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Preparing Children for Reading Success

by Julia Irwin & Dina Moore

Preparing Children for Reading Success: Hands-On Activities for Librarians, Educators, and Caregivers will not only familiarize anyone who reads to young children with the essentials of promoting early and emerging...

Up-Country Swahili - For the Soldier, Settler, Miner, Merchant, and Their Wives - And for all who Deal with Up-Country Natives Without Interpreters

by F. H. Le Breton

?Up-Country Swahili Exercises? is a guide to learning Swahili complete with exercises. Swahili, also known as Kiswahili, is a Bantu language and the first language of the Swahili people. It is a lingua franca...

English Grammar and Writing Skills

by Saidu Challay & Paul F.M. Al-Gbahan Lahai

The main focus of this book is to address the problem of lack of grammar texts in simple and straightforward language that students will find less difficulty in understanding. Although this book is designed...

Assessment for Learning in Primary Language Learning and Teaching

by Maria Britton

This volume provides a detailed account of the practical use of Assessment for Learning (AfL) in primary language classrooms. It gives an in-depth account of the ways in which eight experienced primary language...

Brave New Digital Classroom

by Gabriel Guillén, Robert J. Blake & Steven L. Thorne

Robert Blake, now with Gabriel Guillén, updates his successful book (1st ed. 2008, 2nd ed. 2013) on how to teach foreign languages using technology. Brave New Digital Classroom touches on all of the key concepts...

Integrating the Digital Humanities into the Second Language Classroom

by Melinda A. Cro

Second language classrooms provide unique opportunities for intellectual growth, cognitive skill development, and cultural exchange. In Integrating the Digital Humanities into the Second Language Classroom,...

Teaching Languages in Blended Synchronous Learning Classrooms

by Alba Girons & Nicholas Swinehart

Blended synchronous learning (BSL), where some students are present in a physical classroom while others participate online in real time, has been gaining momentum and shows great potential for teaching less...

Shakespeare Is Great

by Hugh J. Burns Ph.D.

Dr. Hugh J.Burns has earned many distinguished teacher awards for having taught mostly British Literature for fifty-six years. Many years he asked to be assigned the worst students. They challenged him to find...

(Re)defining Success in Language Learning

by Katie A. Bernstein

This book follows four emergent bilingual students in an English-medium pre-kindergarten in the US as they navigate the social and linguistic demands of school. It illustrates how students? differing classroom...

Language Teacher Noticing in Tasks

by Daniel O. Jackson

This book provides an accessible, evidence-based account of how teacher noticing, the process of attending to, interpreting and acting on events which occur during engagement with learners, can be examined in...

Dynamics of a Social Language Learning Community

by Jo Mynard, Michael Burke, Daniel Hooper & Bethan Kushida et al.

This book provides an in-depth exploration of psychological phenomena affecting language learning within a social learning space. Drawing on the literature from identity in second language learning, communities...

Performed Culture in Chinese Language Education

by Guangyan Chen

Performed Culture in Chinese Language Education: A Culture-Based Approach for U.S. Collegiate Contexts elaborates on a cultural awareness-oriented, cultural performance-based, and cross-cultural communication-focused...

Why Study Languages?

by Gabrielle Hogan-Brun

Considering studying languages at university? Wondering whether a languages degree will get you a good job, and what you might earn? Want to know what it's actually like to study languages at degree level? This...

Directed Motivational Currents and Language Education

by Christine Muir

Directed motivational currents (DMCs) are goal-directed motivational surges in pursuit of a much-desired personal outcome. This book introduces the reader to cutting-edge theory and research in second language...

Teaching and Assessing Intercultural Communicative Competence

by Michael Byram

This revised edition of Michael Byram?s classic 1997 book updates the text in light of both recent research and critiques and commentaries on the 1st edition. Beginning from the premise that foreign and second...

Language, Culture and Identity in Two Chinese Community Schools

by Sara Ganassin

This book investigates the social, political and educational role of community language education in migratory contexts. It draws on an ethnographic study that investigates the significance of Mandarin-Chinese...

Dual Language Bilingual Education

by Kathryn I. Henderson & Deborah K. Palmer

This book explores the role of the teacher in dual language bilingual education (DLBE) implementation in a time of nationwide program expansion, in large part due to new and unprecedented top-down initiatives...

Tasks, Pragmatics and Multilingualism in the Classroom

by Sofía Martín-Laguna

This book reports on a longitudinal study of the acquisition of pragmatic markers in written discourse in a third language (English) by secondary students living in the bilingual (Spanish and Catalan) Valencian...

Exploring Language Teacher Efficacy in Japan

by Gene Thompson

This book examines language teacher efficacy beliefs, focusing on the individual and collective beliefs of Japanese high school teachers. It discusses personal and collective dimensions of language teacher efficacy...

Adult Minority Language Learning

by Colin J. Flynn

This book examines the role of affective variables in the process of learning a minority language. It presents a comprehensive account of how adult learners? attitude, motivation and identity are related to...