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Analytic Inequalities

by Nicholas D. Kazarinoff

Mathematical analysis is largely a systematic study and exploration of inequalities — but for students the study of inequalities often remains a foreign country, difficult of access. This book is a passport...

Elements of Real Analysis

by David A. Sprecher

This classic text in introductory analysis delineates and explores the intermediate steps between the basics of calculus and the ultimate stage of mathematics: abstraction and generalization.

Since many abstractions...

Conformal Mapping on Riemann Surfaces

by Harvey Cohn

Lucid, insightful exploration reviews complex analysis, introduces Riemann manifold, shows how to define real functions on manifolds, and more. Perfect for classroom use or independent study. 344 exercises....

Basic Methods of Linear Functional Analysis

by John D. Pryce

Introduction to the themes of mathematical analysis, geared toward advanced undergraduate and graduate students. Topics include operators, function spaces, Hilbert spaces, and elementary Fourier analysis. Numerous...

An Introduction to the Functional Formulation of Quantum Mechanics

by Horacio Oscar Girotti

The functional formulation of quantum mechanics and relativistic quantum field theories are widely studied subjects. Nevertheless, certain aspects of this formulation are frequently overlooked, in spite of their...

Nonlinear Functional Analysis

by Klaus Deimling

This text offers a survey of the main ideas, concepts, and methods that constitute nonlinear functional analysis. It features extensive commentary, many examples, and interesting, challenging exercises. 1985...

Complex Quantum Systems: Analysis of Large Coulomb Systems


This volume is based on lectures given during the program “Complex Quantum Systems” held at the National University of Singapore's Institute for Mathematical Sciences from 17 February to 27 March 2010. It...

Number Theory and Its Applications

by Fuhuo Li, Nianliang Wang & Shigeru Kanemitsu

This book emphasizes the role of symmetry and presents as many viewpoints as possible of an important phenomenon — the functional equation of the associated zeta-function. It starts from the basics before...

Functional Calculi

by CARLOS BOSCH & Charles Swartz

A functional calculus is a construction which associates with an operator or a family of operators a homomorphism from a function space into a subspace of continuous linear operators, i.e. a method for defining...

Analytic Number Theory: An Introductory Course(Reprinted 2009)

by Paul T Bateman & HAROLD G DIAMOND

This valuable book focuses on a collection of powerful methods of analysis that yield deep number-theoretical estimates. Particular attention is given to counting functions of prime numbers and multiplicative...

The Concept of a Riemann Surface

by Hermann Weyl & Gerald R. MacLane

This classic on the general history of functions combines function theory and geometry, forming the basis of the modern approach to analysis, geometry, and topology. 1955 edition.

Fourier Series and Orthogonal Polynomials

by Dunham Jackson

This text for undergraduate and graduate students illustrates the fundamental simplicity of the properties of orthogonal functions and their developments in related series. Includes Pearson frequency functions,...

Introduction to Bessel Functions

by Frank Bowman

Self-contained text, useful for classroom or independent study, covers Bessel functions of zero order, modified Bessel functions, definite integrals, asymptotic expansions, and Bessel functions of any real order....

Elementary Functional Analysis

by Georgi E. Shilov

Introductory text covers basic structures of mathematical analysis (linear spaces, metric spaces, normed linear spaces, etc.), differential equations, orthogonal expansions, Fourier transforms, and more. Includes...

Elementary Theory of Analytic Functions of One or Several Complex Variables

by Henri Cartan

Basic treatment includes existence theorem for solutions of differential systems where data is analytic, holomorphic functions, Cauchy's integral, Taylor and Laurent expansions, more. Exercises. 1973 edition....

Complex Variables

by Francis J. Flanigan

Contents include calculus in the plane; harmonic functions in the plane; analytic functions and power series; singular points and Laurent series; and much more. Numerous problems and solutions. 1972 edition....

A First Course in Functional Analysis

by Martin Davis

Designed for undergraduate mathematics majors, this self-contained exposition of Gelfand's proof of Wiener's theorem explores set theoretic preliminaries, normed linear spaces and algebras, functions on Banach...

Functional Analysis

by Frigyes Riesz & Béla Sz.-Nagy

Classic exposition of modern theories of differentiation and integration and principal problems and methods of handling integral equations and linear functionals and transformations. 1955 edition.

Applied Complex Variables

by John W. Dettman

Fundamentals of analytic function theory — plus lucid exposition of 5 important applications: potential theory, ordinary differential equations, Fourier transforms, Laplace transforms, and asymptotic expansions....

Special Functions & Their Applications

by N. N. Lebedev & Richard A. Silverman

Famous Russian work discusses the application of cylinder functions and spherical harmonics; gamma function; probability integral and related functions; Airy functions; hyper-geometric functions; more. Translated...