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Cross Section and Experimental Data Analysis Using Eviews

by I. Gusti Ngurah Agung

A practical guide to selecting and applying the most appropriate model for analysis of cross section data using EViews.

"This book is a reflection of the vast experience and knowledge of the author. It is a...

Theory of Markov Processes

by E. B. Dynkin, D. E. Brown & T. Kovary

An investigation of the logical foundations of the theory behind Markov random processes, this text explores subprocesses, transition functions, and conditions for boundedness and continuity. Rather than focusing...

The Art of Data Analysis: How to Answer Almost any Question Using Basic Statistics

by Kristin H. Jarman

A friendly and accessible approach to applying statistics in the real world

With an emphasis on critical thinking, The Art of Data Analysis: How to Answer Almost Any Question Using Basic Statistics presents...

Mathematical Methods in Survival Analysis, Reliability and Quality of Life

by Catherine Huber, Nikolaos Limnios, Mounir Mesbah & Mikhail S. Nikulin

Reliability and survival analysis are important applications of stochastic mathematics (probability, statistics and stochastic processes) that are usually covered separately in spite of the similarity of the...

Introduction to Stochastic Models

by Marius Iosifescu, Nikolaos Limnios & Gheorghe Oprisan

This book provides a pedagogical examination of the way in which stochastic models are encountered in applied sciences and techniques such as physics, engineering, biology and genetics, economics and social...

Discrete-Time Asset Pricing Models in Applied Stochastic Finance

by P. C. G. Vassiliou

Stochastic finance and financial engineering have been rapidly expanding fields of science over the past four decades, mainly due to the success of sophisticated quantitative methodologies in helping professionals...

Data Analysis

by Gérard Govaert

The first part of this book is devoted to methods seeking relevant dimensions of data. The variables thus obtained provide a synthetic description which often results in a graphical representation of the data....

Applied Logistic Regression

by David W. Hosmer, Stanley Lemeshow & Rodney X. Sturdivant

A new edition of the definitive guide to logistic regression modeling for health science and other applications

This thoroughly expanded Third Edition provides an easily accessible introduction to the logistic...

Nonparametric Tests for Complete Data

by Vilijandas Bagdonavicius, Julius Kruopis & Mikhail S. Nikulin

This book concerns testing hypotheses in non-parametric models. Classical non-parametric tests (goodness-of-fit, homogeneity, randomness, independence) of complete data are considered. Most of the test results...

Financial Derivative and Energy Market Valuation: Theory and Implementation in MATLAB

by Michael Mastro

A road map for implementing quantitative financial models

Financial Derivative and Energy Market Valuation brings the application of financial models to a higher level by helping readers capture the true behavior...

Tree-Based Graph Partitioning Constraint

by Xavier Lorca

Combinatorial problems based on graph partitioning enable us to mathematically represent and model many practical applications. Mission planning and the routing problems occurring in logistics perfectly illustrate...

An Unbounded Experience in Random Walks with Applications

by Michael F Shlesinger

This volume comprises the author's account of the development of novel results in random walk theory and its applications during the fractal and chaos revolutions. The early history of probability is presented...

Basic Probability

by Henk Tijms

The second edition represents an ongoing effort to make probability accessible to students in a wide range of fields such as mathematics, statistics and data science, engineering, computer science, and business...

Algorithms in Bioinformatics

by Paul A. Gagniuc


Explore a comprehensive and insightful treatment of the practical application of bioinformatic algorithms in a variety of fields

Algorithms in Bioinformatics: Theory and Implementation...

Applied Univariate, Bivariate, and Multivariate Statistics Using Python

by Daniel J. Denis

Applied Univariate, Bivariate, and Multivariate Statistics Using Python

A practical, “how-to” reference for anyone performing essential statistical analyses and data management tasks in Python

Applied Univariate,...

Using Predictive Analytics to Improve Healthcare Outcomes

by John W. Nelson, Jayne Felgen & Mary Ann Hozak

Using Predictive Analytics to Improve Healthcare Outcomes

Discover a comprehensive overview, from established leaders in the field, of how to use predictive analytics and other analytic methods for healthcare...

Designing Big Data Platforms

by Yusuf Aytas


Provides expert guidance and valuable insights on getting the most out of Big Data systems

An array of tools are currently available for managing and processing data—some are ready-to-go...

Item Response Theory

by R. Darrell Bock & Robert D. Gibbons

A complete discussion of fundamental and advanced topics in Item Response Theory written by pioneers in the field

In Item Response Theory, accomplished psychometricians Darrell Bock and Robert Gibbons deliver...

Quantile Regression

by I. Gusti Ngurah Agung


A thorough presentation of Quantile Regression designed to help readers obtain richer information from data analyses

The conditional least-square or mean-regression (MR) analysis is the quantitative...


by Amy S. Wagaman & Robert P. Dobrow

Discover the latest edition of a practical introduction to the theory of probability, complete with R code samples

In the newly revised Second Edition of Probability: With Applications and R, distinguished researchers...