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The Commercial Society

by Samuel Gregg

Once relatively confined to parts of Europe and North America, commercial societies are now found in many other cultures and continents. Yet despite the international spread and growth of commercial order, the...

It Should Not Happen in America

by Richard M. Scrushy

A defendant in two of the most infamous Southern trials of the twenty-first century, Richard M. Scrushy has twice found himself in the crosshairs of the U.S. Department of Justice. In both cases, he proclaims...

The Representational Theory of Capital

by Leonidas Zelmanovitz

This book proposes a “representational” theory of capital according to which there is a relation between capital goods in the real side of the economy and instruments representative of property claims on...

Regulating Content on Social Media

by Corinne Tan

How are users influenced by social media platforms when they generate content, and does this influence affect users? compliance with copyright laws?

These are pressing questions in today?s internet age, and Regulating...

Connecticut Foreclosures: An Attorney’s Manual of Practice and Procedure 2021

by Denis R. Caron & Geoffrey K. Milne

Connecticut Foreclosures is the most authoritative treatise on the subject and issued by a vast number of judges and attorneys practicing in the area of foreclosures. Written by Denis Caron, long recognized...

Public Finance: Legal Aspects

by Emiliia Dmytrenko, Yurii Pyvovar, Danil Getmantsev & Olena Hedziuk et al.

Monograph “Public finance: legal aspects” is a paper written by the team of leading Ukrainian scholars in the sphere of finance law and initiated by Financial Law Center and Department of Financial Law of...

Competition Law and Economic Regulation in Southern Africa

by Anthea Paelo, Genna Robb, Simon Roberts & Witness Simbanegavi et al.

Shaping markets through competition and economic regulation is at the heart of addressing the development challenges facing countries in southern Africa. The contributors to Competition Law and Economic Regulation:...

The New Stock Market

by Merritt B. Fox, Lawrence Glosten & Gabriel Rauterberg

The U.S. stock market has been transformed over the last twenty-five years. Once a market in which human beings traded at human speeds, it is now an electronic market pervaded by algorithmic trading, conducted...

Law of Leverage

by Rane A. Panaligan Cpa

The Path of Entrepreneurial Mind


This book contains highly motivational wealth building instructions that could drastically affect your sleeping habits. The result of the following enclosed principles...

Contracts in the People’s Republic of China

by Jacques H. Herbots

A complete and well-documented review of contract law in China.

This in-depth introduction to the law of contracts of Mainland China was written for Western lawyers who have contacts with the People’s Republic...

Antitrust: An Economic Approach

by Richard A. Givens

Antitrust: An Economic Approach focuses on the economic reasoning behind antitrust enforcement and examines how daytoday business decisions may affect your clients' potential antitrust liability. The book examines...

Directors and Officers Liability: Prevention, Insurance and Indemnification

by John H. Mathias, David M. Kroeger, Matthew M. Neumeier & Jerry J. Burgdoerfer et al.

With liability often looming just over the horizon, corporate directors and officers rely on liability insurance and indemnification for peace of mind. Finally, there is a book that spells out in detail how...

Doing Business on the Internet: Forms and Analysis

by Julian S. Millstein, Jeffrey D. Neuburger & Jeffrey P. Weingart

Electronic commerce has grown from a high-tech niche to a billion dollar industry and continues to grow. Doing Business on the Internet: Forms and Analysis book is the most complete, up-to-date legal guide...

Federal Trade Commission: Law, Practice and Procedure

by Peter C. Ward

Federal Trade Commission: Law, Practice and Procedure features detailed analysis of all areas of FTC responsibility, including: rule making procedures; trade regulation statutes and rules; rules and procedures...

Ferrara on Insider Trading and The Wall

by Ralph C. Ferrara, Donna M. Nagy & Herbert Thomas

This valuable book discusses the evolution of the law of insider trading and explores ways in which corporations can use compliance programs to deter wrongdoing, with particular attention to multi-service financial...

Fund Governance: Legal Duties of Investment Company Directors

by Robert A. Robertson

Fund Governance: Legal Duties of Investment Company Directors is a comprehensive, authoritative and practical treatment of the legal obligations of mutual fund and closed-end fund directors, the special duties...

Leveraged Buyouts

by Joseph A. Bartlett

“A comprehensive overview of the leveraged buyout (LBO) process& I strongly recommend this resource for M&A, securities, and corporate collections.” — Ramon Curva, Senior Information Specialist, Cravath,...

Lawyers Guide to Formulas in Deal Documents and SEC Filings

by Carla Garrett

“Straightforward explanations and illustrations of the oftenintimidating mathematical formulas found in transactional and securities related documents.... A very worthwhile guide.” – Legal Information...

Limited Liability Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships

by Thomas A. Humphreys

“A very good and comprehensive book.... Corporate lawyers should seriously consider reviewing Humphrey's text and adding it to their libraries or offices.”

New Jersey Lawyer Magazine

The limited liability...

Real Estate Financing

by Brook Boyd

Real Estate Financing contains over 40 deal-specific forms and checklists online, covering everything from complex loan workouts to simple residential closings. The forms include information about each term...