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Get Poor Now, Avoid the Rush

by Seedy Buckberry

It's hard to say, exactly, what's meant by the "modern world," but Henry Buckberry never really hooked into it. Born before the First World War and the oldest boy in a family of thirteen kids, he left the open,...

Spirit Possession in French, Haitian, and Vodou Thought

by Alessandra M.D. Benedicty-Kokken

This book recuperates the important history that Haitian thought around Vodou possession has had in French critical theory. The author takes the period of the 1930s and ‘40s, as the centerfold of a more complex...

Mark Twain

by Harold H. Jr. Kolb

Mark Twain is America’s—perhaps the world’s—best known humorous writer. Yet many commentators in his time and our own have thought of humor as merely an attractive surface feature rather than a crucial...

Yeats, Shakespeare, and Irish Cultural Nationalism

by Oliver Hennessey

This book examines Yeats’s writing about Shakespeare in the contexts of his work on behalf of the Irish Literary Revival and contemporary trends in Shakespeare reception. Yeats’s Shakespearean appropriations...

Venus of Khala-Kanti

by Angèle Kingué & Christine Schwartz Hartley

Venus of Khala-Kanti is a tale of life-altering loss and mystical recovery. Set in an imaginary West African village that becomes a charming cul-de-sac, the unintended consequence of a national roadwork project...


by N. Thomas Johnson-Medland & Bob Cook

"Duende is that place in us where the two halves of our life are conjoined. It is the place where we go down into the self and gather up that opposing force to our immediate nature. It involves the undoing of...

Desire After Affect

by Marie-Luise Angerer & Nicholas Grindell

Desire is a term often used in conjunction with the subject. This desire is directed towards the real, which is defined as the generic core of the linguistic order. As a result of the focus on affect, the three...

Mysticism in Postmodernist Long Poems

by Joe Moffett

Written from a literary critic’s perspective, Mysticism in Postmodernist Long Poems borrows insights from Religious Studies and critical theory to examine the role of spirituality in contemporary poetry, specifically...

Western Art and Jewish Presence in the Work of Paul Celan

by Esther, Cameron

Western Art and Jewish Presence in the Work of Paul Celan: Roots and Ramifications of the “Meridian” Speech addresses a central problem in the work of a poet who holds a unique position in the intellectual...

Violent Beginnings

by Lucie Knight-Santos

From a colonial campaign that was envisioned by France as the redemption of its Algerian “children" through Western civilization to Algerian Independence that was lived by both parties as a bloody divorce;...

Anglophone-Cameroon Literature

by Emmanuel Fru Doh & Shadrach A. Ambanasom

Against a disturbing political backdrop and through an in-depth appraisal of selected illustrative texts from major genres—poetry, prose, and drama—Emmanuel Fru Doh presents the origins and growth of a young...

The European social charter

by Collectif

The 50th anniversary of the European Social Charter presents the opportunity for a comprehensive and informative review of one of the Council of Europe's fundamental treaties.What are its origins? Which states...

Planting Daisies

by Robin K. Johnson & Ron Clark

Planting Daisies is one of those books in which reader and character become friends in the face of their shared struggles. Personal stories that tell the plight of the women of the Daisy Retreat mirror the emotional...

The Council of Europe and human rights

by Collectif

Just what are your human rights, and how does the Council of Europe protect them? This small book tells the story simply and clearly, making a complicated issue straightforward. It offers examples illustrating...

The Council of Europe

by Collectif

The Council of Europe is the oldest of European institutions. Under the banner of human rights and democracy, it brings together 47 member states, ranging from Finland to Turkey and from Switzerland to Russia....

Standard-setting through monitoring? The role of Council of Europe expert bodies in the development of human rights

by Collectif

A variety of mechanisms has been established in the Council of Europe to monitor compliance with human rights standards.This publication discusses four specific monitoring bodies, namely the Advisory Committee...

Manual on hate speech

by Anne Weber

The right to freedom of expression entails duties and responsibilities and is subject to certain limits, provided for in Article 10.2 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which are concerned, among other...

Interculturalism and multiculturalism: similarities and differences

by Collectif

This book examines the relationship between two policy approaches for managing the cultural diversity of contemporary societies: interculturalism and multiculturalism.

The relationship between these two approaches...

Human rights and a changing media landscape

by Collectif

The media play a crucial role in the protection of human rights. They expose human rights violations and offer an arena for different voices to be heard in public discourse. Free, independent and pluralistic...

Europe and the Spectre of Post-Growth Society

by Piotr A. Switalski

Europe has been going through its most serious crisis of values since the fall of communism. In public discourse, economic and social pressures have overshadowed the other dimensions of the crisis, including...