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Equal Means Equal

by Jessica Neuwirth & Gloria Steinem

When the Equal Rights Amendment was first passed by Congress in 1972, Richard Nixon was president and All in the Family's Archie Bunker was telling his feisty wife Edith to stifle it. Over the course of the...

Adoption - Law and practice under the Revised European Convention on the Adoption of Children

by Collectif

The Revised European Convention on the" Adoption of Children (RECAC) was introduced by the Council of Europe in 2008, in an effort to provide a modern framework for the adoption of children. It represents an...

The Inspection House

by Tim Maly & Emily Horne

In 1787, British philosopher and social reformer Jeremy Bentham conceived of the panopticon, a ring of cells observed by a central watchtower, as a labor-saving device for those in authority. While Bentham's...


by Dina Bakst, Phoebe Taubman & Elizabeth Gedmark

Moms-to-be get tons of advice on strollers, sleep training, and post-baby workouts. What they don't get is straight talk about navigating the workplace during pregnancy and new parenthood - factors that put...

Mass Incarceration on Trial

by Jonathan Simon

For nearly forty years the United States has been gripped by policies that have placed more than 2.5 million Americans in jails and prisons designed to hold a fraction of that number of inmates. Our prisons...

Burning Down the House

by Nell Bernstein

The nationally acclaimed “engrossing, disturbing, at times heartbreaking” (Van Jones) book that shines a harsh light on the abusive world of juvenile prisons, by the award-winning journalist

“Nell Bernstein’s...

Digital Disability

by Gerard Goggin & Christopher Newell

Media representation of and for the disabled has been recharged in recent years with the expansion of new media worldwide. Interactive digital communications—such as the Internet, new varieties of voice and...

A Second Appeal

by Daphne M. Rolle

A Second Appeal: A Consideration of Freedom and Social Justice engages in an analysis of the ideals of freedom and social justice. It does so with an eye towards the development of universally applicable concepts...

Quick Guide to Community Care Practice and the Law

by Michael Mandelstam

This short guide cuts through the confusing mass of legislation to provide a concise and jargon-free explanation of current community care practice and the law.

In clear and simple language, it explains the legislation...

Mental Disability and the Death Penalty: The Shame of the States

by Michael L. Perlin

There is no question that the death penalty is disproportionately imposed in cases involving defendants with mental disabilities. There is clear, systemic bias at all stages of the prosecution and the sentencing...


by Vukadinovich,Brian

Rich in information, Motion for Justice: I Rest My Case shares Brian Vukadinovich's experiences and intimate knowledge of governmental and judicial corruption and what went on behind the scenes in Indiana for...

The Basics of Freedom

by Bey,Dr. Ausar Heru

The Basics of Freedom presents simple explanations of the fundamental principles that provide the foundational structure for the United States government. Breaking down each clause and paragraph, Dr. Bey explicates...

American by Birth

by Carl Nackenoff & Julie Novkov

American by Birth explores the history and legacy of Wong Kim Ark and the 1898 Supreme Court case that bears his name, which established the automatic citizenship of individuals born within the geographic boundaries...

On Resistance

by Collins,Reuben B.

This series of essays address the ongoing debate centered on how patriotism is defined and who is a patriot. True patriotism is much broader than how it has been traditionally described in American society....


by Frank Martin Brehany

In 2016, the author came into contact with passengers who had been overcome by fumes whilst on a flight from the UK to Florida. As he explored what had happened to them, he came to realise that there was a whole...

The Journey to Separate but Equal

by Jack M. Beermann

In The Journey to Separate but Equal: Madame Decuir’s Quest for Racial Justice in the Reconstruction Era, Jack Beermann tells the story of how, in Hall v. Decuir, the postâ€"Civil War US Supreme Court took...

War on Hate

by Henry Kopel

The UN outlawed genocide in 1948, and the United States launched a war on terror in 2001; yet still today, neither genocide nor terrorism shows any sign of abating. This book explains why those efforts have...

The Essentials of Special Education Law

by Andrew M. Markelz & David F. Bateman

The Essentials of Special Education Law distills the legal complexities of special education into a practical resource for preparation programs as well as professionals in the field. Written and organized with...

Pension Law, 3/e

by Ari Kaplan & Mitch Frazer

Winner of the 2007 Walter Owen Book Prize (first edition)

The third edition of Pension Law updates pension law and legislation starting with the Supreme Court of Canada’s 2013 decision in IBM Canada Limited...

National Security Law, 2/e

by Craig Forcese & Leah West

National Security Law, 2e, is about the law governing the Canadian state’s response to serious crises — that is, events that jeopardize its national security. The book approaches national security law...