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The Elements of Style, Fourth Edition

by William Strunk, Jr. & E.B. White

The Elements of Style is a prescriptive American English writing style guide in numerous editions. The original was composed by William Strunk Jr., in 1918, and published by Harcourt, in 1920, comprising eight...

Debate as Global Pedagogy

by Ben Voth

Debate as Global Pedagogy: Rwanda Rising illustrates that the teaching of debate offers an ideal educational approach for the prevention and remediation of genocide. As the antithesis of propaganda, debate and...

Elementary Hindi Workbook

by Delacy,Richard & Sudha Joshi

bThis is an elementary level Hindi practice workbook.

Intended as a companion to Elementary Hindi or as an independent study tool, this beginner Hindi workbook is the perfect guide for practicing and polishing...

Tuttle Pocket Thai Dictionary

by Rattanakhemakorn,Jintana

Tuttle Pocket Thai Dictionary is the most up-to-date Thai pocket dictionary available. It contains a comprehensive range of contemporary Thai words and expressions, including the latest Internet and social media...

Elementary Mandarin Chinese Workbook

by Kubler,Cornelius C.

This workbook is designed for use with the Elementary Mandarin Chinese Textbook and offers a wealth of carefully-designed practice activities to help you solidify every aspect of your Chinese skills in listening,...

Japanese Grammar: A Workbook for Self-Study

by Tanimori,Masahiro

If you've mastered the basics of Japanese grammar and are ready to move to the next level, this book is for you!

Each of the 12 chapters is devoted to one widely-used sentence structure and its variations. Chapters...

Elementary Hindi

by Delacy,Richard & Sudha Joshi

This is a comprehensive and user–friendly elementary level Hindi textbook and language learning package.

This comprehensive guide to learning the Hindi language teaches you basic proficiency in everyday, conversational...

Continuing Mandarin Chinese Workbook

by Kubler,Cornelius C.

This workbook is designed to accompany the Continuing Mandarin Chinese Textbook and offers a wealth of carefully-designed practice activities to help you solidify every aspect of your Chinese skills in listening,...

Continuing Mandarin Chinese Textbook

by Kubler,Cornelius C.

Continuing Mandarin Chinese Textbook is a new intermediate-level course in Mandarin which enables you to quickly learn the next level of the language—following the first book in the series, Elementary Mandarin...

Contemporary Japanese Textbook Volume 2

by Sato,Eriko

Contemporary Japanese is a textbook series for beginning students of Japanese at the college or high school level. It is intended for classroom use as well as self-study.

Each lesson in the books is very short—meant...

Thai Picture Dictionary

by Rattanakhemakorn,Jintana

A fun and helpful resource for anyone interested in learning some Thai—whether you're 5 or 100!

This picture dictionary covers the 1,500 most common and useful Thai words and phrases. Each word is given in...

Essential Mandarin Chinese Grammar

by Ling,Vivian & Peng Wang

Essential Mandarin Chinese Grammar is a systematic overview of Mandarin grammar, oriented toward self-study, English-speaking students.

Through explanations of common mistakes learners make, useful example sentences...

Elementary Mandarin Chinese Textbook

by Kubler,Cornelius C.

Elementary Mandarin Chinese Textbook is a new beginner Mandarin Chinese course which enables you to quickly learn the basics of the language. The 24 lessons in this book are meant to be used in 3 hours per week...


by Laura Anne Crowell

After bringing six photographs of letters on rocks to her middle school, her student Brooke Conroy thought she should keep looking for the rest of the alphabet and make a book titled "Alphabeach." So I did....

Continuing Vietnamese

by Binh Nhu Ngo

This is a second-year, intermediate Vietnamese language course designed for high school, college or self-study.

Continuing Vietnamese is your next step toward master; it follows the best?selling, linguistically?based...

Chinese Stories for Language Learners

by Vivian Ling, Peng Wang & Yang Xi

The highly anticipated next book in Tuttle's Stories for Language Learners series is here!

This book presents 22 classic Chinese proverbs and the traditional tales behind them. The stories are bilingual, with...

Alphabet Travelogue

by Otto Köhler

Travelogue Alphabet

Otto Kohler, graphic designer, (Switzerland). He presents in this book a collection of photographs from several decades of observations, reflections, wonders. This book wants to show the fabulous...

Mini Indonesian Dictionary

by Davidsen,Katherine

With a pocket-sized format and easy-to-read type, anyone can look up words quickly and easily with this handy little Indonesian dictionary.

Tuttle's Mini Indonesian Dictionary is ideal for use by tourists, students,...

The Elements of Style

by William Strunk Jr.

The Elements of Style is an American English writing style guide. It is one of the most influential and best-known prescriptive treatments of English grammar and usage in the United States. It originally detailed...

Palaeohispanic Languages and Epigraphies

by Alejandro Garcia Sinner & Javier Velaza

In addition to Phoenician, Greek, and Latin, at least four writing systems were used between the fifth century BCE and the first century CE to write the indigenous languages of the Iberian peninsula (the so-called...