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Mike Royko: The Chicago Tribune Collection 1984-1997

by Mike Royko & John Kass

Mike Royko: The Chicago Tribune Collection 19841997 is an expansive new volume of the longtime Chicago news legend?s work. Encompassing thousands of his columns, all of which originally appeared in the Chicago...

A Daughter's Memoir of Burma

by Wendy Law-Yone & David Steinberg

Wendy Law-Yone was just fifteen when Burma's military staged a coup and overthrew the civilian government in 1962. The daughter of Ed Law-Yone, the daredevil founder and chief editor of The Nation, Burma's leading...

The Power to Name

by Stephanie Newell

Between the 1880s and the 1940s, the region known as British West Africa became a dynamic zone of literary creativity and textual experimentation. African-owned newspapers offered local writers numerous opportunities...

Oil and Water

by Andrea Miller, Shearon Roberts & Victoria LaPoe

Along the Gulf Coast, history is often referenced as pre-Katrina or post-Katrina. However, the natural disaster that appalled the world in 2005 has been joined by another catastrophe, this one man-made--the...

Media in the Digital Age

by John Pavlik

Digital technologies have fundamentally altered the nature and function of media in our society, reinventing age-old practices of public communication and at times circumventing traditional media and challenging...

Tiananmen Moon

by Philip J Cunningham

This compelling book provides a vivid firsthand account of the student demonstrations and massacre in Tiananmen Square in 1989. Uniquely placed as a Western observer drawn into active participation through Chinese...

The Food Section

by Kimberly Wilmot Voss

Food blogs are everywhere today but for generations, information and opinions about food were found in the food sections of newspapers. Until the early 1970s, these sections were housed in the women’s pages...

Beyond News

by Mitchell Stephens

For a century and a half, journalists made a good business out of selling the latest news or selling ads next to that news. Now that news pours out of the Internet and our mobile devices—fast, abundant, and...

Impact of Globalization on the Local Press in China

by Shixin Ivy Zhang

Impact of Globalization on the Local Press in China investigates Chinese news production and content, as well as the main factors that have caused significant changes to Chinese newspapers over the past three...

The Broadcast Journalism Handbook

by Robert Thompson & Cindy Malone

The Broadcast Journalism Handbook has everything you ever wanted to know about working in the television news business but were afraid to ask! College courses teach the theory of how a television newsroom works;...

Covering Your Campus

by Matt Nesvisky

Newsrooms_and campus newsrooms are no exception_are chaotic, fast-paced, and lively. That's why we love them. But reporting news is an important business, and everyone involved in that business needs some guidance...

Message Control

by Elizabeth A. Skewes

Message Control_a look at what shapes the news from the presidential campaign trail_comes out of the author's experience traveling with campaigns, interviews with other journalists who have covered campaigns...

The Layers of Magazine Editing

by Michael Robert Evans

Unlike the myriad writing manuals that emphasize grammar, sentence structure, and other skills necessary for entry-level editing jobs, this engaging book adopts a broader view, beginning with the larger topics...

Journalism Ethics Goes to the Movies

by Howard Good, Matthew C. Ehrlich, Sandra L. Borden & Robert Brown et al.

How far should a reporter go for a story? What's the role of the press at the scene of an emergency, or a murder? Why has journalism suddenly become so susceptible to plagiarism? Here's a book that poses these...

H.L. Mencken

by S. T. Joshi

Baltimore native Henry Louis Mencken (1880-1956) was an essayist, literary critic, magazine editor, novelist, and journalist. Starting as a reporter for the Baltimore Morning Herald at the turn of the century,...

Silencing Chinese Media

by Guan Jun, Kevin Carrico, Fang Kecheng & David Bandurski

Chinese media in the reform era walk a fine line between commercialized diversification and party-state control. Nowhere have these two trends been in more open conflict than at Southern Weekly (Nanfang Zhoumo),...

Liberty and the News

by Walter Lippmann

In Liberty and the News Walter Lippmann offers us a stern warning about the importance of reliable news to the survival of a healthy democracy. He railed against bad journalism and drove home the point that...

News Media Innovation Reconsidered

by Maria Luengo & Susana Herrera-Damas

A guide to journalistic ethics for today’s digital technologies

With contributions from an international panel of experts on the topic, News Media Innovation Reconsidered offers a guide for the revitalizing...

Barry Goldwater, Distrust in Media, and Conservative Identity

by Rich Shumate

The perception that the news media in the United States have a liberal bias is a phenomenon that animates conservatives and affects the ways in which they consider both media content and political discourse....

Seeing Justice

by Mary Angela Bock

A behind-the-scenes look at the struggles between visual journalists and officials over what the public sees--and therefore much of what the public knows--of the criminal justice system. In the contexts of...