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Morgan Rice: 5 Beginnings (Turned, Arena one, A Quest of Heroes,  Rise of the Dragons, and Slave, Warrior, Queen)

by Rice

This 5 book bundle includes book #1 in each of Morgan Rice?s five #1 Bestselling series?THE VAMPIRE JOURNALS, THE SURVIVAL TRILOGY, THE SORCERER?S RING, KINGS AND SORCERERS, and OF CROWNS AND GLORY?five novels...

The Plagues of Kondar

by Lynne Kositsky

Arien holds the key to healing her planet.

Planet Kondar has a light side that faces the sun and a dark side in eternal night. Lightsiders have never met those on Darkside, known as Oscura. Arien lives in Kattannya...

Revenge of the Akuma Clan

by Martin,Benjamin

It's time for Revenge.

Benjamin Martin, author of the 2011 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award semi-finalist Samurai Awakening, returns with another masterpiece of young adult fiction and the next installment in...

Summary of Project Hail Mary

by Alexander Cooper

Summary of Project Hail Mary


This book has been uniquely prepared for either personal use or to be used in a group study and it provides a safe space for you to freely express yourself without being...


by Joanne Schwartz

In early twentieth-century Cape Breton, coal mines stretched far out under the ocean. The workers, mostly men, but also children and ponies, spent all day in the dark, damp mines. Each day the workers descended...

The Wereduck Code

by Dave Atkinson

It's not easy being a fourteen-year-old wereduck in a family of werewolves. In The Wereduck Code, we catch up with Kate after discovering that an ancient cure for her family's curse—one she had hoped would...

Treason's Edge

by Susan MacDonald

Being a teenager is hard enough. It’s even more difficult when you have supernatural powers you barely understand. Now that Alec and his terrifying abilities are under the control of the traitorous Anna, it’s...

The N.U.W.E. 2060

by Becker,Daniel

A seemingly perfect world plagued with a devastating secret. A deceitful villain poses an invisible threat. A determined hero discovers a dark mystery and sets out to find then expose the truth.

Set in the year...

The Stinkies

by Stokes,Jacqueline

The Stinkies is the ultimate underdog story with a surprise twist that will have you laughing and cheering until the very end. After losing the last baseball game of the season that was played on an old and...

Invasion from Mars to Earth

by Francis DiCandio

Invasion from Mars to Earth is about aliens, spaceships, and little people from outer space who are watching us from the universe. These creatures love to eat spicy chicken sandwiches, so they plan to have an...

Alien Nation

by Sandro Bassi

A wordless wonder of a picture book, reminiscent of David Wiesner and Chris Van Allsburg. An unforgettable subway ride in an alien world filled with truths of our own.

The Engineer of Beasts

by Scott Russell Sanders

After decades of abuse transforms the world into a toxic wasteland, people flee into the safety of a global network of domed cities. Within these safe, orderly spaces, the only animals allowed are machines in...

Russ and the Hidden Voice

by J.B. Moonstar & Vanessa Valienta

When Russ is rescued from an untimely death, he is transported to a new world in the caverns of the moon, where he is asked to help with a serious problem threatening to destroy Ituria’s Island.  Inspired...

Jess Not the Same

by Blake Lamar

Jess is desperate to be with Jason, the boy she loves. Too bad he lives in another reality.

After enlisting her mother's help to create a device that will allow her to switch places with her alternate self, Jess...

Jess Like Me

by Blake Lamar

How do you go on living when you’re not supposed to exist?

Life hasn’t been easy since Jess got back from the so-called “True” timeline. She spends her days going through the motions, dreading the moment...

Jess Be Yourself

by Blake Lamar

Jess's life begins to unravel on her thirteenth birthday.

First, she learns of her parents' separation.

Then she's forced to spend the rest of the summer living in her grandparents' camper trailer by the lake....

Jewl and the Jinx

by Nan Whybark

As a princess in the Patriarchal Realm of en?Edlia, Jewl has grown up close to her twin sister, Phyre. Born to a royal mother from nonmagical Earth and a high patriarch father now ruling on magical Irth, Jewl...

Mirrors in Strange Places

by Kendrick Sims

The jack-o'-lanterns, with their wicked smiles and evil glares, are gone for another year. The turkey are happy to announce that Thanksgiving has come and gone. There are few to be seen. Inside all the houses...

The Invitee

by Beverly Blackman

What do you do when you receive an invitation from an alien? Simple, ignore it until they won?t let you ignore it anymore. Braden and his brother Cade were trying to lead a normal life in their hill country...

Mikkee the Martian

by Peter Locke

Mikkee the Martian arrives on earth for a period of research and relaxation. He makes friends with twins Billy and Jilly Watson. After parking his spaceship, Mikkee explains some of his special powers, including...