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The Cat's Pajamas

by Wallace Daniel & Keller Kim

Meet Louis Fellini. Louis lived in a time long ago when cats wore clothes, worked in cities, and went on picnics. But the cats dressed all the same, down to the shoes they wore. Louis Fellini was a different...

Peggy Henderson Adventures 3-Book Bundle

by Gina McMurchy-Barber

This three-book bundle collects the adventures of 12-year-old adventurer and bone expert Peggy Henderson. In Reading the Bones, due to circumstances beyond her control, Peggy has to move to the quiet town of...

The Alan Nearing Mysteries 2-Book Bundle

by H. Mel Malton

Presenting the mysterious adventures of Alan Nearing and his friends. In The Drowned Violin, there’s something floating in the water ahead of the canoe. It looks dead, whatever it is. That’s where the mystery...

Bullies & Warriors

by Tim Tipene

Going to school is a misery for Sean. Whatever he does to avoid the school bully, Mark Thomas and his mates always catch up with him. Then the students join Warrior Kids, a programme that teaches leadership...

Picturing Alyssa

by Alison Lohans

Short-listed for the 2011 Saskatchewan Book Awards: Children’s Literature Award and Regina Book Award

Who is the girl staring out of the old photograph? Every time Alyssa Dixon looks at it, even by accident,...

Cool Like That: A So For Real Novel

by Nikki Carter

Let the fireworks begin. . .

Now that she's been accepted into a summer enrichment program in New York City, Gia knows she's going to have the flyest summer ever. Especially since her mom and her annoying stepsister...

Casey Templeton Mysteries 2-Book Bundle

by Gwen Molnar

In Hate Cell, thirteen-year-old Casey Templeton has recently moved to the southeastern Alberta town of Richford. One night Casey seeks refuge from a snowstorm in an abandoned farmhouse and stumbles upon his...

Throwaway Girl

by Kristine Scarrow

When your teen years are so messed up, how do you grow up happy?

Andy Burton knows a thing or two about survival. Since she was removed from her mother’s home and placed in foster care when she was nine, she’s...

Moi et Finn

by Claire St-Onge & Julie Bruneau

Yan and Fanny live in the little town of Shush!, a very secret place. It's so secret that nobody knows it exists, apart from its inhabitants, of course! Yan and Fanny are going to make smart soup in cookery...

The swan

by Roald Dahl

Un racconto che commuove e toglie il fiato anche agli stomaci forti, opponendo al bullismo e alla forza bruta di due ragazzi stupidi e crudeli il riscatto della loro vittima. Peter Watson, adolescente disarmato...

Zero Fade

by Chris L Terry

Chris L. Terry's debut young adult novel Zero Fade chronicles eight days in the life of inner-city Richmond, Virginia teen Kevin Phifer as he deals with wack haircuts, bullies, last-year fly gear, his uncle...

Ballet School Confidential: The Complete 3-Book Bundle

by Charis Marsh

Presenting the three titles in the Ballet School Confidential series, which follows a group of friends (and sometimes adversaries) during their time attending the Vancouver International Ballet Academy. Kaitlyn...

Step by Step

by Virginia Russell

On an icy evening in December, Kimberley Jamieson?s world is shattered by a careless drunk driver who skids into her mother?s car. In the three months since the accident, Kim has turned away from her old pursuits...

Beginning Again

by Mary Beacock Fryer

Beginning Again is a sequel to Escape: Adventures of a Loyalist Family, Mary Beacock Fryer?s historical novel for ten to fourteen-year-olds. This new work chronicles the lives of the Seamans as they make a new...

Harry Flammable

by Frank O'Keeffe

Flames follow high schooler and aspiring movie star Harry Flanagan wherever he goes.

Despite a disastrous attempt at driving a bike through a burning refrigerator box in second grade, high schooler Harry Flanagan...

Last Summer in Louisbourg

by Clare Mowat

Fifteen-year-old Andrea Baxter is thrilled when she is offered a summer job on Cape Breton Island. Although her mother worries that Andrea is too young to move so far away, Andrea welcomes the chance to strike...

Kumak's River

by Bania

In the Arctic, before winter gives way to buds and flowers, breakup occurs?the moment when the ice of a frozen river suddenly breaks apart in a spectacular sight and sound show. Massive chunks of ice crunch...

Groucho's Eyebrows: An Alaskan Cat Tale

by Brown & Lavallee

Groucho?s name is obvious to Kristie when she names her new kitten. He?s as white as a cloud everywhere except for those two black smudges above his eyes. What other name could she have given him? Kristie and...

Truths I Learned from Sam

by Kristin Butcher

2016 SYRCA Snow Willow Award — Shortlisted

It’s the best summer of Dani’s life, until the bottom falls out.

Dani’s mother is getting married – again – because that’s what she does, and while she...

The Liberty Circle

by Phil Campagna

Life at home isn’t easy for sixteen-year-old Corey. When he sees an ad for a retreat called Camp Liberty, he can’t wait to get away. But Corey has no idea of what he’s in for, as he and his fellow campers...