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From Silence to Voice

by Paola Della Valle

Before the 1970s, Maori existed in New Zealand literature as figures created by Pakeha writers. The Maori renaissance of the 1970s changed all that. Fiction writers led by Ihimaera and Grace challenged earlier...

Study of Point of View

by Boris A. Uspensky & Paolo Fabbri

The semiotic theory of the narrative point of view and of the visual representation perspective. A chapter from "Poetics of Composition" (1973) by the Russian semiologist, co-author of J. Lotman. Also recalled...

Linguistic modality in Shakespeare Troilus and Cressida: A casa study

by Iolanda Plescia

Questo saggio è una originale applicazione di nozioni linguistiche e storico-linguistiche allo shakespeariano Troilus and Cressida. La ricognizione che troviamo nel case study prescelto conduce ad una approfondita...

Invisible Language

by Garth L. Hallett

Invisible Language: Its Incalcuable Significance for Philosophy reveals that although the use of language is visible or audible, the medium employed boasts neither of these attributes. Garth L. Hallet suggests...

Emotions in History – Lost and Found

by Ute Frevert

Coming to terms with emotions and how they influence human behaviour, seems to be of the utmost importance to societies that are obsessed with everything “neuro.” On the other hand, emotions have become...

The Language of Robert Burns

by Alex Broadhead

This monograph offers a radical reconceptualization of the relationship between the poetics and practice of Robert Burns and reevaluates the nature of his role in the history of Scots. By drawing on ideas from...

Japanese Hieroglossia

by Jean-Noël Robert

At a very early stage, Japanese civilization asserted itself in a relationship of “linguistic competition” with Chinese, in both the religious, the literary, and the intellectual spheres. This cultural symbiosis...

Yiddish Given Names

by Rella Israly Cohn

This important volume in onomastics, the study of names, presents a listing of Yiddish first names in the modern period: 1750 to the present day. Yiddish Given Names: A Lexicon resumes, collects, documents,...

Much Ado About Nonexistence

by Avrum Stroll & Hatem Rushdy

The problem of the nature of fiction and the problem of nonexistence are closely tied because fiction often talks about nonexistent entities. In Fiction, Reference, and Nonexistence, A. P. Martinich and Avrum...

Archaeology, Language, and the African Past

by Roger Blench

Archaeology, Language, and the African Past is an overview of theories and methods, a fusion of African linguistics and archaeology. Roger Blench provides a comprehensive look at the history of all African language...

Lessons from Fort Apache: Beyond Language Endangerment and Maintenance

by M. Eleanor Nevins

This incisive ethnographic analysis of indigenous language documentation, maintenance, and revitalization focuses on linguistic heritage issues on the Native American reservation at Fort Apache and explores...

The Early Modern Travels of Manchu

by Marten Soderblom Saarela

A linguistic and historical study of the Manchu script in the early modern world

Manchu was a language first written down as part of the Qing state-building project in Northeast Asia in the early seventeenth...

The Early Modern Travels of Manchu

by Marten Soderblom Saarela

A linguistic and historical study of the Manchu script in the early modern world

Manchu was a language first written down as part of the Qing state-building project in Northeast Asia in the early seventeenth...


by Brandon Cook

Salut! Prost! Skål! Na zdrave! Tagay!

No matter what country you clink glasses in, everyone has a word for cheers. In Cheers! Around the World in 80 Toasts, Brandon Cook takes readers on a whirlwind trip through...

Cracking the Code: The Confused Traveler's Guide to Liberian English

by John Mark Sheppard

"Cracking the Code: The Confused Traveler's Guide to Liberian English" is the brainchild of John Mark Sheppard, who moved with his family from the United States to Liberia when he was just three years old. He...

A Catalogue of Manuscripts Known to Contain Old English Dry-Point Glosses

by Dieter Studer-Joho

While quill and ink were the writing implements of choice in the Anglo-Saxon scriptorium, other colouring and non-colouring writing implements were in active use, too. The stylus, among them, was used on an...

Efficiency in Linguistic Change

by Otto Jespersen

This early work by Otto Jespersen was originally published in the early 20th century and we are now republishing it with a brand new introductory biography. 'Efficiency in Linguistic Change' is an informative...

Analyzing the Grammar of English

by Richard V. Teschner

Analyzing the Grammar of English offers a descriptive analysis of the indispensable elements of English grammar. Designed to be covered in one semester, this textbook starts from scratch and takes nothing for...

Tone Analysis for Field Linguists

by Keith Snider

Tone, the use of pitch to provide phonological contrast between morphemes, plays an integral role in the structures of many languages. This book teaches linguists a tried-and-proven methodology for analyzing...

Understanding Language Choices

by Ken Decker & John Grummitt

Understanding Language Choices is an introductory textbook for anyone studying the motivations behind language use choices. It provides an introduction into the numerous factors, both internal and external,...