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I Am Algonquin

by Rick Revelle

An exciting journey seen through the eyes of the Algonquin people.

This book paints a vivid picture of the original peoples of North America before the arrival of Europeans. The novel follows the story of Mahingan...

Bridget’s Black ’47

by Dorothy Perkyns

Bridget Quinlan is a spirited 13-year-old when the Irish potato famine of the 1840s shatters her life. Although her home is a hovel with few possessions, her family survives as long as her father can grow a...


by Jennifer Maruno

Etienne is called on an adventure in the new world? In 1647, ten-year-old Etienne yearns for a life of adventure far from his family farm in Quebec. He meets an orphan destined to apprentice among the Jesuits...

Trouble on the Voyage

by Bob Barton

A tiny speck imprisoned in a world of white… This is an exciting adventure novel told through the eyes of eleven-year-old ships boy Jeremy. It is both history and fiction. The merchant ship Henrietta Maria...

Stolen Away

by Christopher Dinsdale

Short-listed for the 2008 Red Maple Award

Keira, kidnapped from Ireland by Vikings, is a slave living in legendary Vinland. Two native bands, the Beothuck and the Thule, are also fighting over the land, thrusting...


by Jacqueline Halsey

It’s 1773 and twelve-year-old Dougal Cameron and his whole family are set to sail away from their Scotland home forever. When tragedy strikes, the family must decide whether or not to make the trip without...

Secrets of Sable Island

by Marcia Pierce Harding

After a vicious storm aboard ship, fourteen-year-old Caleb is tossed into the Atlantic Ocean. Frightened and alone, he finds himself nudged awake. He’s been recovered by one of Sable Island’s legendary wild...

My Indian

by Mi'sel Joe & Sheila O'Neill

In 1822, William Epps Cormack sought the expertise of a guide who could lead him across Newfoundland in search of the last remaining Beothuk camps on the island. In his journals, Cormack refers to his guide...

Gold Fever Trail

by Monica Hughes

In 1897, Dawson City on the banks of the Yukon River was the scene of the greatest gold rush the world has ever known...the Klondike Gold Rush. More than 20, 000 men across rugged trails and mountains to reach...

Dear Canada: Hoping for Home

by Kit Pearson, Jean Little, Shelley Tanaka & Brian Doyle et al.

In these eleven original stories, characters bravely face the challenges of settling into a new life.

In this wonderful new short story anthology, eleven of Canada's top children's authors contribute stories...

Dear Canada: Alone in an Untamed Land

by Maxine Trottier

Young Hélène St. Onge and her older sister Catherine are orphans. When King Louis XVI orders all men in New France to marry, Catherine becomes a "fille du roi," one of the many young women sent to the new...

Dear Canada: A Rebel's Daughter

by Janet Lunn

After Arabella's father is jailed for his part in the short-lived 1837 Upper Canada Rebellion in Toronto, her mother just cannot cope. The family is ostracized, they lose their home and they have no income ?...

Dear Canada: Banished from Our Home

by Sharon Stewart

The latest addition to the bestselling Dear Canada series takes readers directly into the historic struggle between the French and English for control of the area. Angelique watches as families are torn apart...

Dear Canada: Winter of Peril

by Jan Andrews

Sophie Loveridge's family is uprooted from the comfort of their home in England when her eccentric father ? inspired by the new novel, Robinson Crusoe ? decides to move the family to the New World so he can...

Dear Canada: Footsteps In the Snow

by Carol Matas

Isobel thinks that she and her family will find their fortune in Canada. But Isobel's mother dies before they even cross the ocean, and other misfortunes follow their every step. Isobel's family and the other...

Dear Canada: A Trail of Broken Dreams

by Barbara Haworth-Attard

Still reeling from the death of her mother, Harriet sets out on a dangerous journey -disguised as a boy since no "petticoats" are allowed on the trip - determined to find her missing father in the gold fields...

Dear Canada: A Ribbon of Shining Steel

by Julie Lawson

Kate's father is a builder for the Canadian Pacific Railway as it snakes across the mountains and through the Fraser Canyon. Everyone is excited about the "Iron Horse", but building the railroad is a treacherous...

Dear Canada: A Time for Giving: Ten Tales of Christmas

by Jean Little, Sarah Ellis, Carol Matas & Karleen Bradford et al.

Featuring stories from nine outstanding Canadian authors, this anthology is the perfect Christmas gift for Dear Canada readers, both old and new!

A Time for Giving includes ten tales of Christmas, following the...

Dear Canada: With Nothing But Our Courage

by Karleen Bradford

When Mary's family sides with the British against the American rebels, they are branded traitors and forced to flee their home. All they have is what they can carry with them — and their determination and...

A Hanging Offence

by Don Cummer

The sequel to Brothers at War finds best friends Jacob and Eli on opposite sides of the battlefield as the War of 1812 erupts.

Jacob and Eli may be blood brothers, but they are on opposite sides in the battle...