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Low Fat Diet Recipes: Gluten Free Recipes and Superfoods

by Tabetha Cool

Low Fat Diet Recipes: Gluten Free Recipes and Superfoods This Low Fat Diet Recipes book contains diet ideas and healthy low fat recipes from two different diet plans the Superfoods diet and the Gluten Free diet....

Vegan Savvy

by Azmina Govindji

This is a positive, authoritative look at the health questions that surround veganism so that you can get the most out of your plant-based diet.

Veganism is one of the fastest growing movements across the world,...

Spice Diet

by Kalpna Woolf

Spice Diet combines delicious recipes and healthy eating, using the tastes, healing powers and weight loss health properties of spices from around the world.

The book unwraps the mysteries of one of the oldest,...

The Right Carb

by Nicola Graimes

We?ve cut carbs from our diets, but are we any healthier? Recent research suggests not! Findings show that a diet featuring a moderate amount of carbs (around 50?55% of calories), rather than extremely low (below...

The Gut Stuff

by Lisa and Alana Macfarlane

With a foreword by Tim Spector

Alana and Lisa Macfarlane have spent the past few years interviewing tons of gut experts: scientists, academics, chefs and foodies to get the real scoop and science behind what...

Natural Detox Strategies

by Veronica Fomia

Detoxing your body of harmful chemicals and years of built-up toxins is imperative for a healthy and happy body. The human body has a built-in detoxification process, but today, it is rarely enough. 


Summary of The Case for Keto

by Alexander Cooper

Summary of The Case for Keto

The Case for Keto is the latest of a number of books by Gary Taubes dealing with nutrition and how we approach the problems of obesity. As a journalist with a scientific background,...

Exercise prescription for healthy active ageing

by Emanuele Isidori, Pablo Jorge Marcos Pardo & David Jiménez Pavón

The handbook aims to address the problems of increasing obesity by assessing the health consequences of ageing and sedentary lifestyles among adults and older people in European countries. It aims to help people...

Clinical Paediatric Dietetics

by Vanessa Shaw

Clinical Paediatric Dietetics, Fifth Edition continues to provide a very practical approach to dietary management of children with an extensive range of disorders. Thoroughly revised to reflect the most recent...

The Plant Based Diet Cookbook for Beginners

by Suzanne Fluharty

A Plant Based diet, is simply a type of diet that is focused on food that comes from plants, this means that on a Plant Based diet, food such as vegetables, seeds, nuts, legumes, whole grains, beans and fruits...

The Logic of Vegetarianism

by Henry S. Salt

«what vegetarianism is, and (a scarcely less essential point) what vegetarianism is not !»

Henry Stephens Salt  was a noted ethical vegetarian, socialist, humanitarian and pacifist. It was Salt who influenced...

Manual of Dietetic Practice

by Joan Gandy

The authoritative guide for dietetic students and both new and experienced dietitians ? endorsed by the British Dietetic Association 

Now in its sixth edition, the bestselling Manual of Dietetic Practice has...

How to Retrain Your Appetite

by Dr Helen McCarthy

This self-help book is for people who have gained weight because they have lost touch with using natural hunger and fullness signals to guide their eating. This book shows you how to relearn to eat in tune with...

Food and Nutrition

by P.K. Newby

From gluten-free to pile-on-the-meat Paleo, GMOs to grass-fed beef, our newsfeeds abound with nutrition advice. Whether headlines from the latest scientific study or anecdotes from celebrities and food bloggers...

Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalitis, 2nd ed.

by Sarah Myhill

Mitochondria are the powerhouses of our cells, essential for the production and management of energy at the cell level. Dr. Sarah Myhill has spent years studying the relationship between mitochondrial malfunction...

The Miracle of Nuts, Seeds and Grains

by Dr Bahram Tadayyon

His book The Miracle of Nuts, Seeds, and Grains is intended to encourage readers of all ages about the health benefits of including nuts, seeds, and whole cereals in their daily diets. It describes nutritional...

Transdermal Magnesium Therapy

by Dr. Mark Sircus

This second edition of Transdermal Magnesium Therapy offers a full medical review of how magnesium affects cancer, the heart, diabetes, the emotions, inflammation, surgery, autism, transdermal medicine, and...

Advanced Nutrition and Dietetics in Nutrition Support

by Mary Hickson & Sara Smith

Written in conjunction with the British Dietetic Association, Advanced Nutrition and Dietetics in Nutrition Support provides a thorough and critical review of the fundamental and applied literature in nutrition...

Advanced Nutrition and Dietetics in Obesity

by Catherine Hankey & Kevin Whelan

This addition to the British Dietetic Association Advanced Nutrition and Dietetics book series is written for clinicians and researchers who work with any aspect of obesity and its comorbid conditions. Featuring...

The Good Cooks Cookbook: Clean Eating Diet For Healthy Living - It Just Tastes Better! Volume 3 (Anti-Inflammatory Diet)

by Cooking Genius

Your diet determines your quality of life. Therefore, you should always be conscious of what you have on your plate. This cookbook features recipes that follow the Clean Eating Diet. Unlike other recipe books,...