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Evidence-based Acupuncture

by Ping-Chung Leung & Tang-Yi Liu

Acupuncture has been an important branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 3000 years and is the most popular practice among non-Chinese practitioners outside of China. In 1998, the United States National...

Sleep, the Elixir of Life

by Christine Herbert

Insomnia is a major problem for many people, and a minor one for most. In the author's 22 years of herbal practise, at least half of the people seen have had some kind of sleep issue. It may be waking at 5am,...

Wild Medicine, Autumn and Winter

by Ali English

Following on from Wild Medicine: Summer, herbalist Ali English's seasonal exploration of the wonders of hedgerow medicine continues with Autumn/Winter (2019) and Spring (2020). Gloriously illustrated with her...

The Tree Dispensary

by Christina Stapley

The Tree Dispensary explores the history, folklore and medicinal uses of native European trees, beautifully illustrated with the author's own photographs.The book presents a thorough and deep appreciation of...

Evidence-based Clinical Chinese Medicine

by Claire Shuiqing Zhang, Shaohua Lyu, Charlie Changli Xue & Chuanjian Lu

This 23rd volume of the Evidence-based Clinical Chinese Medicine series aims to provide a multi-faceted 'whole evidence' analysis of the management of Episodic Migraine in integrative Chinese medicine.Beginning...

Bridging the Gap

by Bianca Di Giulio & James Munson

The book's inherent value, currently, is in its uniqueness. There are few books on Integrative Oncology (IO). There are few books on the entirety of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of cancer. There...

Clinical Handbook of Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture

by David Bomzon & Abraham Amir

This handbook is an invaluable resource on the principles and practice of Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture (YNSA). This popular form of scalp acupuncture is used to treat a wealth of neurological conditions, and...

The Handbook of Constitutional and Energetic Herbal Medicine

by Andrew Stableford

Based upon a constitutional approach to treatment, The Handbook of Constitutional and Energetic Herbal Medicine is a synthesis of the traditional herbal approach integrated with biomedical constructs.While this...

Native Healers

by Anita Ralph & Mary Tassell

Native Healers is a foundation text on the fundamental principles of Western herbal medicine and how to implement them in practice by two leaders in their field. It combines the latest in scientific research...

Shamanism in Chinese Medicine

by Ct Holman & Zhongxian Wu

This engaging, highly anticipated book compellingly describes healing techniques of Chinese shamanism while respecting the tradition.

CT Holman, a medically trained and licensed clinician of over 20 years, clearly...

Fukushin and Kampo

by Nigel Dawes & Kenji Watanabe

From an internationally known expert in the teaching and practice of Fukushin, this is a unique book defining the therapeutic and diagnostic significance of the abdomen in East Asian medicine. Nigel Dawes provides...

Acupressure and Acupuncture during Birth

by Claudia Citkovitz

For acupuncturists and birth professionals, this book explains how yin/yang and other principles of Chinese medicine can improve birth experiences as well as outcomes. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can shift...

Acupuncture for Surviving Adversity

by Yvonne R. Farrell & Russell Brown, L.Ac.

Unique in its approach, the new book by Yvonne Farrell provides a framework for understanding how effective the channel system is at supporting survival through allowing the body to hide or store trauma, stress...

Treating Psoriasis with Chinese Herbal Medicine (Revised Edition)

by Sabine Schmitz & Steve Clavey

Using a modern and practical approach, this book looks at the root cause of psoriasis from a Chinese medicine perspective. It examines in depth the most common Chinese medicine syndromes and formulas that have...

Experiencing Acupuncture

by John Hamwee

Illuminating the considerations at play in determining courses of treatment in acupuncture, this honest depiction of nine accounts of unique cases shows how changes can happen, how the practitioner makes choices...

On the Theory and Practical Application of Channels and Collaterals

by Guan Zun Hui & Andrew McPherson

This book is the result of 20-30 years of translation based on 30 more years experience by the author, Professor Guan Zun Hui. It is a combination of ancient techniques and modern understanding, in other words,...

Zeropain101 Technique

by Zero Pain101

The ZERO Pain Technique is a new, innovative, and effective body technique for inducing a myofascial release in a few seconds and consequently eliminating muscle and joint pain.

This technique is non-invasive...

Masunaga Shiatsu 2nd Manuals

by Shizuto Masunaga

In the 70’s Shizuto Masunaga Sensei, creator of Keiraku shiatsu (meridian shiatsu), delivered four-week correspondence courses providing students with his own purpose-written material. We saw these course...

Acupuncture for Babies, Children and Teenagers

by Rebecca Avern & Sarah Hoyle

This textbook is a comprehensive guide to diagnosis and treatment in paediatric acupuncture. Ill health related to modern lifestyles is discussed, as is the role of family dynamics in childhood disease. Rebecca...

The Birth of Acupuncture in America

by Steven Rosenblatt & Keith Kirts

The Birth of Acupuncture in America: The White Cranes Gift is the first accessible and entertaining introduction to acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine for the ordinary reader. A basic overview of the...