is a field girl on a manor. She has never seen busy London or the bright Channel, the snowy Alps of France or the boats in the Venetian sea. She has not sung in the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem or prayed...

The Badger Knight

by Kathryn Erskine

National Book Award winner Kathryn Erskine presents a unique novel about a sickly boy's epic journey through England and Scotland at the height of Medieval times. Adrian is small for his age, even for an almost...

The Crowfield Demon

by Pat Walsh

The chilling sequel to the critically acclaimed CROWFIELD CURSE. In THE CROWFIELD CURSE, young monks' apprentice Will learned he was gifted with the Sight: able to see beyond this mortal coil into the spirit...

The Crowfield Curse

by Pat Walsh

*"A wondrous mystery." --Kirkus, starred review *"Suspenseful and spooky...with an edgy battle between good and evil." --School Library Journal, starred review If the deepest secret has been spoken, can the...

Infinity Ring Book 2: Divide and Conquer

by Carrie Ryan

Scholastic's next multi-platform mega-event begins here! Dak, Sera, and Riq might be in over their heads when they attempt to stop a Viking invasion! Hundreds of ships carrying thousands of warriors are laying...

Conan the Conqueror

by Robert E. Howard

Conan is at the pinnacle of his career in this story, having roamed the imaginary prehistoric world of Hyborea and, with native cunning and sheer force, fought his way to the throne of Aquilonia. He is the archetype...

Men of Iron

by Howard Pyle

"Men of Iron" is a historical fiction written by Howard Pyle that transports us back to the 1400's, a time of knighthood and chivalry. 

Myles Falworth is eight years old when news comes they must flee their...

Men of Iron

by Howard Pyle

Men of Iron is juvenile coming of age work in which the author has the reader experience the medieval entry into knighthood through the eyes of a young squire, Myles Falworth. In Chapter 24 the knighthood ceremony...

Epic Children's Fantasy

by Jeff Child

When the main character of this story, Gary, sees a prediction about a young hero, he is serious about discovering the truth and validity of the signed prophecy. He collects his things and sets forth on a long...

War of the Rocks

by Jeff Child

Borco and his family are in the middle of a conflict. The town of Mendy Mountain is a strange one, divided by rocks, held together by huge bridges. But when one of the corrupt magistrates finds a way to summon...

Corbin the Hood

by Jeff Child

This is what the king’s messenger told him. Corbin was a rebel, he was someone who wouldn’t bow to the oppressive rules the dictator imposed upon his village. And because of that, he was banished. He was...

Black and White Knights

by Jeff Child

One castle, two sides, the one white and the other black… the one gloomy and the other radiating light, each to their divorced parents’ preference. In this story of two knights, Radius and Exdobor have always...

Story of a True Hero

by Jeff Child

The journey of a true hero!

The life of Rufus the knight is slow but satisfying until he finds out he could do better. Looking for answers to help him improve his talents, he seeks out the commander of the protecting...

Stories of the Vikings

by Mary Macgregor

On a summer day nearly twelve hundred years ago, three ships with bright red sails drew near to one of the little ports of the Dorset coast in the south of England. The townsfolk saw the ships, and paying no...

Stories from the Crusades

by Janet Kelman

Once upon a time there was an ugly little boy called Peter, who lived in his father's castle in France. He was a restless boy, and liked always to do or to hear something new. His home was very quiet, for his...

Stories from German History

by Florence Aston

The name of Julius Caesar, warrior and conqueror, has been renowned through the ages, and its fame has suffered no eclipse to this day. In the earlier part of the century before the birth of Jesus Christ, Cesar...

The Prince and the Page

by Charlotte Yonge

A fine evening—six centuries ago—shed a bright parting light over Alton Wood, illuminating the gray lichens that clung to the rugged trunks of the old oak trees, and shining on the smoother bark of the graceful...