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The Tale of Two Bad Mice

by Beatrix Potter

Lucinda and Jane are two dolls living in a beautiful doll-house in the nursery. During their absence for a walk in perambulator, Tom Thumb and Hunca Munc, a curious pair of mice, bring havoc throughout the house...

Sarah's Secret

by Robert McConnell & June Lawrason

In this Christmas classic, six-year-old Sarah is determined to make the very best snowman possible, without the help of her older brother. When she sees her snowman, Max, come to life in a Christmas Eve frolic,...

Riley the Brave

by Trankle,Anne

Riley the Brave by Anne Trankle


With God's Help Anything Is Possible

by Marion "Butch" Segars

This is a book about a hard working lady that believes in God and family. When she tries to help one of her students, her world gets turned upside down. She was told that she had spoken Gods name in class and...

The Blessed Bunny

by Renee Jensen

The world has so commercialized our Christian holidays that it is easy to lose sight of their true meaning and not realize the subtle shifting of our focus away from Jesus and onto stuff.

The Blessed Bunny is...

Li'l Big Souls

by Annette K. Wolfin

Li'l Big Souls reflects love to the Lord. A collection of childlike melodies. The children gathering together reading, singing, and enjoying worshiping and praising Jesus.

God's words coming in full color through...

Fully Human, Yet Totally God

by Debbie Alberini

Toby cannot understand how baby Jesus, who looks so much like Toby's baby brother William, can also be God. He decides to ask his pastor about it. His pastor says, "Toby I will explain it to you on Sunday!"...

The Chronicles of Narnia

by C. S. Lewis

Journeys to the end of the world, fantastic creatures, and epic battles between good and evil—what more could any reader ask for in one book? The book that has it all is The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe...

The Littlest Porcupine

by Vicky Wozniak

The book is about a little porcupine who goes on an adventure. Throughout her journey, she relies on her Heavenly Father for protection and guidance.

The Adventures of Giji Giraffe

by Jill Greenwell & Marie Wilson

The Adventures of Giji Giraffe - The Beginning . . . "Who Am I?" is the first in a series of Christian character-building fiction stories. This book was written to help teach children valuable life lessons....

Camp Miracle

by Andrew Jefferson KinCade

Camp Miracle is the story of a couple, Clyde, a veterinarian, and his wife Freeda, a nurse who decide to open a children?s camp. Clyde?s brother, Ian, and Freeda?s sister, Jo are drafter into helping them. They...

The Gift

by Ellis,Lonnie

With the Christmas season quickly approaching, one class of students in a tiny mining town is about to receive an invaluable lesson in gift giving. As a blistering wintry day forces them to remain inside, their...

The Juoy-Babies

by Marinet Brennan & Mari van Greuning

Lita, the Juoy-baby of inner-light, chooses to give up a blessed life, filled with immense beauty and abundance, to embark on a very important mission. Despite being the beloved daughter of King Abner, ruler...

A Star for a King

by Linda Fitzgerald

Have you ever wondered about the Star when Christ was born? What was its significance? What happened to the Star after the birth and all the visitors came to visit? Abana was created in the Celestial Heavens,...

The Little Tree in God’s Garden

by Anke Gullett & Andy Bates

This book will remind us about how much God loves us. By way of the Cross, we are saved and forgiven.

The Story of the Plain Brown Wren

by Suzanne Anderson

The story of the plain, brown wren teaches little children about God's incredible gifts and talents for all of His creation. Mocked and laughed at for her plainness, Wren helps her birdie friends discover how...

The Servant King

by Robert Shannon

What does it take to be great? This story is a whimsical tale about an ambitious young prince seeking counsel from the one who rules the ?Perfect Kingdom?. The prince searches for the King in all the right places,...


by Kimberly Joseph

This is a fun and easy book for children to read. It has pictures which kids like. The sentences are short and they rhyme. Rhyming is fun for small children. This short story is based on a true bible story about...

Learning About Jesus

by Mitchell,Gwendolyn

Learning about Jesus expresses biblical truth about Jesus, the Son of God, and His agape love for His creation and salvation plan. Children learn of God's grace and mercy in which experienced by real-life children...

God, Do Fireflies Need Batteries?

by Ashley Stover

As most good stories, this one originates from life experience. It is about my challenge to explain one of the hardest things we as parents have to deal with talking to our kids about, death. One day my girls...