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Bullies & Warriors

by Tim Tipene

Going to school is a misery for Sean. Whatever he does to avoid the school bully, Mark Thomas and his mates always catch up with him. Then the students join Warrior Kids, a programme that teaches leadership...

The swan

by Roald Dahl

Un racconto che commuove e toglie il fiato anche agli stomaci forti, opponendo al bullismo e alla forza bruta di due ragazzi stupidi e crudeli il riscatto della loro vittima. Peter Watson, adolescente disarmato...

Zero Fade

by Chris L Terry

Chris L. Terry's debut young adult novel Zero Fade chronicles eight days in the life of inner-city Richmond, Virginia teen Kevin Phifer as he deals with wack haircuts, bullies, last-year fly gear, his uncle...

When the Cherry Blossoms Fell: A Cherry Blossom Book

by Jennifer Maruno

Short-listed for the 2012 Pacific Northwest Young Readers Choice Award and for the 2011 Hackmatack Children?s Choice Award

Nine-year-old Michiko Minagawa bids her father good-bye before her birthday celebration....

The Last Superhero

by Kristin Butcher

Commended for the 2011 Best Books for Kids and Teens

When doing the right thing turns all wrong Sometimes a guy just cant mind his own business, no matter how hard he tries, and sometimes that guy gets mired...

Perfect Pals

by Robert Mcconnell & June Bradford

Candy, Josie and Buddy are three canine friends whose days are filled with fun and friendship at the local park. But their happy days are threatened when two bullies named Riff and Raff drive them from their...

Billy the Blue-Stitched Baseball

by John W. Scafetta

Billy, a budding young baseball with unsuitable stitches of blue, is head over heels for America’s national pastime. The sights, the sounds, the smells—he loves it all. Billy has big dreams of playing in...

Message To A Stranger

by Josy Gracy

The Letters Saga narrates the story of a teenager, her fears, her weaknesses, her love for a wealthy boy, and the bullying she suffers at school.

A girl writes letters and puts them in an old, abandoned mailbox....

Scary Bully

by Cathy Finch White

Antwon is the meanest kid in his class. He takes children's lunches. Pushes them around and break their things. But there is one girl Antwon just can't seem to push around. When Nikia discovers a secret about...

Jordan and Max, Showtime

by Suzanne Sutherland & Michelle Simpson

Jordan had a tough time with the other kids at his old school. So, on his first day at Massey Elementary, he has a plan: to be absolutely invisible. His new classmates don't need to know that his grandmother...

Kylie the Magnificent

by Marty Chan

Fourteen-year-old Kylie really wants to be a part of the magician’s showcase. The problem is, the director has already decided that, because she’s a girl, Kylie would be better off assisting a magician rather...

Finding It

by Stevens,Donna

This story is about a frog named Fred that is personified to represent our youth today.

He represents everyone who is bullied and ridiculed because of their financial status, physical attributes including personal...

Malik Likes Mayonnaise

by Regina Lewis-Ward

After a long summer break, Malik is ready for the third grade. He’s sad his best friend Dallis isn’t in his class, but they see each other during lunch. One day, though, something bad happens. The tallest...

The Backyard Gang

by Eriksen,Carol

Real pets and animals from the backyard of the author created The Backyard Gang. Super Trooper was a real dog that was huge and possessed beautiful white fur. The author saved him from the local SPCA. Al the...

The Little Red Shed

by Adam Young & Jennifer Young

Once upon a fine morning, a little shed awakens to discover she isn’t quite the same as she used to be. Uncertain and feeling as if she no longer fits in, she decides to leave home and sets out to sea. All...

Harry and His Big Nose

by Hudson,Candace

Harry and His Big Nose was written to encourage our children and to teach them that they are wonderfully made despite other's interpretation of their flaws. Teasing another can be very traumatic and can tear...

Fergus and the Monster

by Robert Robertson

Fergus is a wee laddie, twelve years of age. Being small, he is picked on by the other boys. He is chased by them at school. Fergus develops a method of running, dodging, and evading that helps him exist in...

Percy's Pet Pugusaur Pete, bully eradicator

by Charles E. Pickens

Percy's Pet Pugusaur Pete, is a sci-fi comedy about two young adventurous kids, Percy and Nelly and their unique method for resolving neighborhood bully issues. The two kids accidentally stumble upon a secret...

Cecil's Magnifico Adventure

by Jim Barber

Adventure jumps off every page in this esteem-building children's novel. Cecil's Magnifico Adventure is a triumphant tale about a tortoise named Cecil who is burdened with a cracked shell and low self-esteem....

Jacob and the Bully Kid

by Diane Ng

Jacob and the Bully Kid is s story inspired by my grandson Caleb. I have been making up stories for Caleb for a few years. Whenever he visits me in the summer, he always ask me to make up a story at his bedtime....