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The Humoral Herbal

by Stephen Taylor

The Humoral Herbal explores the traditional art of restoring health by balancing the four humours of the body and explains how this healing wisdom can be used for our benefit today. This is a beautifully illustrated...

Sleep, the Elixir of Life

by Christine Herbert

Insomnia is a major problem for many people, and a minor one for most. In the author's 22 years of herbal practise, at least half of the people seen have had some kind of sleep issue. It may be waking at 5am,...

Wild Medicine, Autumn and Winter

by Ali English

Following on from Wild Medicine: Summer, herbalist Ali English's seasonal exploration of the wonders of hedgerow medicine continues with Autumn/Winter (2019) and Spring (2020). Gloriously illustrated with her...

The Tree Dispensary

by Christina Stapley

The Tree Dispensary explores the history, folklore and medicinal uses of native European trees, beautifully illustrated with the author's own photographs.The book presents a thorough and deep appreciation of...

The Handbook of Constitutional and Energetic Herbal Medicine

by Andrew Stableford

Based upon a constitutional approach to treatment, The Handbook of Constitutional and Energetic Herbal Medicine is a synthesis of the traditional herbal approach integrated with biomedical constructs.While this...

Native Healers

by Anita Ralph & Mary Tassell

Native Healers is a foundation text on the fundamental principles of Western herbal medicine and how to implement them in practice by two leaders in their field. It combines the latest in scientific research...

Natural Cure For Diabetes  And Hypertension Within Two Weeks

by Matthew Johnson

 I'm going to give you some of the early warning signs that you may have diabetes before you even see your doctor and have a blood test these symptoms are very often correlated with low blood sugar you think...


by Devon Hales

This is a 2-book combo, which has the following titles:

Book 1: Have you ever considered hypnosis?

What does hypnosis do? And why is there so much confusion about it?

These and many other questions will be answered...


by Devon Hales

This book consists of two titles, which are the following:

Book 1: Have you ever considered hypnosis?

What does hypnosis do? And why is there so much confusion about it?

These and many other questions will be answered...


by Devon Hales

Hypnosis and self-hypnosis have benefitted many people. Seeing that you have taken the initiative to look at this book, it’s safe to assume that you are intrigued by the possibilities it may offer.

Well, fear...

Behind the Pendulum

by Cristóbal Schilling Fuenzalida

The renowned psychologist and specialist in hypnotherapy Cristóbal Schilling collects in this

book seventeen years of professional experiences transmitting here, in an accessible tone,

stories of patients who...

The Art & Science of Visualization: The Art and Science of Visualization: A Practical Guide for Self-Help, Self-Healing, and Improving Other Areas of Yourself

by Kam Knight

Learn the precise techniques and the specific exercises to manifest the dreams and desires you wish to have in your life.

Whether you want to improve health, manifest wealth, or change the way you look and feel,...

Self-Talk Your Way to Success

by Kam Knight

This book introduces you to a powerful technique called self-talk, which in a short time can transform your attitudes, expectations, and beliefs to enrich your life.

Whether you want to break a habit, increase...

Hypnotism: its History, Nature and Use

by Harold M. Hays

History of Hypnotis, its Nature and Use.

It is perhaps unnecessary to state that the word hypnotism brings to the mind of the average person timid recollections of many criminal acts. That is because few people...


by Patrick McCarthy

This book, for people who experience anxiety and panic attacks, explains how anxiety occurs and offers a simple three-step process to prevent it. Written in a conversational, easy-to-read style by a doctor specialising...