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The Bush Koala

by Lucinda Carter

A young koala is separated from his mother during the harsh bushfires in Australia. Will he ever find her again? Will he be lost forever? The animals in the eucalyptus forest help in every way they can—and...

A Tree's Wisdom

by Danny Ray Halladay

"A Tree's Wisdom" is a fictional children's story. Created to bring the attention to the need for tree's and plant's (as in climate change). Also, to help aid Parent's and Teacher's to address some issues on...

Hello, Cc! Welcome, Z!

by Mark Urizar & Abdullah Musazay

In this episode, CC faces the dilemma of climate change. As CC and her brother Z explore why climate change is occurring, CC realises that everyone has contributed to this phenomenon. CC also realises young...

Evie in the Jungle

by Matt Haig & Emily Gravett

A TRULY WILD ADVENTURE! Twelve-year-old Evie has a talent. She can HEAR what animals are thinking and she can TALK to them with her mind. When Evie goes on a trip to the Amazon rainforest, her powers are put...

The Fox and the Forest Fire

by Danny Popovici

A story of hope and friendship, in which resilience trumps tragedy in the wake of a forest fire.

After moving from the city, one boy discovers his new home in the woods isn't so bad—there is friendship in the...

Oonga’s Forest

by Laura Findlay & Wendy Tait

Inspiration for this book came at work one day when I noticed the children using an excessive amount of paper. I tried discussing the preciousness of paper to the children, explaining that they come from trees....

Share the Sky

by Mirra,Regina

Did you ever wonder why the moon moves in front of the sun and blocks the sun's light from time to time? Did you ever wonder why the stars sometimes shoot across the sky, leaving a trail of shiny glitter? Why...

Good Night, Grandma

by Mark Urizar & Abdullah Musazay

CC has always been a cheeky, creative, and caring child. From the day she was born, her family called her Cheeky Cee. Everyone knew she was special?but no one know that one day she would also have special powers....

The Engineer of Beasts

by Scott Russell Sanders

After decades of abuse transforms the world into a toxic wasteland, people flee into the safety of a global network of domed cities. Within these safe, orderly spaces, the only animals allowed are machines in...


by Renae Gilles

Did you know that most of the fresh water on Earth is found in glaciers? Glaciers can be found in places that are cold all year. Discover these and other interesting facts in Glaciers.

The Very Thirsty Cloud

by Emily Wood

One morning, a small cumulus cloud felt very thirsty. He decided to travel the world looking for something to drink. The only problem... he can?t find rain water anywhere! He looks all over the world, from the...

Burning Sunlight

by Anthea Simmons

Zaynab is from Somaliland, a country that doesn’t exist because of politics and may soon be no more than a desert. Lucas is from rural Devon, which might as well be a world away. When they meet, they discover...

The Great Grizzlies Go Home

by Judy Hilgemann

Two curious young grizzly bears go on A very long swim, far from their usual home in the Great Bear Rainforest. They crunch tart red cranberries in the bog then dig for crabs on the beach. They wander through...

Barney  the Dublin Fox

by F.John McLaughlin & Gordon D'Arcy

Barney the Dublin Fox is a historic fictional tale of a family of Irish country foxes who decided that it was time to move to the safety of a public park in the city of Dublin. When England banned fox hunting,...

Grand Isle

by Kate Samworth

In this wordless story, an ordinary day at the beach transforms into an unforgettable adventure.

"Many children have wondered what it might be like to be minuscule, and this wordless adventure is accessible even...

Why Am I Here?

by Amanda Bibbo

Meet Ambarella, a young oak tree with a longing to understand her purpose for being brought into the world. Just a young seedling when she looks up at her very old and very wise mother, and asks this very big...

Zombie, Or Not to Be

by Kyle Sullivan & Derek Sullivan

  • Zombie, Or Not to Be is the follow-up to the acclaimed first book in the Hazy Fables series: Hobgoblin and the Seven Stinkers of Rancidia (a parody of Snow White).
  • This hyper-faithful adaptation of Hamlet is...

Wild is the Wind

by Grahame Baker-Smith

A beautiful, lyrical non-fiction picture book about the water cycle.

Issac empties his little jar of water into a stream and follows its journey through the country and the city until it joins the ocean. On...

Wendy Woohoo's Tales of Whimsical Wonderment

by Wendy Woohoo, Markus Kasunich & Runmar Yongoo

Take a mystical adventure into the heart of magic and self-love through the Tales of Whimsical Wonderment which includes two interconnected fables: The Magical Brew for You: Conjures a mystical encounter with...

The Little Butterfly That Could (Digital Read Along) (Butterfly Series) (Ebook)

by Ross Burach


“Will elicit plenty of giggles." -- Kirkus Reviews

Which way to the flowers?

That way. 200 miles.

How am I supposed to travel that far?!

You fly.

Can I take a plane?


Then I'll never make it!