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Making Sense of Intersex

by Ellen K. Feder

Putting the ethical tools of philosophy to work, Ellen K. Feder seeks to clarify how we should understand "the problem" of intersex. Adults often report that medical interventions they underwent as children...

The Moral Discourse of Health in Modern Cairo

by Mohammed Tabishat

In The Moral Discourse of Health in Modern Cairo: Persons, Bodies, and Organs, Mohammed Tabishat posits that health care practices in Egypt constitute an index to read the way political, economic, and social...

How to Build a Better Human

by Gregory E. Pence

Medicine has recently discovered spectacular tools for human enhancement. Yet to date, it has failed to use them well, in part because of ethical objections. Meanwhile, covert attempts flourish to enhance with...

Metabioethics and Biomedicine

by Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragán

A diligent pastor and ever meticulous scholar, the President of the Pontifical Council for Health Pastoral Care offers us, in this work, a further demonstration of his catechetic talent and theological depth....

Creative Arts in Humane Medicine

by Cheryl L. McLean

Creative Arts in Humane Medicine is a book for medical educators, practitioners, students and those in the allied health professions who wish to learn how the arts can contribute toward a more caring and empathic...

Taking Biology Seriously

by Inmaculada Melo-Martín

Discussions of human biology and its consequences for ethics and public policy are often misguided. Both proponents and critics of behavioral genetics, reproductive cloning, and genetic testing have mistaken...

Mass Hysteria

by Rebecca Kukla

In Mass Hysteria, Rebecca Kukla examines the present-day medical and cultural practices surrounding pregnancy, new motherhood, and infant feeding. In the late-eighteenth century, the configuration of the maternal...

Ethics by Committee

by Micah D. Hester

Ethics by Committee was developed for the tens of thousands of people across the United States serve on hospital and other healthcare ethics committees (HECs). Experts in bioethics, clinical consultation, health...

Feminist, Queer, Crip

by Alison Kafer

In Feminist, Queer, Crip Alison Kafer imagines a different future for disability and disabled bodies. Challenging the ways in which ideas about the future and time have been deployed in the service of compulsory...

Framing ADHD Children

by Adam Rafalovich

Framing ADHD Children explores the three social worlds of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: the home, classroom, and clinic. Through intensive interviews with teachers, parents, clinicians, and ADHD...

Happy-People-Pills for All

by Mark Walker

Happy-People-Pills for All explores current theories of happiness while demonstrating the need to develop advanced pharmacological agents for the enhancement of our capacity for happiness and wellbeing.

  • Presents...

Pharmaceutical Ethics and Health Care Access

by Richard George Boudreau

A fragmented health care industry combined with longer life expectancies is helping to push up the price of prescription drugs.

While pharmaceutical manufacturers point to increased costs of research and development...

The 60% Solution

by Todd Furniss

The 60% Solution offers a bold new vision of how to radically improve the availability and affordability of healthcare by focusing on five critical components:

  1. Emphasizing primary care,
  2. Clarifying pricing
  3. Standardizing...

The 60% Solution

by Todd Furniss

The 60% Solution offers a bold new vision of how to radically improve the availability and affordability of healthcare by focusing on five critical components:

  1. Emphasizing primary care,
  2. Clarifying pricing
  3. Standardizing...

Basic Principles of Spine Surgery Ethics

by Thamer Ahmed Hamdan & Saad Jumaah Abdulsalam

This book is intended for spine surgeons whether they are orthopedic or neurosurgeons, for the residents, and post graduate students. It contains several chapters, covering almost all aspect of ethical conduct,...

Let Them Go Free

by Thomas A. Shannon & Charles N. Faso

Let Them Go Free offers families a way to cope with a problem particular to our time: what to do when medical treatment sustains life but does not cure or resuscitate a critically ill loved one. This straightforward...

Kidney to Share

by Martha Gershun & John D. Lantos

In Kidney to Share, Martha Gershun tells the story of her decision to donate a kidney to a stranger. She takes readers through the complex process by which such donors are vetted to ensure that they are physically...

Medical Error, Ethics, and Apology

by Richard George Boudreau

Ethicists and medical scholars agree that adverse medical events should be disclosed to patients and families. However, defining what constitutes a medical error can be difficult.

Richard George Boudreau, a maxillofacial...

The Nature of Human Persons

by Jason T. Eberl

Is there a shared nature common to all human beings? What essential qualities might define this nature? These questions are among the most widely discussed topics in the history of philosophy and remain subjects...

Living on the Spectrum

by Elizabeth Fein

Honorable Mention, 2020 Stirling Prize for Best Published Work in Psychological Anthropology, given by the Society for Psychological Anthropology

How youth on the autism spectrum negotiate the contested meanings...