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The Rhetoric of Intention in Human Affairs

by Gary C. Woodward

The Rhetoric of Intention in Human Affairs is an insightful account of the rhetorical and psychological habits we exhibit when we must explain the reasons others act. The assumption that we can know what motivates...

Essays on the Evolutionary-Synthetic Theory of Language

by Alexey Koshelev, Alexander Kravchenko & Jillian Smith

This book implements a multidisciplinary approach in describing language both in its ontogenetic development and in its close interrelationship with other human subsystems such as thought, memory, and activity,...

Pragmatics and Semantics

by Carol A. Kates

What is the nature of communicative competence? Carol Kates addresses this crucial linguistic question, examining and finally rejecting the rationalistic theory proposed by Noam Chomsky and elaborated by Jerrold...

Slurs and Thick Terms

by Bianca Cepollaro

What is the relation between language, communication, and values? In Slurs and Thick Terms: When Language Encodes Values, Bianca Cepollaro explores the ways in which certain pieces of evaluative language not...

Skepticism and Language in Early Modern Philosophy

by Danilo Marcondes

Danilo Marcondes argues that, contrary to a traditional view maintaining that language is not given any central role in early modern philosophy, an “early linguistic turn” in the seventeenth century opened...

Reference and Identity in Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Scriptures

by D. E. Buckner

In Reference and Identity in Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Scriptures: The Same God?, D. E. Buckner argues that all reference is story-relative. We cannot tell which historical individual a person is talking...

‹Speaking› Quotation Marks

by Martina Lampert

This book offers in-depth qualitative case studies of 70 acts of quoting verbatim performed by 16 US speakers across a range of public settings. While their written versions unequivocally index the other voice...

Sanskrit Parsing

by Amba Kulkarni

About the Book

India has a rich grammatical tradition, still extant in the form of PÀõini’s grammar as well as the theories of verbal cognition. These two together provide a formal theory of language communication....

Formal Semantics in Modern Type Theories

by Stergios Chatzikyriakidis & Zhaohui Luo

This book studies formal semantics in modern type theories (MTTsemantics). Compared with simple type theory, MTTs have much richer type structures and provide powerful means for adequate semantic constructions....

A Lexicon of Medieval Nordic Law

by Jeffrey Love, Inger Larsson, Ulrika Djärv & Christine Peel et al.

This volume is an indispensable resource for scholars and students of medieval Scandinavia. This polyglot dictionary draws on the vast and vibrant range of vernacular legal terminology found in medieval Scandinavian...

Video Game Translation and Cognitive Semantics

by Mateusz Sajna

The book concentrates on video game translation from the perspective of cognitive semantics. One of its objectives is to assert that translators? knowledge of cognitive semantics can affect translation, i.e....

Keywords for Today

by The Keywords Project, Colin MacCabe & Holly Yanacek

Keywords for Today takes us deep into the history of the language in order to better understand our contemporary world. From nature to cultural appropriation and from market to terror, the most important words...

Mind over Memes

by Diana Senechal

Too often our use of language has become lazy, frivolous, and even counterproductive. We rely on clichés and bromides to communicate in such a way that our intentions are lost or misinterpreted. In a culture...

Beyond Semantics and Pragmatics

by Gerhard Preyer

The study of meaning in language embraces a diverse range of problems and methods. Philosophers think through the relationship between language and the world; linguists document speakers' knowledge of meaning;...

Bad Words

by David Sosa

What makes a word bad? Bad Words is a philosophical examination of slurs and other derogatory and problematic language, by some of the leading contributors to the field. Slurs are an interesting case for the...

The Science of Meaning

by Derek Ball & Brian Rabern

By creating certain marks on paper, or by making certain sounds-breathing past a moving tongue-or by articulation of hands and bodies, language users can give expression to their mental lives. With language...

New Work on Speech Acts

by Daniel Fogal, Daniel W. Harris & Matt Moss

Speech-act theory is the interdisciplinary study of the wide range of things we do with words. Originally stemming from the influential work of twentieth-century philosophers, including J. L. Austin and John...

Puzzles of Reference

by Herman Cappelen & Josh Dever

It is a fundamental feature of language that words refer to things. Much attention has been devoted to the nature of reference, both in philosophy and in linguistics. Puzzles of Reference is the first book to...

The Exchange of Words

by Richard Moran

The capacity to speak is not only the ability to pronounce words, but the socially-recognized capacity to make one's words count in various ways. We rely on this capacity whenever we tell another person something...

Speech Acts and Clause Types

by Peter Siemund

This book is an introduction to the relationship between the morphosyntactic properties of sentences and their associated illocutionary forces or force potentials. The volume begins with several chapters dedicated...