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Allergy Sense

by Dr Sarah Karabus, Kath Megaw & Meg Faure

Allergies are increasing at a rapid rate and the team of experts behind Allergy Sense are here to break them down for families, ensuring people have up to date, and scientifically vetted, information.

A lack...

Syphilis & Co.

by P. Weisenseel

Sexuell übertragbare Erkrankungen wie Syphilis und Co. treten seit einigen Jahren wieder deutlich häufiger auf. Ein gesundes Wissen zu diesem Thema gehört zum Führerschein des Lebens und ist der beste Schutz...


by Chauncey W. Crandall & Charlotte Libov

FIGHT BACK by Chauncey Crandall M.D. You want to get a copy of it.” — Pat Robertson, 700 Club



Medicinal Herbs To Boosts Immune System Plus Prevent Disease Bilingual Edition English Germany

by Jannah Firdaus Mediapro

Medicinal Herbs to Boosts Immune System Plus Prevent Disease Bilingual Edition In English and Germany Languange Ebook Version

Feeding your body with certain foods like fruit and vegetables may help keep your...

PsychoNeuroEndocrineImmunology and the science of integrated care. The manual

by Anna Giulia Bottaccioli & Francesco Bottaccioli

In this book PNEI paradigm presents itself in its full extension: from the description of the historical and philosophical bases of the paradigm; to the biological revolution underway, which through the bursting...

Coronavirus – The Inside Story

by Tom Garz

This Coronavirus Pandemic has affected all of us, in some way or another.  Some of us have been diagnosed with Covid-19 and have survived.  Some still have lingering symptoms.  Some have not survived.  All...

Summary & Study Guide - An Elegant Defense

by Lee Tang

A comprehensive primer on the human immune system.

This book is a summary of “An Elegant Defense: The Extraordinary New Science of the Immune System,” by Matt Richtel.

The immune system defends people against...

Statistical Modelling of Molecular Descriptors in Qsar/Qspr

by Matthias Dehmer, Kurt Varmuza, Danail Bonchev & Frank Emmert-Streib

This handbook and ready reference presents a combination of statistical, information-theoretic, and data analysis methods to meet the challenge of designing empirical models involving molecular descriptors within...

The Lymph

by Dr. Angela Fetzner

Lymphatic cleansing

This has become the stepchild of all detoxification therapy. Cleansing of the liver or colon is high on the agenda, but detoxification of the lymphatic system is often neglected. Regular detoxification...

Manual of Molecular and Clinical Laboratory Immunology

by Barbara Detrick, Robert G. Hamilton & John L. Schmitz

THE authoritative guide for clinical laboratory immunology

For over 40 years the Manual of Molecular and Clinical Laboratory Immunology has served as the premier guide for the clinical immunology laboratory....

Quantitative Pharmacology and Individualized Therapy Strategies in Development of Therapeutic Proteins for Immune-Mediated Inflammatory Diseases

by Honghui Zhou & Diane R. Mould

Thorough Overview Identifies and Addresses Critical Gaps in the Treatment of Several Chronic Diseases 

With increasing numbers of patients suffering from Immune-Mediated Inflammatory Diseases (IMIDs), and with...

Ovarian Cancer Immunotherapy

by Samir A. Farghaly

Ovarian Cancer Immunotherapy provides a broad overview of several aspects of basic sciences, and clinical and therapeutic aspects of immunotherapy for ovarian cancer, as well as state-of-the-art information...


by Aaron E. Miller, Tracy DeAngelis, Michelle Fabian & Ilana Katz Sand

Part of the What Do I Do Now?" series, Neuroimmunology uses a case-based approach to cover common and important topics in the examination, investigation, and management of central and peripheral demyelinating...

Summary & Study Guide - The Beautiful Cure

by Lee Tang

The Secrets of the Immune System Revealed

This book is a summary of ‘The Beautiful Cure: Harnessing Your Body’s Natural Defences’, by Daniel M. Davis.

Our immune system is spread throughout the body and...

Applied Lymphology

by Carola Koenig

When Dr. Vodder discovered the undividable teamwork between the immune system and the lymphatic system around 1930, he also came to the conclusion that there had to be a connection between the lymphatic system...

Congenital and Perinatal Infections

by Jennifer S. Read & Mark R. Schleiss

CONGENITAL AND PERINATAL INFECTIONS provides a concise and clinically-oriented primer on the congenital and perinatal infections likely to present in clinical practice. Written with the busy clinician in mind,...

The Immune System: A Very Short Introduction

by Paul Klenerman

The immune system is central to human health and the focus of much medical research. Growing understanding of the immune system, and especially the creation of immune memory (long lasting protection), which...


by Jean-Marc Cavaillon & Mervyn Singer

The leading reference on this topic of increasing medical relevance is unique in offering unparalleled coverage.

The editors are among the most respected researchers in inflammation worldwide and here have put...

The Homespun Origins of Vaccination

by Patrick Pead

If you think you know how vaccination began - think again - because its dawn is clouded in myth and misrepresentation. Not a ?discovery or an ?invention?, vaccination was a development of what had gone before....

The Secret Life of Your Microbiome

by Susan L. Prescott & Alan C. Logan

Immerse Yourself in Nature and Nourish Your Microbiome for Optimal Health

For too long our bodies have been viewed as capsules, sealed off and protected from 'bugs' by our immune systems and an arsenal of...