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The Secret Garden

by Frances Hodgsen Burnett & Mint Editions

“Mary is a tough feisty character, who manages to turn a whole household, and the lives of those in it, completely upside down…the book is brim full of magic and joy.”- Sunday Telegraph

“It is only the...

A Wonderful Adventure on Willowdell Farm

by Jeremia Venter

Summer vacation is approaching, and the deBoer siblings, Daniel, Maria, and Elise, want to have an exciting adventure. Visiting Oupa and Ouma on Willowdell farm in central Pennsylvania is not what they have...

Lightning Mary

by Anthea Simmons

Winner of the middle grade STEAM Book Prize

Ordinary is what most people are and I am not. I am not ordinary at all. I am a scientist.

One stormy night, a group of villagers are struck by lightning. The only survivor...

It's So Quiet

by Sherri Duskey Rinker & Tony Fucile

Make some noise! Bestselling picture book stars Sherri Duskey Rinker and Tony Fucile invite you on a rollicking cumulative read-aloud perfect for bedtime or storytime!

It's time for bed, but one little mouse...

One True Way

by Shannon Hitchcock

Welcome to Daniel Boone Middle School in the 1970s, where teachers and coaches must hide who they are, and girls who like girls are forced to question their own choices. Presented in the voice of a premier storyteller,...

Coloured Snow

by Juan Moises de la Serna

Finally the time to end an intense day of work, full of annoyances has arrived. An actual marathon to complete my part in the gearbox that is the company in which I work, a company where it is impossible to...

Percy’s Museum

by Sara O'Leary & Carmen Mok

A sweet story about embracing change, the excitement of discovery and the wonder of nature and new friends.

A young boy moves from the city to a new home in the country. He misses his friends, but at least it?s...

The Old Woman

by Joanne Schwartz & Nahid Kazemi

The Old Woman is a beautiful portrait of an old woman who lives contentedly with her dog, from award-winning author Joanne Schwartz and illustrator Nahid Kazemi.

An old woman shares her home with a scruffy old...

EMILY OF THE NEW MOON - An orphan grows up with relatives on a Canadian farm

by L. M. Montgomery

EMILY OF NEW MOON is the first in a series of novels by L. M. MONTGOMERY (1874 – 1942) about an orphan girl growing up on Prince Edward Island, Canada and is similar in genre to the author's “ANNE OF GREEN...

The Candy Country

by Louisa May Alcott

This short story by master of fiction Louisa May Alcott, the author of Little Women, tells the story of a girl having a capitvating adventure while wandering around a country named Candy.

Tumbleweed Baby

by Anna Myers & Charles Vess

A large, loving family in the 1930s Dust Bowl finds a “tumbleweed baby”—a wild baby—in the plains near their cozy farm home. The baby’s new siblings discover the ways she fits and doesn’t fit into...


by Mary Christner Borntrager

Rachel Miller’s parents are Mennonite missionaries who left the Amish church before Rachel was born. Now Rachel wants to become Amish. She likes their quiet, unhurried way of life, and when she spends summers...

Covered Bridge

by Brian Doyle

Winner of the Governor General's Award and the Mr. Christie's Book Award

In this award-winning paean to country life we find Hubbo O'Driscoll, whom we first met in Easy Avenue, now living in the lower Gatineau...

Slip Jig Summer

by Elizabeth J. M. Walker

Fifteen-year-old Natalie is obsessed with ballet and plans to spend the entire summer in dance class with her two best friends. But when her mom gets a job out of town, Natalie gets shipped off to stay with...

The Circus Thief

by Alane Adams & Lauren Gallegos

The circus is in town, and Georgie has his heart set on going. When Papa agrees to take him and his friend Harley, the boys marvel at the amazing elephants and clowns. But the best act of all is the amazing...

Soapstone Porcupine

by Jeff Pinkney & Darlene Gait

The dog shows up the way snow does on a winter's day. She just drifts in and stays, becoming the friend of a young Cree boy. The boy and the dog set out on an adventure that ends in a quandary involving quills...

Black Gold

by Sara Cassidy & Helen Flook

Cyrus and Rudy spend the last days of summer selling dahlias, blackberries and tomatoes at their roadside stand. When a neighbor drops off a bin full of red wigglers, California earthworms that break down compost...

The Heavenly Tenants

by William Maxwell & Ilonka Karasz

The Marvell family is on the move, driving from their Wisconsin farm to visit the children's grandmother in Virginia. The night before their departure, Mr. Marvell talks to Roger, Heather, and the twins about...

The Santa Thief

by Alane Adams

It’s winter in Girard, Pennsylvania and the pond is completely frozen over—ready for a young boy to go skating!—but Georgie’s ice skates are too small. All Georgie wants for Christmas is a new pair of...

A Dog for a Friend

by Marilynn Reynolds & Stephen McCallum

Jessie lives with her parents on a farm a long way from anywhere. There are no other people for miles around. Often, she is lonely. More than anything, Jessie wants a dog; a friend who will play with her, come...