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Peggy Henderson Adventures 3-Book Bundle

by Gina McMurchy-Barber

This three-book bundle collects the adventures of 12-year-old adventurer and bone expert Peggy Henderson. In Reading the Bones, due to circumstances beyond her control, Peggy has to move to the quiet town of...

The Alan Nearing Mysteries 2-Book Bundle

by H. Mel Malton

Presenting the mysterious adventures of Alan Nearing and his friends. In The Drowned Violin, there’s something floating in the water ahead of the canoe. It looks dead, whatever it is. That’s where the mystery...

Bone Deep

by Gina McMurchy-Barber

An expedition to investigate an old sunken ship teaches Peggy lessons about herself.

When archaeologists discover a two-hundred-year-old shipwreck, Peggy Henderson decides she’ll do whatever it takes to take...

The Cryptid Files: Loch Ness

by Jean Flitcroft

Vanessa’s dreams are haunted by cryptids, mysterious creatures that haven't been acknowledged by science. She longs to complete her mother’s search for Nessie, the most famous one of them all. Can she finally...

Casey Templeton Mysteries 2-Book Bundle

by Gwen Molnar

In Hate Cell, thirteen-year-old Casey Templeton has recently moved to the southeastern Alberta town of Richford. One night Casey seeks refuge from a snowstorm in an abandoned farmhouse and stumbles upon his...

Old Bones

by Gwen Molnar

Casey Templeton is in a bind when he must foil a burglary of dinosaur bones.

While helping with a real dinosaur dig at the world-famous Royal Tyrrell Museum, Casey Templeton finds a piece of dinosaur tooth. Excited,...

King Solomon's Mines

by H. Rider Haggard

The Adventures of an English nobleman and his two fellow travelers crossing the African continent in search of the main character's brother, who disappeared while in search of the treasures of King Solomon's...

Fish Finelli (Book 1)

by E.S. Farber & Jason Beene

When bully Bryce Billings bets Fish Finelli that he can't find Captain Kidd's legendary long-lost treasure, Fish and his friends embark on a quest to find real-life pirate treasure. Between sneaking into the...

Buried Secrets at Louisbourg

by Jo Ann Yhard

Fred has had a rough summer. His secret crush on Mai is going strong, his mother has barely recovered from a battle with cancer, and his unreliable father’s diving business has gone completely underwater....

The Mum Detective

by Gwyneth Rees

A warm, funny, hugely appealing sequel to the very successful THE MUM HUNT. Esmie knows she wants to be a detective when she grows up - just like her dad. And now is the perfect time to start honing her investigative...

The Mystery of Ireland's Eye

by Shane Peacock

Dylan is twelve years old and embarking on his first ocean kayaking trip with his parents. He has spent the last year convincing them that he is ready for the challenging—and very dangerous—adventure. In...

The Secret of the Silver Mines

by Shane Peacock

Just when Dylan Maples is settling down after last summer’s trip to Ireland’s Eye, the parental units are at it again—planning another family adventure. Only this time, it’s not a summer vacation, but...

Bone Beds of the Badlands

by Shane Peacock

Bone Beds of the Badlands transports readers to the heart of dinosaur country in the most gripping and terrifying Dylan Maples Adventure yet! Dylan and his best friends, Terry, the Bomb, and Rhett, have won...

Monster in the Mountains

by Shane Peacock

After Dylan Maples’s terrifying adventure in Alberta, the holiday his “parental units” plan in British Columbia's Rocky Mountains seems like a dream. Swimming, hiking, and loafing around are welcome distractions...

Emma's Mystery

by Sophia Kazilbash

Detective Emma needs to solve mysterious cases! Join Emma in her quest to arrest the Drake Brothers who steal precious things like diamonds.

Phantom of Fire

by Shane Peacock

Things aren’t going so well for fifteen-year-old Dylan Maples. He’s sick of his own reflection, his parental units are driving him nuts, and, worst of all, he’s trying to come to terms with the unexpected...

Magnolia Run

by Kimberly Filkins

There's something wrong at Magnolia Run. Twelve-year-old Claire Moran can feel it as soon as she arrives at her new home: a crumbling farmhouse in rural South Carolina. Claire has just lost her mother and has...

The Case of the Missing Newspapers

by S. A. Barber

Charlie and Beau are best friends. When they find out newspapers of their neighbor, Mrs. Potter, keep disappearing they set out to help her locate the missing papers. In doing so, they find out she is not the...

A Wonderful Adventure on Willowdell Farm

by Jeremia Venter

Summer vacation is approaching, and the deBoer siblings, Daniel, Maria, and Elise, want to have an exciting adventure. Visiting Oupa and Ouma on Willowdell farm in central Pennsylvania is not what they have...

The Case of the Blazing Sky

by John R. Erickson & Gerald L. Holmes

In this latest installment to the Hank the Cowdog series, the weather on Hank?s west Texas ranch is hot and dry. So dry, in fact, that they?ve got to be on the lookout for prairie fires. So Hank bravely takes...