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The Tale of Two Bad Mice

by Beatrix Potter

Lucinda and Jane are two dolls living in a beautiful doll-house in the nursery. During their absence for a walk in perambulator, Tom Thumb and Hunca Munc, a curious pair of mice, bring havoc throughout the house...

Poor Cecco

by Margery Williams Bianco & Arthur Rackham

Poor Cecco longs to explore the world beyond the toy box, so the spunky wooden dog determines to conduct a treasure hunt. Join Bulka, the woeful rag puppy, cheerful Harlequin, Easter Chicken, greedy Money-Pig,...

I Saw Santa

by Thelma Carey-Thompson

Little Dwayne grew up in rural Jamaica in the loving care of Granny. Like other little girls and boys he loved to play. Santa Claus, he learned, was somehow part of toys and games and very important at Christmas....


by Carlo Collodi & Mary Alice Murray

Follow Pinocchio, a wooden puppet, on his adventure to become a real boy. The mischievous marionette must learn how to be good for his wish to come true. This beloved tale, filled with fairies, talking crickets...

The Adventures of Pinocchio

by Carlo Collodi

When the gentle woodcarver Geppetto builds a marionette, Pinocchio, to be his son, a fairy brings the toy to life. But Pinocchio is not yet a human boy. He must earn the right by proving that he is brave, truthful,...

The Book of Selkie

by Briana Corr Scott

Explore the legendary “seal folk” in a book of short, whimsical poems. Find out what Selkie likes to eat, where she lives, how she spends her time on land and in the sea, and learn a Selkie lullaby. Lilting...

Seventy Times Seven

by Rita Youngblood Rabalais

It is spring, 1934, and Pearl has only one wish for her birthday: a real doll. Not a rag doll, but a doll like the one she saw in a store window. But Louisiana, like the rest of the nation, is in the midst of...

For the Love of Stuffies

by Seiple,Susan K.

For those of us who adore stuffed toys and can't get enough of them, this book is for you!What happens when slowly the stuffed toys take over? A comical poem addresses the issue with a surprising twist at the...

For the Love of Stuffies

by Seiple,Susan K.

For those of us who adore stuffed toys and can't get enough of them, this book is for you!What happens when slowly the stuffed toys take over? A comical poem addresses the issue with a surprising twist at the...

Mr Sparks

by Danny Weston

After his father goes missing in the Great War, Owen is abandoned to live with his cruel aunt, and wishes he could escape his life of drudgery in her small seaside guesthouse. There he meets a mysterious guest,...

Cat-tastic Heroes to the Rescue (Gabby's Dollhouse Storybook)

by Gabhi Martins

Dive into the world of DreamWorks Gabby's Dollhouse for a superhero adventure in this 24-page storybook!

When Gabby and Pandy unbox a superhero surprise, they become the Dollhouse Defenders! It's just in time,...

The Fingerlings

by Robert McMahon

The fingerlings are stories of what happens in the lives of finger puppets when they mix in the lives of children, many adventures occur which are of much interest to children that don't have puppets of their...

Mr. White Pinhead

by Bigna A. Francis-von Wyttenbach

Nanette was quietly playing with her doll, Rosemarie, in the large, elegant living room. She was braiding her doll?s long, wavy blond hair, busily dressing and undressing her and then gently putting her in her...

Sticky Stories

by Smiley

Barefoot Buddies is a story about kindness, trust, loyalty, and the commitment of friendship. In the bottom, center, and above, the words and random characters splashed across the back cover.

Adventure on Treasure Island (Pokémon Alola Chapter Book)

by Jeanette Lane

The new Pokémon are here, and kids gotta catch 'em all! This title features the cool Alola Pokémon from Nintendo DS games, Pokémon Sun & Moon.

There's so much to explore in Alola! Ash and Pikachu are visiting...

Corny Jokes and Riddles (Shopkins)

by Scholastic

Laugh along with all your favorite Shopkins! Apple Blossom, Kooky Cookie, Strawberry Kiss, and more crack cartful after cartful of fresh jokes in this hilarious book. Plus, with full-color illustrations throughout,...

Wrecking Valentine's Day! (LEGO City: 8x8)

by Trey King & Sean Wang

Celebrate Valentine's Day in LEGO(R) City! People are hard at work in LEGO(R) City until a scientist's experiment accidentally makes everyone crazy in love! The construction workers fall in love with their wrecking...

Deep-Sea Treasure Dive (LEGO City: 8x8)

by Trey King & Greg Hyland

There's never a dull moment in LEGO(R) City! In this new LEGO(R) CITY 8x8, a team of deep sea divers are on the search for sunken treasure. But could the old ship they find underwater be haunted? Find out in...

Race Around The World! (LEGO DC Super Heroes: 8x8)

by Trey King & Sean Wang

Superman and The Flash can't decide who is faster. So they decide to have a race across the world! But will a bunch of super-villains and their dastardly deeds get in the way of finding out who is the Fastest...

Graduation Day (LEGO NEXO Knights: Chapter Book)

by Tracey West

Set in the futuristic, high-tech world of the Kingdom of Knighton, LEGO(R) NEXO KNIGHTS(TM) follows five young knights in their quest to battle Jestro, his sidekick, the Book of Monsters, and their Lava Monster...