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The Paper Sword

by Robert Priest

A painted sword is their only protection from evil sorcery, strange creatures, and enemy forces.

On the spell-crossed Phaer Isle, teenage Xemion dreams of being a great swordsman. When he finds a blade-shaped...

The dragon and the poet

by Miyazawa Kenji & Francesca Eleuteri

The tale "The dragon and the poet" by Miyazawa Kenji (1896-1933) is the story of the meeting between the poet Suldatta and the dragon Chanata, in a magical atmosphere among poetry challenges, esoteric Buddhism...

The Adventures of Nicholas

by Helen Siiteri

On a frozen winter's night in a remote northern fishing village, a young boy named Nicholas is orphaned when his father is drowned at sea. His mother braves the raging storm to get medical help for Kati, the...

The Dragon and Rat Tale

by Donnabelle Pineda

A dragon who was once selfish and unkind had to live by the spell of a peasant whom he refused to help. The dragon then crossed paths with a rat who in turn also was cursed to finding true love so she can transform...

The Hare and the Tortoise

by Helen Ward

Join one fast hare and one slow tortoise, along with a whole host of other animals, to discover who will be the winner of a most unusual race. Award-winning illustrator and author Helen Ward's gorgeous artwork...

Aesop's Fables - Illustrated By Nora Fry

by Aesop & Nora Fry

A delightful collection of Aesop's Fables densely illustrated in black and white and colour plates by the humorous and delightful drawings of Nora Fry. Pook Press celebrates the great Golden Age of Illustration...

The Ruby of Kishmoor

by Howard Pyle & Mint Editions

The Ruby of Kishmoor (1908) is a deceptively simple story by renowned author and illustrator Howard Pyle. From the very beginning, it concerns itself with the mystery behind appearances, with all that lies hidden...

Otto of the Silver Hand

by Howard Pyle & Mint Editions

“A personification of divine forgiveness.”-Jill P. May

“From American history books to Pirates of the Caribbean, the work of Howard Pyle continues to captivate us...”-Big Think

“...it has a significant,...

Young Robin Hood

by George Manville Fenn & Mint Editions

“Mr. Fenn is in the front rank of writers of stories for boys”-Liverpool Mercury

“Mr. Fenn’s books are among the best, if not altogether the best, of the stories for boys.” -Pictorial World

George Manville...

Mother Goose in Prose

by L. Frank. Baum

First published in 1905, ‘Mother Goose in Prose’ was the first children’s book written by author L. Frank Baum, best known for his later series of stories set in the imaginary land of Oz. Featuring an...

The Owl and the Two Rabbits

by Nadia Sammurtok & Marcus Cutler

When two rabbit sisters ignore their parents' warnings and decide to play outside on the open tundra, a hungry owl soon spots them and decides they will make a delicious meal. As a chase ensues, the sisters...

The Raven and the Loon

by Rachel Qitsualik-Tinsley, Sean Qitsualik-Tinsley & Kim Smith

In the time before animals were as they are today, Raven and Loon were both white. Their feathers had no colour at all. Raven spent his days swooping through the sky trying to fight off his incessant boredom,...

Way Back Then

by Neil Christopher & Germaine Arnaktauyok

Kudlu’s children will not go to sleep until he tells them a story of long ago. Before they will shut their eyes, they want to hear about a time long before Kudlu was born, a time when the world was magic....

The Caterpillar Woman

by Nadia Sammurtok & Carolyn Gan

Piujuq is a kind young woman who loves to take long walks on the tundra and dance by her favourite lake surrounded by butterflies. But one day, she encounters a stranger on her walk. When this person...

The Walrus and the Caribou

by Maika Harper & Marcus Cutler

"A lively #ownvoices romp into the power of intention—and the hilarity of trial and error."Kirkus Reviews 

When the earth was new, words had the power to breathe life into the world. But when creating...

Those That Cause Fear

by Neil Christopher & Germaine Arnaktauyok

This book introduces kids to the spine-tingling, hair-raising creatures found in Inuit myths. From the mahahaa, a fearsome creature that tickles people to death, to the palraiyuk, a reptilian creature...

Stories of Survival and Revenge

by Rachel Qitsualik-Tinsley, Sean Qitsualik-Tinsley & Jeremy Mohler

Stories of Survival and Revenge presents three action-packed Inuit folktales: the stories of Nuliajuk, the mother of the sea mammals; Kaugjagjuk, the mistreated orphan who seeks revenge; and the Nanurluk,...

The Spirit of the Sea

by Rebecca Hainnu & Hwei Lim

This beautifully illustrated picture book tells the story of the spirit of the sea, often known as Nuliajuq, Sedna, Takannaaluk, and many other Inuktitut names.

Once a young woman who refused to marry, the lies...

On the Shoulder of a Giant

by Neil Christopher & James Nelson

Inukpak was big, even for a giant. He loved to travel across the tundra, striding over the widest rivers and wading through the deepest lakes with ease. He could walk across the Arctic in just a few days.


Grandmother Ptarmigan

by Qaunaq Mikkigak, Joanne Schwartz & Qin Leng

It’s bedtime for baby ptarmigan, but he will not go to sleep. So his grandmother decides to tell him a bedtime story that he will never forget.

With delightful illustrations by Qin Leng, this nursery rhyme...