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Stealing Time

by Anne Dublin

Thrown back in time by a mysterious pocket watch, Jonah and his stepbrother, Toby, are forced to overcome their differences and work together to return to the present. 

Jonah Wiley is having a tough time. First,...


by Nicholas Maes

Felix Taylor once stopped a devastating plague, but now he must save his world from humankind itself.

It’s been a year since Felix Taylor travelled back to ancient Rome and saved his world from a lethal plague....

Where Does the Man In The Moon Go During the Day?

by Jackson,Jared

Have you ever wondered where the Man In The Moon goes during the day? From the time Mr. Sun rises in the morning, until he sets in the evening, the Man In The Moon is nowhere to be seen. If we can't see Moon...

Secret Security Squad

by Robin Brande

Darby Langdon has a plan for taking out the bullies in her junior high.

But she'll need a team of specialists to do it: the gamer, the actress, the scientist, the football player, the inventor, and the bookworm....

Ben...the Beginning

by Rankin,J.C.

Ben is terrified! The last thing that he remembered was floating down from a pine cone and landing in the soil on the forest floor. Suddenly, he awakes, no longer a seed and is surrounded by giant pine trees....

The Garden Ducklings

by Elspeth Lodge & Roberta Melman

In a story based on real life events, two young siblings learn about life and letting go after stumbling upon a nest full of abandoned duck eggs in their mother?s garden. Nurturing the eggs until they hatch,...

Spit, History, and Friendship

by Anita Foeman PhD

Who we are is a combination of many things. It is how we look, who we love, what we eat, what we think is important, where we grow up, and the genes that make up our bodies. Our genes are like a history book....

The Journey of Franki the Photon

by Kevin Bourke

Thank you for choosing this book. I hope you enjoy it.

Among the many reasons I have in writing this book, the main three are,

? I hope to turn a common scientific event into a fun read. Something that holds the...

The Magic School Bus Explores Human Evolution

by Joanna Cole & Bruce Degen

When Arnold wishes he had more information for his family tree, Ms. Frizzle revs up the Magic School Bus and the class zooms back to prehistoric times. First stop: 3.5 billion years ago!There aren't any people...

Cupcake Fix: A Branches Book (Layla and the Bots #3)

by Vicky Fang & Christine Nishiyama

Layla and the Bots are building a SWEET new invention!

Pick a book. Grow a Reader!This series is part of Scholastic's early chapter book line Branches, aimed at newly independent readers. With easy-to-read text,...

Nikki Tesla and the Fellowship of the Bling (Elements of Genius #2)

by Jess Keating & Lissy Marlin

"For a group of geniuses who are supposed to help people, we do an awful lot of stealing."

Nikki Tesla and the rest of the Genius Academy team have agreed to pilfer a completely priceless, totally lethal high-tech...

Project Middle School (Alyssa Milano's Hope #1)

by Alyssa Milano, Debbie Rigaud & Eric S. Keyes

Hope is eleven years old, and she wants to be an astrophysicist. She loves swimming, Galaxy Girl comic books, her best friend Sam, and her two rescue dogs.

Hope believes it's always a good day to champion a cause,...

Nikki Tesla and the Ferret-Proof Death Ray (Elements of Genius #1)

by Lissy Marlin & Jess Keating

"Let the official record show that, I, Nikki Tesla, did not intend to destroy the world."

There are only so many times a kid can invent an instrument of global destruction without getting grounded. So when Nikki's...

On Thin Ice

by Michael Northrop

If I did something risky now, something big -- it's almost like it wouldn't even be my fault. Almost like it might even work.

Ked Eakins is about to lose everything.

He's just discovered that his dad has gambled...


by Pádraig Kenny

"Robots never seemed so human. One of a kind and utterly fantastic." -- Eoin Colfer

In an alternative England of the 1930s where the laws of mechanics govern even the most talented engineers, a mismatched group...

The Incredible Magic of Being

by Kathryn Erskine

Some might say Julian is sheltered. But he lives large, and his eternal optimism allows him to see infinite possibilities wherever he looks. Despite his optimism, he is anxious about his stressed family falling...


by Suzanne Weyn

Mira has always almost had it all... until it all crashes and burns. She's hurt in a horrible car accident, and the only way the doctors can help is to try experimental prosthetics and chips that are implanted...

Cyberia #3: Prime Evil

by Chris Lynch

From National Book Award nominee Chris Lynch, the third action-and-humor-filled futuristic series about talking pets who are tired of being pets ... and the boy who must help them. Zane and his animal comrades...

The Bar Code Prophecy

by Suzanne Weyn

The third book in the Bar Code series, in which one girl struggles to escape the conformity of a dystopian world. Just as in the original Bar Code Tattoo, the year is 2025 and the mysterious, ubiquitous, and...

Glass Ceiling

by Emilie Tosello & Olga Markova

?Thank you, good-bye??, Meredith could not answer otherwise when she was told at the other end that she did not get the job she wanted. ?Research team leader,? she knows, though, this kind of promotion is hard...