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Throwaway Girl

by Kristine Scarrow

When your teen years are so messed up, how do you grow up happy?

Andy Burton knows a thing or two about survival. Since she was removed from her mother?s home and placed in foster care when she was nine, she?s...


by Jennifer Maruno

Etienne is called on an adventure in the new world? In 1647, ten-year-old Etienne yearns for a life of adventure far from his family farm in Quebec. He meets an orphan destined to apprentice among the Jesuits...

Running Scared

by Brenda Chapman

Feeling somehow to blame for her father?s absence, thirteen-year-old Jennifer Bannon struggles to hang on to her dream that he will return and they can be a family again - a dream that doesnt include her mother?s...

Contrary Mary

by Gust,Ph.D. Tim

Mary is a very strong little girl with an independent mind and independent behaviors. She could be described as headstrong. Nevertheless, she loves and is loved by her family, who accept her regardless of her...

The Bully

by Sims,Kendrick

Friends from birth. A secret comes to light. A seed recently fallen has taken root. It has grown. What was once unseen is now all but unquestionable. Almost insurmountable. It has almost become a divider between...

Cat-n-Mouse Ink.

by Starks,Kissandra

Giving children ideas of how to dream big and think about what they would like to be and how to go about it early. Ways of how to get there. What methods to use. What steps to take. Children are more computer...

Iced Out

by Ck Smouha & Isabella Bunnell

Warm colors brighten frigid waters in this humorous tale about standing out, fitting in, and staying cool. -- FOREWORD REVIEWS This is an appealing read-aloud that can be used to generate discussion about classroom...

Goodnight Shadow

by Kimberly J. Muller & Mackenzie Bontempo

Goodnight Shadow follows a child and their shadow as they go through a full day together. It encourages young readers to have fun, use their imaginations, and be brave. It also reminds them not to be afraid...

Born Bad

by C K Smouha & Smith Stephen

Smouha has an elegant hand and Smith equally elegant art.? -- School Library Journal Born Bad is an accessible and lighthearted picture book that cleverly introduces young readers to issues surrounding identity...

Fly Flies

by Ziggy Hanaor & Alice Bowsher

'An easy introduction to the joy of being oneself'. -- KIRKUS REVIEWS 'A uniquely charming picture book'. -- Midwest Book Review Fly just wants to have fun flying, but everyone she meets thinks she?s doing it...

Secret Suffragette

by Barbara Mitchelhill

Daisy?s hero is Florence Nightingale, and she hopes to one day become a nurse just like her. But as a girl growing up in the East End of London in 1912, it seems like all her future holds is dropping out of...

Chicken Little, Come Out! The Sky Is Not Falling!

by Michele Winchester Vega, Sharen Casazza, Katie Helpley & Corinne Varavides et al.

Calm Your Child?s Fear and Anxiety with Chicken Little 

This new take on the classic folktale is designed to help children identify and normalize their worries, fears, and anxieties. With the help of some barnyard...

The Forgotten Things

by Andrew Mahan

The Forgotten Things takes place inside an unparticular, unspecified, and seemingly unspecial little toyshop. Within this toyshop, there is a corner where broken rejected toys are placed. These toys were unwanted...

The Cool Kid

by Endara,Ernie

The current social media, movies, TV, etc., that we are living through has shown us that our society craves to be cool. Whether by the clothes we wear, attitude expressed, music we listen to, or people we follow,...

The Real Princess

by Marina Allah-Yessem

Teaching a child to love, appreciate and be happy with what she or he has is the best thing ever. princess is generally associated with negative personality characteristics of being high maintenance, precious,...

It Doesn't Take a Genius

by Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich

A hilarious and moving coming-of-age tale that explores the intersection between self and community and the complexity of Black identity as a boy wonders: if he's not who he's always thought he was, who exactly...

When You Believe

by Brandi Hall

Twelve-year-old Faye never got to live a normal life. At the tender age of four, she was diagnosed with cancer. Faye spent most of her time in and out of the hospital. She was unable to do a lot of things that...

Oscar the Osprey and His Diminutive Sister

by Edward Martin Polansky & Jean Rosow

In the author?s third book about Oscar the Osprey, he tells the story about he and his sister, Oprah. The story is about Oscar becoming aware of the problems faced by his undersized sister, Oprah, which has...

I Am a Superhero

by Jeannette Paxia & Barbara Alvarado

From International bestselling author I AM a Superhero is an imaginative, beautifully illustrated book that teaches children that they matter. Through the easy to read text and the imagination of a child, this...

Friendly Monster

by Joan Russinovich

This book is to ease the anxiety children may have about seemly scary situations in their lives. Hopefully this book will offfer some comfort to children everywhere when they realize that their fears are better...