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Jak's Story

by Aaron Bell

A special ravine and its revered history with First Nations people inspires Jak to save the ravine from demolition.

Thirteen-year-old Jak Loren is a typical boy with the usual problems a family with older sisters...

Gaia Girls Way of Water

by Lee Welles & Carol Coogan

Miho's backyard had always been the sea. The creatures within it were an endless source of fascination. But when the sea steals away her small family, she finds herself the ward of an uncle she has never met...

Gaia Girls Enter the Earth

by Lee Welles & Ann Hameister

Elizabeth Angier was happy to be at the end of the school year. She thought her summer on the family farm would be full of work and play with her best friend, Rachel, and her other best friend, her dog, Maizey....

Baby Bear Discovers the World

by Marion Dane Bauer & Stan Tekiela

Real live bears are the main characters in this dynamic tale of adventure and discovery! Photos by nationally known wildlife photographer Stan Tekiela pair with text by award-winning author Marion Dane Bauer...

Come Back to Earth, Esther!

by Josée Bisaillon

From the award-winning illustrator of Leap!, Bedtime 1, 2, 3, and The Snow Knows, Come Back to Earth, Esther! is a full-hearted celebration of a fun-loving, space-obsessed girl who wishes, more than anything,...

My Mommy, My Mama, My Brother, and Me

by Natalie Meisner & Mathilde Cinq-Mars

And these are the things we find by the sea

My mommy, my mama, my brother, and me.

With this gentle refrain, the debut picture book from celebrated author and playwright Natalie Meisner (Double Pregnant) reflects...

Hurry Up, Ilua!

by Nola Hicks

Ilua the ground squirrel loves nothing more than to relax in the cool tundra and nibble on some freshly picked berries.

Her family, on the other hand, is always telling her to hurry up, to scurry here or there,...

The Walrus and the Caribou

by Maika Harper & Marcus Cutler

"A lively #ownvoices romp into the power of intention—and the hilarity of trial and error."Kirkus Reviews 

When the earth was new, words had the power to breathe life into the world. But when creating...

Painted Skies

by Carolyn Mallory & Amei Zhao

Leslie is new to the Arctic, and no one told her there would be so much snow, and so many interesting animals to see. Along with her new friend, Oolipika, Leslie soon discovers one the Arctic's most unique and...

Our First Caribou Hunt

by Chris Giroux, Jennifer Noah & Hwei Lim

A sweet and simple introduction to Inuit hunting practices and the proper treatment of game.

Nutaraq and Simonie are eager to go on their first hunting trip with their father. As they load up their snow machine...

Oonga’s Forest

by Laura Findlay & Wendy Tait

Inspiration for this book came at work one day when I noticed the children using an excessive amount of paper. I tried discussing the preciousness of paper to the children, explaining that they come from trees....

Heart of the Oak

by Novinsky,J.L.

He's old and weathered, his skin is rough and knotty. But, oh, he has memories. Of joy. Of love. Of tragedy. He has endured many years and felt the sorrow of so much loss. But his greatest joy is just ahead!...

Sunburst Sally the Sunflower

by Reverend River Rocks

What inspired me to write Sunburst Sally the Sunflower Walking by faith in rhyme is a wonderful way to introduce young children to the spiritual richness of faith and hope, and praise. "Sunburst Sally the Sunflower"...

The Adventures of Rhonda Raccoon

by Ellie Leas

The Adventures of Rhonda Raccoon is a wonderful book about Rhonda, a curious raccoon who wants to learn everything she can about the world. Everywhere she goes she makes new friends and loves to explore the...

Share the Sky

by Mirra,Regina

Did you ever wonder why the moon moves in front of the sun and blocks the sun's light from time to time? Did you ever wonder why the stars sometimes shoot across the sky, leaving a trail of shiny glitter? Why...

The Adventures of Popcorn and Jellybean

by Gillespie,Robert

Popcorn and Jellybean had never ventured down the path beyond the big tree. But since they never really did anything exciting and even though it made them a little nervous at first, they decided it would be...

Good Night, Grandma

by Mark Urizar & Abdullah Musazay

CC has always been a cheeky, creative, and caring child. From the day she was born, her family called her Cheeky Cee. Everyone knew she was special?but no one know that one day she would also have special powers....

The Lonely Little Mesa

by Renshaw,Brian

My family enjoys traveling, primarily by auto, but we have also taken our sons across the country by Amtrak. Visits included a number of stops at several National Parks. During a recent trip from California,...

The Engineer of Beasts

by Scott Russell Sanders

After decades of abuse transforms the world into a toxic wasteland, people flee into the safety of a global network of domed cities. Within these safe, orderly spaces, the only animals allowed are machines in...


by Renae Gilles

Did you know that most of the fresh water on Earth is found in glaciers? Glaciers can be found in places that are cold all year. Discover these and other interesting facts in Glaciers.