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Chimpu and the Tiger’s Shadow

by Varun Malhotra

A year or so ago my grand daughter then aged 4 started developing an interest in bed time stories. Soon we ran out of books or just found some of them silly. So we started creating our own characters. But the...

The Old Man and the Sea

by Ernest Hemingway

The Old Man and the Sea was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1953, and the year after, the Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to Ernest Hemingway in 1954. It was the last major work of fiction written...

Dreams of Stars

by Kah’Lonee’ Pryor, Dai'Jon Pryor & Tianamonet Tobie

This book is about different personalities and characters I've created to tell different stories from fiction, non-fiction and memoirs. It's a very interesting Children's Book with a variety of short stories...

Adventures from Squnch Valley

by Pamela Smith Allen Ph.D. & Barbara Ayosea Morse M.S.

This guide and activity book complements Barbara Ayosea Morse?s Tales from Squnch Valley. It is for parents, teachers, child-care workers, counselors, and therapists who work with children of all ages and abilities...

Little Tommie's Four B's

by Tommie Mabry

Little Tommie?s Four B?s is an awesome book to motivate children to stay on course. This is a fun and simple way to show children that they are stronger than they think. Little Tommie wants to prove to others...

Uriah's Big Day

by Dach,Elaine

Get ready for this tale of 7-year-old Uriah. He's been so excited about the big day and then something he didn't expect happens. Join him on his journey and find out what that is.

A World Full of Dickens Stories

by Angela McAllister & Jannicke Hansen

Uncover the stories from one of the greatest-novelists of all time in this beautiful anthology of tales from Charles Dickens, rewritten and adapted in an accessible way for children.

This book introduces children...

Seymore the Lion

by Schweizer,P. Allan

Seymore the Lion was always made fun of for his nose. One day, all that changed, and he became a hero.

Whim, Woe and Wonder

by Craig Kandell

Have you ever wondered what happens to your socks when they disappear in the dryer, why some paths one takes in life are difficultly reversible, if short can be sweet, why simplicity is virtuous, why it?s OK...

Meet Me by the Rainbow

by Regina

Meet me by the Rainbow is an engaging collection of stories about two, darling chipmunks, Billy, and Suzy. They live on Rainbow Island, an enchanted place where there?s always a pretty rainbow in the sky. One...

I Would Take the Moon

by Vanessa Torres & Isaac Lopez

One night, a curious little boy named Daniel is getting ready for bed. He asks his mom for one more story, to help him sleep. Then he begins imagining all the different things that might happen.

Perhaps pirates...

The Perfect Gift

by Alyssa Y. Brooks

This book is about a Mother who is out looking around for the perfect gift for her daughter?s birthday. What is her daughter?s name ? What places does Mom go to ? What decorations does Mom buy ? Will Mom find...

Stories of Pets by Pets for Pets

by Linda Gorman

In STORIES OF PETS BY PETS FOR PETS, Linda offers a collection of short stories OF PETS based on facts collected from questionnaires she gave to pet owners. Being written from the point of view of pets, Linda...

Misty the Little Lost Cloud

by Florence Novelli & Bernard Aaron (Composer)

?A summer storm disrupts Anna?s picnic with her animal friends. The North Wind blows Misty, a little cloud, down to earth. Anna, Albert the peacock, and audiences try in vain to help Misty back into the sky....

War Girls

by Adele Geras, Melvin Burgess, Berlie Doherty & Mary Hooper et al.

As featured on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour.

1914: war has broken out across Europe and beyond. Nothing will ever be the same again for those caught up in the conflict.

This collection of short stories explores...

Marys  Rotten Teeth

by Jit Kaur

This is a cautionary tale about a little girl called Mary Brown. Why is the tale cautionary? I hear you cry, well this little girl liked to guzzle down sweets and gorge on the fizziest of pop. Apart from this...

Brave Maeve

by Katie Leeson, Roxy Leeson & Nick Hausman

Four year-old Maeve explains what life was like before COVID-19 and then describes how everything has changed. Written by a grandmother and mother duo, this book uses examples from Maeve?s day-to-day life with...

The Strawberry Cow

by Franklin Stilwell

This story is about an innocent cow that changes peoples lives and two small towns, without even knowing it. Good over evil prevails in this fictitious story about how small events can have large impacts on...

Nana's Little Stories

by Patricia Rogers

"What did you learn?" asked Miss Elizabeth.

Dolly thought for a minute and said, "I learned that it's not enough to be pretty on the outside. You have to be pretty on the inside as well. When you help someone...

The Magic Ceiling

by Aurelia Marcelli Uriati

The Magic Ceiling is a beautiful story that Aurelia Uriati had written in her native language, Italian. She and her daughter, Pompea, worked together to translate this beautiful story to share with children...