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What Are You Making?

by Tammy Albright-Coreil

When Peter is cooking up a treat, his little sister, Sally, asks what he is making. Peter then teases Sally with various odd concoctions until she begins to cry. In the end, Peter reveals his secret meal-a yummy...

Breakfast on a Dragon's Tail

by Martin Springett

A collection of potential book covers and a bit of a story for each - but YOU write the ending!

An interactive collection of lavishly illustrated book covers for twelve different storybooks and the beginning...

Faith's Favourite Stories

by Sylvia Bird

May this book reach the ears of young children so they will learn to be kind, loving helpful and caring people. The book is suitable for all ethnicities, boys and girls. It can be read to children or as the...

The Mighty, Mighty Mask Vs. Venomous Virus

by Tyra Anderson Williams

There is a venomous virus spreading around the globe and making people sick. It wants to destroy everyone and take over the earth! We must work together to stop the virus’s evil plan. If we follow simple rules,...

Mama, What Is on Your Face?

by Lynn S Manley

Joey is afraid and don't understand what is on his mother's face. He doesn't want anything to do with the mask. But with some examples of why it is so important to wear a mask. And seeing others wearing a mask,...

The Fuzzy Bears

by Zand,Judi

In the story, The Fuzzy Bears, Judi presents you with two brother cubs, Didi and Bibi Fuzzy who love to engage in social play, games, kindness, taking care of animals and each other. They are joined by their...

Tiny Tales

by Bryan,David

Three short stories to help enhance a child's imagination, and to inspire good decision-making. Lighthearted stories that will hopefully be enjoyed and shared by children of all ages.

My Town Smells Like Pancakes

by Liebert,Christine

Everyone seems to love pancakes, and everyone especially seems to love how they smell when they're being made. Our town smells like pancakes, which is amazing. Westborough, Massachusetts, is America's one hundredth...

My Fickle Fairy

by Michelle Tascione

This fickle fairy wants to do everything! There is so much to see and feel in the big, beautiful world. For instance, why not soar through the sky? Perhaps this fairy wants to swim in the sea.

However, fairies...

The Travelling Toddler

by Lindsay King

Travelling toddlers see the world very differently than adults, whether it be touching, walking, seeing, or travelling.

Emerald Eyes Yemasees

by Louchrisa Ford High

There's no available information right now. Author will provide it once available.

Bedtime Stories for People of All Ages

by Pietraniec,Ken

These stories were written to help children learn important values to enrich their lives and make the world a better place to live. Some are designed to invite the listener to put themselves into the story....

A Fruit & Friends Christmas

by Capt. Cowboy

Capt. Cowboy Says: If you enjoyed Vol. I, I Hope you enjoyed Fruit and Friends Christmas These fine books Come to you by Xlibris Xlibris Corporation International Plaza II, Suite 340 Philadelphia, PA 19113 Tel....

William Again

by Richmal Crompton

In Richmal Compton's William Again William and his mate Ginger have to endure bankruptcy – they don't even have enough money for sweets. Then William comes up with what he thinks is a fantastic idea! William...

The Pink Fairy Book

by Andrew Lang

The Pink Book of Fairytales was the fifth compilation of fairy tales published in 1897. The Fairytales featured include some by Hans Christian Andersen. These Fairytales are gathered from the folklore of Europe,...

The Green Fairy Book

by Andrew Lang

The Green Book of Fairytales was the third compilation of fairie tales published in 1892. These Fairytales are gathered from the folklore, folk stories , traditions and classical children's literature from France,...

The Red Fairy Book

by Andrew Lang

Thirty-seven traditional fairytales collated by famed anthropologist Andrew Lang, as one of his series of "Coloured" Fairy Books. Contains many childhood favourites, such as Rapunzel and Jack and the Beanstalk,...

A Boy and His Blue Dog

by Holly Munns

A boy named Nick and his blue dog Solo go on an adventure into their garden and find that Lucy the frog has gone missing. They go looking for Lucy and bump into more of their wildlife friends along the way....


by Betzaida Urtaza Elizburu

A girl gets lost in the forest and it gets dark.

Will she be able to get home?

What will happen to her?

The N.U.W.E. 2060

by Becker,Daniel

A seemingly perfect world plagued with a devastating secret. A deceitful villain poses an invisible threat. A determined hero discovers a dark mystery and sets out to find then expose the truth.

Set in the year...