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Emotions in History – Lost and Found

by Ute Frevert

Coming to terms with emotions and how they influence human behaviour, seems to be of the utmost importance to societies that are obsessed with everything “neuro.” On the other hand, emotions have become...

A Companion to Chomsky

by Nicholas Allott, Terje Lohndal & Georges Rey


Widely considered to be one of the most important public intellectuals of our time, Noam ­Chomsky has revolutionized modern linguistics. His thought has had a profound impact upon the...

Essays on the Evolutionary-Synthetic Theory of Language

by Alexey Koshelev, Alexander Kravchenko & Jillian Smith

This book implements a multidisciplinary approach in describing language both in its ontogenetic development and in its close interrelationship with other human subsystems such as thought, memory, and activity,...

Psychophysiological Methods in Language Research

by Bahiyyih Hardacre

Psychophysiological Methods in Language Research: Rethinking Embodiment in Studies of Linguistic Behaviors by Bahiyyih Hardacre is a guide for adopting a transdisciplinary and multidimensional approach to language...

Dynamics of a Social Language Learning Community

by Jo Mynard, Michael Burke, Daniel Hooper & Bethan Kushida et al.

This book provides an in-depth exploration of psychological phenomena affecting language learning within a social learning space. Drawing on the literature from identity in second language learning, communities...

The Origins of Self

by Martin P. J. Edwardes

The Origins of Self explores the role that selfhood plays in defining human society, and each human individual in that society. It considers the genetic and cultural origins of self, the role that self plays...

Directed Motivational Currents and Language Education

by Christine Muir

Directed motivational currents (DMCs) are goal-directed motivational surges in pursuit of a much-desired personal outcome. This book introduces the reader to cutting-edge theory and research in second language...

The Multilingual Adolescent Experience

by Malgorzata Machowska-Kosciak

This book contributes to our understanding of how older learners negotiate family internal and family external socialisation processes and thereby how parents? ideologies and practices, peer socialisation, and...

Foundations of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism

by Colin Baker & Wayne E. Wright

The seventh edition of this bestselling textbook has been extensively revised and updated to provide a comprehensive and accessible introduction to bilingualism and bilingual education in an everchanging world....

Research Methods for Complexity Theory in Applied Linguistics

by Phil Hiver & Ali H. Al-Hoorie

This book provides practical guidance on research methods and designs that can be applied to Complex Dynamic Systems Theory (CDST) research. It discusses the contribution of CDST to the field of applied linguistics,...

Sign Language Linguistics - A Conversation with Carol Padden

by Howard Burton

This book is based on an in-depth filmed conversation between Howard Burton and renowned researcher of sign languages Carol Padden, the Sanford I. Berman Chair in Language and Human Communication at UC San Diego....

Speaking and Thinking - A Conversation with Victor Ferreira

by Howard Burton

This book is based on an in-depth filmed conversation between Howard Burton and Victor Ferreira, Professor of Psychology and Principal Investigator at the Language Production Lab at the University of California...

Introduction to Corpus Linguistics

by Sandrine Zufferey

Over the past decades, the use of quantitative methods has become almost generalized in all domains of linguistics. However, using these methods requires a thorough understanding of the principles underlying...

The Structure of Truth

by Donald Davidson, Cameron Kirk-Giannini & Ernie Lepore

Donald Davidson was one of the most famous and influential philosophers of the twentieth century. The Structure of Truth presents his 1970 Locke Lectures in print for the first time. They comprise an invaluable...

The First Person in Cognition and Morality

by Béatrice Longuenesse

What do we express when we use the first-person pronoun 'I' in phrases such as 'I think' or 'I ought to'? Do we refer to ourselves as biologically unique, socially determined individuals? Or do we express a...

Video Game Translation and Cognitive Semantics

by Mateusz Sajna

The book concentrates on video game translation from the perspective of cognitive semantics. One of its objectives is to assert that translators? knowledge of cognitive semantics can affect translation, i.e....

Language Unlimited

by David Adger

All humans, but no other species, have the capacity to create and understand language. It provides structure to our thoughts, allowing us to plan, communicate, and create new ideas, without limit. Yet we have...

Just Words

by Mary Kate McGowan

We all know that speech can be harmful. But what are the harms and how exactly does the speech in question brings those harms about? Mary Kate McGowan identifies a previously overlooked mechanism by which speech...

Talking Like Children

by Elise Berman

Children in the Marshall Islands do many things that adults do not. They walk around half naked. They carry and eat food in public without offering it to others. They talk about things they see rather than hiding...

Interperspectival Content

by Peter Ludlow

Too often today it seems we find ourselves communicating from radically different perspectives on the world and we often despair of communication even being possible. Peter Ludlow argues that perspectival content,...