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Tree Girl

by Ben Mikaelsen

They call Gabriela Tree Girl. Gabi climbs trees to be within reach of the eagles and watch the sun rise into an empty sky. She is at home among the outstretched branches of the Guatemalan forests.

Then one...

So Far from the Bamboo Grove

by Yoko Kawashima Watkins

In the final days of World War II, Koreans were determined to take back control of their country from the Japanese and end the suffering caused by the Japanese occupation. As an eleven-year-old girl living with...

With Lee in Virginia

by G. A. Henty

The Civil War is seen through the eyes of a spirited Southern teenager who staunchly supports the rights of slaves but joins Lee's cavalry and fights for the Confederacy. 15 black-and-white illustrations.

Kid Soldier

by Jennifer Maruno

Fatherless fifteen-year-old Richard is befriended by a former military man in St. Catharines, Ontario. After attending army summer training camp in 1939, he joins the army at the start of the Second World War,...

Beautiful Goodbye

by Nancy Runstedler

Maggie, Gillian, and Cole figure nothing could possibly go wrong when they test out the old Ouija board they find in the attic, but are shocked to discover themselves on a whirlwind journey they may never return...

A Troubled Peace

by L. M. Elliott

March 1945

World War II may be ending, but for nineteen-year-old pilot Henry Forester the conflict still rages. Shot down behind enemy lines in France, Henry endured a dangerous trek to freedom, relying on the...

Red Queen, White Queen

by Henry Treece

In his new novel Henry Treece takes as his subject the insurrection of the British queen, Boudicca (Boadicea), in the year 61 A.D. This bloody upheaval, caused by the unjust demands of Nero, resulted in the...

The Dark Island

by Henry Treece

Battle, intrigue and Druidism followed to their brutal conclusions in the dark pre-Christian world of the Celts... Henry Treece explores a period in British history when magic and murder were matter-of-fact...

Shooting at the Stars

by John Hendrix

Shooting at the Stars is the moving story of a young British soldier on the front lines during World War I who experiences an unforgettable Christmas Eve. In a letter home to his mother, he describes how, despite...

Village of Scoundrels

by Margi Preus

Newbery Honor recipient Margi Preus tells the incredible true story of a group of French teenagers who helped save refugees in WWII

Based on the true story of the French villagers in WWII who saved thousands...

Soldier Dogs #7: Shipwreck on the High Seas

by Marcus Sutter & Andie Tong

A World War II merchant marine ship is attacked by Nazi submarines in the seventh book in this action-packed middle grade series! Perfect for fans of the Hero and Scout books.

A year after Pearl Harbor, cabin...

Men of Iron

by Howard Pyle

Men of Iron is juvenile coming of age work in which the author has the reader experience the medieval entry into knighthood through the eyes of a young squire, Myles Falworth. In Chapter 24 the knighthood ceremony...

The World Set Free

by H. G. Wells

The World Set Free is a series of three fantasias of possibility, stories which all turn on the possible developments in the future of some contemporary force or group of forces. The World Set Free was written...

The Dangerous Lives of the Jacobites

by Linda Strachan & Darren Gate

Who were the Jacobites and what were they fighting for? Step into the shoes of siblings Rob and Aggie, young Jacobites living in the Scottish Highlands in 1745, the year of the final Jacobite Rising.

From the...

Anna At War

by Helen Peters

Daniel's grandmother has never told him much about what happened to her during the war. He knows she came to England on the Kindertransport to escape the Nazis but he doesn't know about her time as an emigree...

Young Wild West WIth the Cavalry  or The Fight at Bear Pass

by An Old Scout

Young Wild West, the well-known boy hero, who was commonly called the Champion Deadshot of the West, continues his adventures in "Young Wild West With the Cavalry." This is the lead novel from the Wild West...

September 17

by Amanda West Lewis

In July 1940, a British government-sponsored program called Children's Overseas Reception Board -- or CORB -- was set up to send children from Britain to Canada and other Commonwealth countries, in order to...

Mr. Standfast

by John Buchan

follows 39 Steps and Greenmantle

The earlier adventures of Richard Hannay, to which occasional reference is made in this narrative, are recounted in The Thirty-Nine Steps and Greenmantle. 

This work has been...

War Book for Kids

by Jeff Child

A village is being attacked, animals are turned into freaks… how will it end?

Two towns are competing, even with their different economies, but one of them takes the lead and forbids the other to produce a...

Books for Kids

by Jeff Child

Robots guard the city, but can they protect the citizens from all creatures?

When an evil mage leaves the city hall and swears in his wrath that he will avenge himself, Quedo and Arnoud are worried. They come...