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Helping people to give up smoking can be easy

by Fabio Lugoboni

Why is it so difficult to quit smoking? Often the main obstacle is the fear of failing. The situation is no different for health professionals, especially doctors. They too often stop because of their fear of...

Create the Research Institute of the Environmental Protection and Cancer Prevention and Carry out Cancer Prevention System Engineering

by Bin Wu, Xu Ze, Xu Jie & Lily Xu et al.

In this book Dr. Xu Ze wrote down how to prevent cancer and try to stop cancer at the source and strive to eliminate security risks of cancer in the bud in detail. All of his wisdom comes from his hard work...

The New Progress in Cancer Treatment

by Xu Ze, Xu Jie, Bin Wu & Lily Xu et al.

In the half century after the Second World War, oncology has developed greatly both in the world and in China. There are three traditional major treatments: surgery, which has been used to treat tumors for more...

Recent Advances in Innovative Magnetic Nanomaterials for Cancer Theranostics

by Sudip Mukherjee

This book provides a detailed overview of cancer theranostics applications of magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles. Their synthesis, characterization, multifunctionality, disease targeting, biodistribution, pharmacokinetics...

Walked out of the New Road to Conquer Cancer

by Bin Wu

Science is endless, and only those who are not afraid of danger or difficult work can reach the science peak. Dr. Xu Ze has been working on cancer therapy for more than sixty years and works very hard day and...


by Elsie Young

Elsie Young was working as a certified nurses assistant in September 2011 when she suffered her first nosebleed ever. As the bleeding continued for months and increased in severity, Elsie sought help from a...

The Royal Marsden Manual of Cancer Nursing Procedures

by Sara Lister, Lisa Dougherty & Louise McNamara

The Royal Marsden is the world?s first hospital dedicated to cancer diagnosis, treatment, research and education ? a centre of excellence with an international reputation for ground-breaking research and pioneering...

Summary & Study Guide - Anticancer Living

by Lee Tang



This book is a summary of “Anticancer Living: Transform Your Life and Health with the Mix of Six,” by Lorenzo Cohen, PhD and Alison Jefferies, MEd.


Case Studies in Palliative and End-of-Life Care

by Margaret L. Campbell

Case Studies in Palliative and End-of-Life Care uses a case-based approach to provide students and practitioners with an important learning tool to improve critical thinking skills and encourage discussion toward...

Op-Ed on Cancer

by Ann Wax

The traditional approach to cancer is that the patient must view cancer as the enemy and engage in a war to vanquish that enemy. Ann Wax, RN, argues that this approach is incorrect and invariably leads to pain,...

Summary & Study Guide - The Emperor of All Maladies

by Lee Tang

You will never look at cancer the same way.

This book is a summary of "The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer" by Siddhartha Mukherjee.

This book chronicles a fascinating "biography" of cancer—from...


by Trish Bartley

Mindfulness: A Kindly Approach to Being with Cancer offers people with cancer a means to bring mindfulness and kindliness into their lives, to help them cope with the challenge of a life-threatening illness. ...

Perspectives on Cancer Care

by Tonks N. Fawcett & Anne McQueen

Perspectives on Cancer Care is a unique collection of insights from contributors, based on their specific expertise and experience. It provides a range of perspectives on cancer care to inspire readers and encourage...

Textbook of Palliative Care Communicaiton

by Elaine Wittenberg, Betty Ferrell, Joy Goldsmith & Thomas Smith et al.

The Textbook of Palliative Care Communication is the authoritative text on communication in palliative care, providing a compilation of international and interdisciplinary perspectives. This online resource...

Infectious Causes of Cancer

by Kenneth Campbell

Over 99% of the world's population is infected with at least one potentially cancer-causing organism. It is vital for nurses and other healthcare professionals to be aware of the extent of infection-associated...

Cancer and Inflammation Mechanisms

by Yusuke Hiraku, Shosuke Kawanishi & Hiroshi Ohshima

A new perspective on the link between inflammation and cancer

Inflammation is the human body?s normal biological response to threats in the modern world, as well as a defense against the harmful influence of...