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The Strat in the Attic 2

by Deke Dickerson

More astounding stories of rare guitar finds and the music legends who owned them.

Do you dream of finding a 1954 Stratocaster or 1952 Gibson Les Paul online, at a garage sale, or in the local penny saver? How...

The Black Horn

by Robert Lee Watt

The Black Horn: The Story of Classical French Hornist Robert Lee Watt tells the story of the first African American French hornist hired by a major symphony in these United States. Today, the number of African...

Oboe Unbound

by Libby Van Cleve

In writing Oboe Unbound: Contemporary Techniques, author Libby Van Cleve seeks to open up the tradition-bound assumptions of the instrument’s capabilities. Not only does she include descriptions of the oboe’s...

Uke Can Do It!

by Philip Tamberino

Affordable, versatile, portable, and popular once again, the ukulele is an ideal instrument for lifelong music making that can also be an engaging component of school music programs. At the elementary or secondary...

Clavichord for Beginners

by Joan Benson

Written by Joan Benson, one of the champions of clavichord performance in the 20th century, Clavichord for Beginners is an exceptional method book for both practitioners and enthusiasts. In addition to detailing...

The Influence of Carlos Prieto on Contemporary Cello Music

by Alán Saúl Saucedo Estrada

This book includes biographical information on Carlos Prieto, his contributions to music, as well as a detailed catalog of 72 pieces commissioned and/or dedicated to him. A graduate of MIT and a former director...

The (Well) Informed Piano

by Miguel G. Henriques

The (Well) Informed Piano addresses the technical, musical, artistic, ethical, and philosophical issues in piano methodology. Adding a new perspective and approach criteria to piano methodology, this book is...

All Things Strings

by Jo Nardolillo & T.M. Larsen

String players face a bewildering array of terms related to their instruments. Because string playing is a living art form, passed directly from master to student, the words used to convey complex concepts such...

Concerto in B Minor Op. 61

by Edward Elgar

One of the most beloved pieces in the modern violin repertoire, the Concerto in B Minor is among Edward Elgar's longest orchestral compositions and one of the last of his works to achieve and retain popular...

Drum Kit Secrets

by Matt Dean

Modeled on the brilliant approach first formulated by distinguished professor of music and master clarinetist Michele Gingras in Clarinet Secrets and More Clarinet Secrets (both available from Scarecrow Press),...

Opera at the Bandstand

by George W. Martin

In Opera at the Bandstand: Then and Now, George W. Martin surveys the role of concert bands during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in making contemporary opera popular. He also chronicles how in...

Oboe Secrets

by Jacqueline Leclair

Modeled on the brilliant approach first formulated by distinguished professor of music and master clarinetist Michele Gingras in Clarinet Secrets and More Clarinet Secrets (both available from Scarecrow Press),...

The Duduk and National Identity in Armenia

by Andy Nercessian

The book is an outline of the Armenian duduk, a cylindrical double-reed aerophone made of apricot-wood, and its relation to the Armenian identity. It attempts to deepen our understanding of musical instruments...

How to Hot Rod Your Fender Amp

by Jeffrey Falla & Aurora Johnson

This guidebook shows owners and dreamers the basics of getting the best sound possible out of their Fender amp with simple and advanced modifications. These include essential and fundamental tips like selecting...

365 Guitars, Amps & Effects You Must Play

by Dave Hunter

Guitarists love guitars. Few own just one, and most are dreaming of their next acquisition. To help them out, here is the ultimate bucket list of guitars—plus guitar amps and various guitar effects—that...

Pianists on Playing

by Linda J. Noyle

Twelve internationally-known keyboard artists entertainingly discuss their daily lives of practicing and performing in informative interviews, including reflections on learning new music, reviving repertoire,...

Serge Chaloff

by Vladimir Simosko

Serge Chaloff (1923-1957) is most widely remembered as the flamboyant baritone saxophone star with Woody Herman's 2nd Herd whose problems with drugs extended to erratic personal behavior. Nevertheless, there...

Portuguese Piano Music

by Nancy Lee Harper

As the first book of its kind, Nancy Lee Harper’s Portuguese Piano Music: An Introduction and Annotated Bibliography fills the gap in the historical record of Portuguese piano music from its start in the 18th...

The Notation Is Not the Music

by Barthold Kuijken

Written by a leading authority and artist of the historical transverse flute, The Notation Is Not the Music offers invaluable insight into the issues of historically informed performance and the parameters—and...

The Strat in the Attic

by Deke Dickerson & Jonathan Kellerman

Guitar sleuth and music-history detective Deke Dickerson tells the true tales behind 48 rare-guitar and amplifier finds that will make any player or collector green with envy. A hoarder's attic stuffed with...