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The Law and the Prophets

by Daniel Magaziner

?No nation can win a battle without faith,? Steve Biko wrote, and as Daniel R. Magaziner demonstrates in The Law and the Prophets, the combination of ideological and theological exploration proved a potent force....

The Jury in Lincoln’s America

by Stacy Pratt McDermott

In the antebellum Midwest, Americans looked to the law, and specifically to the jury, to navigate the uncertain terrain of a rapidly changing society. During this formative era of American law, the jury served...

Approaching the U.S. Constitution

by Kerry L. Hunter

This book argues that, given the political power the Supreme Court enjoys today, the answer to preserving the separation of powers, democracy, and the American commitment to unalienable human rights is to encourage...

Introduction to the Study of the Law of the Constitution

by A. V. Dicey

The Law of the Constitution elucidates the guiding principles of the modern constitution of England: the legislative sovereignty of Parliament, the rule of law, and the binding force of unwritten conventions....

Law and Justice from Antiquity to Enlightenment

by Robert W. Shaffern

This concise intellectual history of the law offers an accessible introduction to the ideas and contexts of law from ancient Babylon to eighteenth-century Europe. Robert W. Shaffern examines a rich array of...

Federalism, the Supreme Court, and the Seventeenth Amendment

by Ralph A. Rossum

Abraham Lincoln worried that the 'walls' of the constitution would ultimately be leveled by the 'silent artillery of time.' His fears materialized with the 1913 ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment, which,...

Censoring Sex

by John E. Semonche

In this gracefully written, accessible and entertaining volume, John Semonche surveys censorship for reasons of sex from the nineteenth century up to the present. He covers the various forms of American media—books...

The Natural Law

by Heinrich A. Rommen

Originally published in German in 1936, The Natural Law is the first work to clarify the differences between traditional natural law as represented in the writings of Cicero, Aquinas, and Hooker and the revolutionary...

The Story of Law

by John M. Zane

Written for the layman as well as the attorney, The Story of Law is the only complete outline history of the law ever published. ?It is,? too, noted journalist William Allen White of the original edition, ?the...

A Concise History of the Common Law

by Theodore F. T. Plucknett

As always during its long history, English common law, upon which American law is based, has had to defend itself against the challenge of civil law?s clarity and traditions. That challenge to our common-law...

Lectures on the Relation between Law and Public Opinion in England

by A. V. Dicey & Richard VandeWetering

This volume brings together a series of lectures A. V. Dicey first gave at Harvard Law School on the influence of public opinion in England during the nineteenth century and its impact on legislation. Dicey?s...

The Myth Of Inalienable Rights

by David A. Nichols


We have been lied to. We were taught in school that we have inalienable rights. We don't. Starting with the Harrison Narcotics Act of 1914, the beginning of the federal war on drugs, we lost the...

Police Matters

by Radha Kumar

Police Matters moves beyond the city to examine the intertwined nature of police and caste in the Tamil countryside. Radha Kumar argues that the colonial police deployed rigid notions of caste in their everyday...

Democracy, If We Can Keep It

by Ellis Cose

Published to coincide with the ACLU's centennial, a major new book by the nationally celebrated journalist and bestselling author

For a century, the American Civil Liberties Union has fought to keep Americans...

Indiana University Maurer School of Law

by Linda K. Fariss & Keith Buckley

Throughout its 175-year history, the Indiana University Maurer School of Law has grown, diversified, and flourished to become of a nationally recognized law school. With strong and dedicated leadership, the...

Why We Must Defend the Electoral College

by Trent England

Is the Electoral College ?racist? and a ?scam? as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claims? Or was Alexander Hamilton right when he declared that ?if it be not perfect, it is at least excellent?? In this Broadside,...

Institutes of Roman Law

by Gaius, Edward Poste & A. H. J. Greenidge

The Institutes are a complete exposition of the elements of Roman law and are divided into four books?the first treating of persons and the differences of the status they may occupy in the eye of the law; the...

Law and the Rise of Capitalism

by Michael Tigar

Against a backdrop of seven hundred years of bourgeois struggle, eminent lawyer and educator, Michael E. Tigar, develops a Marxist theory of law and jurisprudence based upon the Western experience. This well-researched...

The Evolution of the Juvenile Court

by Barry C. Feld

Winner, 2020 ACJS Outstanding Book Award, given by the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences

A major statement on the juvenile justice system by one of America’s leading experts

The juvenile court lies at the...

Post Capitulation Trinidad (1797–1947)

by Ivol Blackman

Trinidad became a colony of Spain in 1498. In 1797, it was captured by Britain and became a colony of that country. Under British rule, it was categorized as a Crown Colony. As such, it was completely controlled...