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Mike Royko: The Chicago Tribune Collection 1984-1997

by Mike Royko & John Kass

Mike Royko: The Chicago Tribune Collection 19841997 is an expansive new volume of the longtime Chicago news legend?s work. Encompassing thousands of his columns, all of which originally appeared in the Chicago...

Oil and Water

by Andrea Miller, Shearon Roberts & Victoria LaPoe

Along the Gulf Coast, history is often referenced as pre-Katrina or post-Katrina. However, the natural disaster that appalled the world in 2005 has been joined by another catastrophe, this one man-made--the...

Tiananmen Moon

by Philip J Cunningham

This compelling book provides a vivid firsthand account of the student demonstrations and massacre in Tiananmen Square in 1989. Uniquely placed as a Western observer drawn into active participation through Chinese...

The Food Section

by Kimberly Wilmot Voss

Food blogs are everywhere today but for generations, information and opinions about food were found in the food sections of newspapers. Until the early 1970s, these sections were housed in the women’s pages...

Impact of Globalization on the Local Press in China

by Shixin Ivy Zhang

Impact of Globalization on the Local Press in China investigates Chinese news production and content, as well as the main factors that have caused significant changes to Chinese newspapers over the past three...

The Broadcast Journalism Handbook

by Robert Thompson & Cindy Malone

The Broadcast Journalism Handbook has everything you ever wanted to know about working in the television news business but were afraid to ask! College courses teach the theory of how a television newsroom works;...

Covering Your Campus

by Matt Nesvisky

Newsrooms_and campus newsrooms are no exception_are chaotic, fast-paced, and lively. That's why we love them. But reporting news is an important business, and everyone involved in that business needs some guidance...

Message Control

by Elizabeth A. Skewes

Message Control_a look at what shapes the news from the presidential campaign trail_comes out of the author's experience traveling with campaigns, interviews with other journalists who have covered campaigns...

Journalism Ethics Goes to the Movies

by Howard Good, Matthew C. Ehrlich, Sandra L. Borden & Robert Brown et al.

How far should a reporter go for a story? What's the role of the press at the scene of an emergency, or a murder? Why has journalism suddenly become so susceptible to plagiarism? Here's a book that poses these...

H.L. Mencken

by S. T. Joshi

Baltimore native Henry Louis Mencken (1880-1956) was an essayist, literary critic, magazine editor, novelist, and journalist. Starting as a reporter for the Baltimore Morning Herald at the turn of the century,...

Ten Days in a Mad-House - Feigning Insanity in Order to Reveal Asylum Horrors

by Bly & Frances E. Willard

?Ten Days in a Mad-House? is an 1887 work by American journalist Elizabeth Seaman. Originally published as a series of articles for the New York World, the book contains Seaman's ground-breaking exposé of an...

A Nervous Man Shouldn't Be Here in the First Place

by Amy Paige Condon

"This is not a simple life, my friend, and there are no simple answers."

The late editor of the late Miami News, Bill Baggs, stamped these words on plain white postcards and sent them to readers who sent him...

The Associated Press Guide to News Writing, 4th Edition

by Peterson's

The Associated Press Guide to News Writing, is the standard professional resource for both novice and experienced news writers. This practical handbook is the ideal writing style guide for all reporters, writers,...

If God Is a Virus

by Seema Yasmin

Based on original reporting from West Africa and the United States, and the poet 's experiences as a doctor and journalist, If God Is A Virus charts the course of the largest and deadliest Ebola epidemic in...

Palestine for the Third Time

by Ksawery Pruszynski & Wiesiek Powaga

Palestine for the Third Time is a book of reportage originally published in Poland in 1933 by Ksawery Pruszy?ski, a young reporter working for a Polish newspaper, who went to Mandate Palestine to see for himself...

The Village of Lost and Found

by Alison Sherlock

Brand NEW from the bestselling author of The Village Shop For Lonely Hearts.

Scandal hit party girl Lucy Conway needs to leave London fast, so she packs her bags and escapes to the sleepy village of Cranbridge...

Power and Loss in South African Journalism

by Glenda Daniels

This timely collection of essays analyses the crisis of journalism in contemporary South Africa at a period when the media and their role are frequently at the centre of public debate. The transition to digital...

United States of Distraction

by Mickey Huff & Nolan Higdon

A provocative critique of how manipulation of media gives rise to disinformation, intolerance, and divisiveness, and what can be done to change direction.

"Mickey Huff and Nolan Higdon emphasize what we can do...

Foreign Aid and Journalism in the Global South

by Jairo Lugo-Ocando

Foreign Aid and Journalism in the Global South: A Mouthpiece for Truth examines the way in which foreign aid has shaped professional ideologies of journalism as part of systematic and orchestrated efforts since...

News and How to Use It

by Alan Rusbridger

Nothing in life works without facts. A society that isn?t sure what?s true can?t function. Without facts there can be no government or law. Science is ignored. Trust evaporates. People everywhere feel ever more...