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Sunny's Tow Truck Saves the Day!

by Anne Marie Pace & Christopher Lee

When a family car gets a flat on the way to a picnic, help is needed and time is ticking! Cranes are lifting, and pavers are paving. Diggers are digging, and workers are waving. But where is Sunny and her trusty...

The Princess and the Pit Stop

by Tom Angleberger & Dan Santat

Once upon a time there was a Princess . . .

. . . who made a pit stop.

While the Birds and Beasts changed her tires, her Fairy Godmother told her she was in last place! With just one lap left! She might as well...

The Arrival of Tavish the Tractor

by Anne K. Stewart

This delightfully illustrated story for children aged between four and seven follows our hero Tavish the Tractor on his adventures.

TURBO Racers: Escape Velocity

by Austin Aslan

The Fast and the Furious meets Transformers in the second book of this high-stakes series about twelve-year-old Mace Blazer, who pilots state-of-the-art vehicles that transform seamlessly to race on the road,...

Winter Road

by Kristin Butcher

Sixteen-year-old Kat and her mom haven't seen much of each other since Kat's father died last year. Her mom has taken over the family trucking business and has been away a lot. She promised that Kat could join...

Old Blue Learns the Lessons of Life

by Bette M. Goodson (Mamaw)

Old Blue is a 1988 Ford Festiva that tells how she learned life's lessons through her experiences with Mamaw and Mamaws grandchildren. It is a delightful way of imparting to children, young and old, learning...

Benny the Bendy Bus

by Simon Siwel & Ronie Pios

Benny is a Bendy Bus that operates and lives out of a Bus Depot. We share in his many adventures with his Bus friends, Simon, Emily, James, and the drivers, Bus captains and other characters in the stories....

Mail Truck’S Busy Day

by Traci Todd Peyton & Liz Revis Ray

Its a busy, busy day for the mail truck. There are lots of cards and packages to deliver to people along the route. A dog gets a brand-new bone, the farmer and his cow receive a sack of grain, and newborn twin...

My Daddy's Cool Car Collection

by Scott Gordon

Featuring an assortment of colorful cars, My Daddy's Cool Car Collection is a fantastic story to read your son before tucking him into bed. Includes over 30 pages of dazzling cars and trucks that's tied together...

TURBO Racers: Trailblazer

by Austin Aslan

In Turbo Racers: Trailblazer, twelve-year-old Mace Blazer gets the chance to pilot a state-of-the-art vehicle that transforms at the touch of a button from race car to jet plane to single-person sub, in the...

Winter Road

by Kristin Butcher

Sixteen-year-old Kat and her mom haven't seen much of each other since Kat's father died last year. Her mom has taken over the family trucking business and has been away a lot. She promised that Kat could join...

Trucks, Trains and Big Machines! Transportation Books for Kids | Children's Transportation Books

by Baby Professor

Does your little boy fall in love with big machines that easily? Then this book will be such a treat! There are beautiful images of trucks, trains and big machines in this wonderful book for children. Learn...

The Wrong Bus

by Lois Peterson & Amy Meissner

Jack loves and misses his bus-driving grandfather. When Grandpa Nod got sick, Jack's mother said eight-year-old Jack was too young to visit his grandfather in the hospital. When Grandpa Nod died, Jack's mother...

The Maxwells

by Bill C Dubats & Dawn V Pape

A charming story about how a grandpa shares his love for old cars with his grandson--who just happens to share the same name as one of his cars! At first young Maxwell is not fond that the car is also named...

Vroom! How Does A Car Engine Work for Kids

by Baby Professor

Don't be satisfied with just watching your child play with cars. Encourage him/her to understand those little engines better through this picture book. Here, we will be detailing even the tiniest parts of the...

Dino Auto: a story in doggerel

by Mary O'Shaughnessy & Cori Snedecor

Little Jim and Dino Auto have a monopoly on gas-guzzlers traveling through this remote desert. Dino Auto hunts them down and Little Jim gouges them at the pump--at least until Sunny shows up. She's like no...

Beyond the Bosphorus

by Dave Bowers

The Middle-East has always been one of the most challenging destinations for lorry drivers. In the 1970s and 80s, many drivers may not have even heard of the destinations they were sent to before heading out...

Lorries of Arabia

by Robert Hackford

This book is a tribute to ERF’s world-class long-hauler, especially the Middle-East examples, and to those who drove them. What did the ERF NGGs look like? How well did they perform? Where did they venture?...

ERF B, C, CP and E-series at Work

by Patrick Dyer

Patrick Dyer’s eighth book in the ‘at work’ series takes the reader on a journey with ERF, England’s last independent truck manufacturer, between the years 1975 and 1993 with the B, C, CP and E-series...

Things That Go - Buses Edition: Buses for Kids

by Baby Professor

Enjoy the sound of buses racing along the highway through this ingenious multi-sensory tool. When a child goes over picture books, he sees with his eyes, listens with his eyes, smells the pages with his nose...