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An Accidental Statistician: The Life and Memories of George E. P. Box

by George E. P. Box

Celebrating the life of an admired pioneer in statistics

In this captivating and inspiring memoir, world-renowned statistician George E. P. Box offers a firsthand account of his life and statistical work. Writing...

Death and Nonexistence

by Palle Yourgrau

The dead are gone. They count for nothing. Yet, if we count the dead, their number is staggering. And they account for most of what is great about civilization. Compared to the greatness of the dead, the accomplishments...

A Logical Introduction to Probability and Induction

by Franz Huber

A Logical Introduction to Probability and Induction is a textbook on the mathematics of the probability calculus and its applications in philosophy. On the mathematical side, the textbook introduces these parts...

What Is Mathematics, Really?

by Reuben Hersh

Most philosophers of mathematics treat it as isolated, timeless, ahistorical, inhuman. Reuben Hersh argues the contrary, that mathematics must be understood as a human activity, a social phenomenon, part of...

A theorem on the Golden Section and Fibonacci numbers

by Rolando Zucchini

Fibonacci’s sequence

Almost all scholars say that Fibonacci has invented his very famous sequence by observing the reproduction of rabbits or other phenomena occurring in nature.

In this text, Rolando Zucchini...

Fibonacci and Lucas Numbers with Applications, Volume 1

by Thomas Koshy

Praise for the First Edition

? ?beautiful and well worth the reading ? with many exercises and a good bibliography, this book will fascinate both students and teachers.? Mathematics Teacher

Fibonacci and Lucas...

Fast Math: Learn the Secrets of Mental Math

by Tim Ander

Think Fast with Vedic Math Secrets and Mental Calculation Tricks!

When you read Fast Math, you’ll discover Vedic Math Techniques for mastering basic functions:





and so...

A Classical Introduction to Galois Theory

by Stephen C. Newman

Explore the foundations and modern applications of Galois theory

Galois theory is widely regarded as one of the most elegant areas of mathematics. A Classical Introduction to Galois Theory develops the topic...

Newton's Principia

by Isaac Newton & Andrew Motte (Translator)

NEWTON'S PRINCIPIA : Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, often referred to as simply the Principia, is a work in three books by Isaac Newton, in Latin, first published 5 July 1687. The Principia states...

Classic Problems of Probability

by Prakash Gorroochurn

Winner of the 2012 PROSE Award for Mathematics from The American Publishers Awards for Professional and Scholarly Excellence.

"A great book, one that I will certainly add to my personal library."

?Paul J. Nahin...

A Brief History of Mathematical Thought

Leibniz: A Very Short Introduction

by Maria Rosa Antognazza

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646-1716) was a man of extraordinary intellectual creativity who lived an exceptionally rich and varied intellectual life in troubled times. More than anything else, he was a man...

The Nothing that Is

by Robert Kaplan & Ellen Kaplan

A symbol for what is not there, an emptiness that increases any number it's added to, an inexhaustible and indispensable paradox. As we enter the year 2000, zero is once again making its presence felt. Nothing...

The Quality of Numbers 1-31

by Wolfgang Held

One sun, two parents, three meals a day, four seasons, five fingers every child soon discovers that lots of things in life have an inherent number attached to them. Just as five individual fingers become something...

The Mystery of Numbers

by Annemarie Schimmel

Why is the number seven lucky--even holy--in almost every culture? Why do we speak of the four corners of the earth? Why do cats have nine lives (except in Iran, where they have seven)? From literature to folklore...

Shifting the Earth

by Arthur Mazer

Discover how mathematics and science have propelled history

From Ancient Greece to the Enlightenment and then on to modern times, Shifting the Earth: The Mathematical Quest to Understand the Motion of the Universe...