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Flower Children

by Elizabeth Gordon

Pansies like the shaded places;

With their little friendly faces,

Always seem to smile and say:

"How are all the folks to-day?"

Nostalgia enthusiasts of all ages will treasure this illustrated collection of eighty-four...

Nursery Rhymes for the Christian Mind

by Syble Thompson

Nursery Rhymes for the Christian Mind is a collection of ordinary, popular nursery rhymes that children learn every day. They can be interpreted to illustrate how God can influence our lives. How God can be...

How Many Ways Can You Say Goodbye?

by Refiloe Moahloli & Anja Stoeckigt

After Sara and her friends had an exciting journey in a hot air balloon to see the country and find out how to say ?hello? in How Many Ways Can You Say Hello?, they are making a return trip across South Africa...

A Child's Lullaby

by Sherri Tate

A Child's Lullaby is a lullaby that is used to help a small child fall asleep and to have a peaceful night's sleep. It is also a nice tool for parents who are having trouble putting their child to bed to use....


by Howard R. Garis

Garis certainly knows how to hold the attention of the young! In this volume, our beloved rabbit gentleman, Uncle Wiggly, helps out Mother Goose and her nursery rhyme characters and each time he does, it turns...

THE ABSURD ABC - a satirical look at the world of Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales

by Walter Crane

The Absurd ABC is a satirical look at the world of Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales more aimed at adults than children.

One of the most creative periods in the history of children’s books took place in the second...

MOTHER GOOSE'S TEDDY BEARS - 21 Classic Rhymes for Children

by Frederick L. Cavally

This little book contains Mother Goose styled rhymes modified to include teddy bears, with full page color beautiful illustrations and elegantly illustrated rhymes all designed to grab your child’s imagination...

Children’s Favourite Nursery Rhymes

by Various Authors

In this enchanting treasury brings together nearly 100 best-loved rhymes. Enjoy playtime together with lively songs and favourite characters, including Incy Wincy Spider and Humpty Dumpty, or snuggle up at bedtime...

The Chinese Boy and Girl

by Isaac Taylor Headland


No thorough study of Chinese child life can be made until the wall of Chinese exclusiveness is broken down and the homes of the East are thrown open to the people of the West. Glimpses of that life however,...

THE WORLD-WIDE BOOK OF NURSERY TALES - 8 illustrated Fairy Tales plus a host of Nursery Rhymes

by Various & Unknown Illustrator

The Publishers offer in this volume well known and long loved and extremely well illustrated stories to their young readers. These tales have had delighted the children of many generations and will be equally...

JACK and JILL and OLD DAME GILL - all 15 verses of this classic rhyme

by Anon E. Mouse & Unknown Illustrator

Contained herein are all 15 verses to this well-known children’s poem. But, who was the original author of the nursery rhyme “Jack and Jill” who went up the hill? In truth, no-one knows. It is thought...

Hush Now, Banshee!

by Kyle Sullivan & Derek Sullivan

  • Created by identical twin brothers (Kyle is the author and Derek is the illustrator), Hush Now Banshee is the fourth book in the Hazy Dell Press Monster Series, following their regionally popular releases,...

The Real Mother Goose Junior Edition

by Blanche Fisher Wright

This is a refurbished book from the original 1916-edition "The Real Mother Goose Junior Edition" with selected nursery rhymes from The Real Mother Goose.  Less busy and perhaps more accessible for the youngest...

More Than Balloons

by Lorna Crozier & Rachelle Anne Miller

Balloons love the moon, and a tuba loves a tune, but these don't compare to the love we have for you. Award-winning poet Lorna Crozier uses evocative rhyme, complemented by Rachelle Anne Miller's whimsical imagery,...

A Parade of Puppies

by Charles Ghigna & Kristi Bridgeman

In this follow-up to A Carnival of Cats, babies, toddlers and dog-lovers alike will enjoy discovering and guessing what breed of puppy is hiding on the next page. With playful rhyming text from award-winning...

A Carnival of Cats

by Charles Ghigna & Kristi Bridgeman

There?s a purrrfect little carnival coming to town, filled with adorable cats of all different kinds! In this hint-and-reveal board book, babies, toddlers and cat-lovers alike will enjoy discovering (and guessing)...

The Ways I Will Love You

by Rachel Boehm & Mary Jane Gerber

The Ways I Will Love You is a tender exploration of the ordinary moments and activities that occur throughout a child's early years. The rhyming text and endearing illustrations are sure to delight babies, preschoolers...

Little You

by Richard van Camp & Julie Flett

Richard Van Camp, internationally renowned storyteller and bestselling author of the hugely successful Welcome Song for Baby: A Lullaby for Newborns, has partnered with award-winning illustrator Julie Flett...

Welcome Song for Baby

by Richard van Camp

From renowned First Nations storyteller Richard Van Camp comes a lyrical lullaby for newborns. Complemented with stunning photographs, this evocative board book is perfectly suited as a first book for every...

Uncle Wally's Old Brown Shoe

by Wallace Edwards

Uncle Wally's Old Brown Shoe, inspired by the familiar nursery rhyme The House That Jack Built, follows the course of one very unusual shoe as it travels through a fascinating, imaginative world to encounter...