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Tom's Little Sister

by Marie-Aline Bawin & Christophe Le Masne

When Mommy comes home from the hospital, Tom is happy to have a new little sister, Inez. He even lends her his favorite truck. But very soon, Tom gets the feeling no one is interested in him any more. And then,...

Tom Doesn't Want to Go to Sleep

by Marie-Aline Bawin & Elisabeth De Lambilly

In the evening, Tom doesn’t want to go to bed. Any excuse will do to play for time: a big long cuddle from Daddy, asking for a glass of water, a story, another goodnight kiss… until finally Mommy has had...

Tom's Christmas

by Marie-Aline Bawin & Colette Hellings

The big day has arrived. The whole family prepares the Christmas celebration with great excitement. But Tom is worried because a big fire has been lit in the fireplace on Christmas Eve. How will Santa Claus...

Tom's Birthday

by Christophe Le Masne & Marie-Aline Bawin

It’s Tom’s birthday: he’s a big boy now! He decides to invite his whole class to his party. To prepare for his guests, he makes invitations, decorates the living room with garlands and balloons, and most...

Tom and the Red Tractor

by Marie-Aline Bawin & Elisabeth De Lambilly

Tom goes to the farm to help with the harvest. Perched on Daddy's knees, he drives the big red tractor all by himself, just like a grown-up!

A warm and affectionate series for little ones.

Ideal for ages 3 to...

A Bread Basket for Grandma

by Lori Tomenchok

Nalla is a vivacious 5-year-old who is excited about her Kindergarten activities on International Day. Join her as she learns ways to celebrate her classmates of every culture. Fun, bright illustrations will...

Secret Security Squad

by Robin Brande

Darby Langdon has a plan for taking out the bullies in her junior high.

But she'll need a team of specialists to do it: the gamer, the actress, the scientist, the football player, the inventor, and the bookworm....

Finding Your Magnificence

by Jones,Kathleen

It is a magnificent tale about a small dog named Molly, who sees everyone is having a special talent except her. She can’t be successful at anything and believes she is mediocre at best. She tries and tries...

Adventures of Lexi the Giraffe & Friends.

by Theodore H. Valentine

The Adventures of Lexi the Giraffe & Friends, is to be a series of books written to entertain and give children an early introduction to the alphabets, numbers and experiences through the exciting daily lives...


by Marzia Bosoni

ALPHAbet is a collection of 18 short stories for preschool-age children and the first graders of primary school; its aim is to teach in a simple and funny way the transformation of every letter from block to...

Never Trust The Man Below

by Jay Pagan

We are all born with a destiny to fulfill-a journey that gives our life meaning and purpose. This man embarks on that journey that seems easy. The hard part? Is knowing who to trust.

The Land Of Numbers

by James V. DeLaura

The Land of Numbers is a math teaching story for preschool and kindergarten children. It's about a king and his desire to have a grand ball but limits which numbers can attend. The education value is reading...

The Good Mother Goose

by Catherine Elaine McPherson

Recognizing the power of words on the hearts of young children, Catherine set out to give the familiar Mother Goose nursery rhymes a Christian twist. The rewritten verses emphasize positive qualities instead...

Does Miss Woods Really Live in Room 1372?

by Cherrilynn Washington

This was the first day of second grade. We had moved to the other side of the building where the upperclassmen were. The whole area felt different and looked different. The doors had wreaths on them with welcome...

Aniyah's First Day of School

by Tully,Rachel

Aniyah is fearful for her first day of school. Her mother is trying to prepare her by telling her some of the exciting things that will happen-meeting new friends, playing at recess, singing silly songs in music,...

Jump the Fence, Emily Ann! Jump the Fence

by Herold,Linda

Emily Ann is a third grader who lives in a house on the other side of a chain-link fence near her school. Her journey to school each morning is different from that of the other children who live near her. Emily...

Hen and Chicks (Bilingual Edition)

by Catherine Lewis & Alexandra Judd

Hen and Chicks explores an important time in a hen's life-motherhood! It uses rhyme and counting to increase pre-reading skills in pre-school and young children. Hen and Chicks is a delightful addition to any...

Remembering Floppy

by Christina Stonesmith & Kathy Linstead

Remembering Floppy is an inspiring and mesmerizing book to teach children about grief and loss. A young girl called Emily has formed beautiful friendships with Heath and Aster in her magical garden. Heath and...

Noah The Curious Boy

by Gyarmati,Steve

This book is about a teacher telling a story in his class about Noah the Curious Little Boy. Mr. Owl taught in a school just like any other school.

His story about Noah will introduce some of the questions kids...

Rattlesnake Cake

by Stevens,Bethany

Buttercup is an unusual rattlesnake. She doesn?t like mischief, is afraid of mice, and has a sweet tooth. Buttercup goes on an adventure to crash a little girl?s birthday party where she devours the cake because...