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The Music and Literacy Connection

by Dee Hansen, Elaine Bernstorf & Gayle M. Stuber

The second edition of The Music and Literacy Connection expands our understanding of the links between reading and music by examining those skills and learning processes that are directly parallel for music...

Melody, Harmony, Tonality: A Book for Connoisseurs and Amateurs

by gene Eugene Helm

The full range of Western music is explored through 21 concise chapters on such topics as melody, harmony, counterpoint, texture, melody types, improvisation, music notation, free imitation, canon and fugue,...

Thinking about Thinking: Metacognition for Music Learning

by Carol Benton

Thinking about Thinking: Metacognition for Music Learning provides music educators with information, inspiration, and practical suggestions for teaching music. Written for music educators in multiple content...

Fundamentals of Musical Acoustics: Second, Revised Edition

by Arthur H. Benade

Landmark book hailed for exceptionally clear, delightfully readable explication of everything acoustically important to music-making. Includes over 300 illustrations. Examples, experiments, and questions conclude...


by Max Reger

Written by a progressive early modernist, this concise guide for performers and composers offers valuable insights and instruction. Suitable for musicians at all levels. Newly typeset and engraved.

Five Graphic Music Analyses

by Heinrich Schenker

Five analytical sketches by a great theorist offer highly developed examples of an influential method of musical structural analysis: a J. S. Bach chorale and prelude, a section of a Haydn sonata, and two Chopin...

The Italian Traditions and Puccini: Compositional Theory and Practice in Nineteenth-Century Opera

by Nicholas Baragwanath

In this groundbreaking survey of the fundamentals, methods, and formulas that were taught at Italian music conservatories during the 19th century, Nicholas Baragwanath explores the compositional significance...

The Classical Revolution: Thoughts on New Music in the 21st Century

by John Borstlap

The Classical Revolution is an accessible and informative polemic for music lovers with an interest in the meaning of classical music in general, and the classical tradition in particular which seems to be re-emerging...

Comprehensive Musical Analysis

by John D. White

Presents material on Heinrich Schenker and reductive linear analysis and additional material on set theoretical analysis. Replete with musical examples, charts, and diagrams.

Seeking the Significance of Music Education: Essays and Reflections

by Bennett Reimer

Noted music educator Bennett Reimer has selected 24 of his previously published articles from a variety of professional journals spanning the past 50 years. During that time, he's tackled generating core values...

The New (Ethno)musicologies

by Henry Stobart, Laudan Nooshin, Caroline Bithell & Philip V. Bohlman et al.

This collection of essays addresses and critically examines key issues in contemporary ethnomusicology. Set in two parts, the volume explores ethnomusicology's shifting disciplinary relationships and plots a...

The Oxford Handbook of Critical Concepts in Music Theory

by Alexander Rehding & Steven Rings

Music Theory has a lot of ground to cover. Especially in introductory classes a whole range of fundamental concepts are introduced at fast pace that can never be explored in depth or detail, as other new topics...

Musicologia: Musical Knowledge from Plato to John Cage

by Robin Maconie

This is the first study of its kind to address the presence of musical and acoustical metaphor in western science and philosophy from the time of the ancient Greeks to the present. The most difficult and controversial...

Thought and Play in Musical Rhythm

by Richard Wolf, Stephen Blum & Christopher Hasty

Thought and Play in Musical Rhythm offers new understandings of musical rhythm through the analysis and comparison of diverse repertoires, performance practices, and theories as formulated and transmitted in...

Music Theory for the Music Professional

by Richard Sorce

Written as a music theory text that not only addresses the important fundamental syntax of music in the classical sense but also relates this syntax to current practices and styles, this book should be particularly...

Music and the Politics of Negation

by James R. Currie

Over the past quarter century, music studies in the academy have their postmodern credentials by insisting that our scholarly engagements start and end by placing music firmly within its various historical and...

The art of singing

by Enrico Caruso

The historical revelations of the vocal technique of the Greatest Tenor, the “world’s first popstar” Enrico Caruso

In this book, Caruso himself analyzes and describes his phenomenal breathing technique...

Analytical Essays on Music by Women Composers: Secular & Sacred Music to 1900

by Laurel Parsons & Brenda Ravenscroft

Through musical analysis of compositions written between the mid-twelfth to late nineteenth centuries, this volume celebrates the achievements of eight composers, all women: Hildegard of Bingen, Maddalena Casulana,...

Becoming Creative

by Juniper Hill

How are our ability and motivation to be creative shaped by the world around us? Why does creativity seem to flourish in some environments, while others seem to stifle it? Many societies value creativity as...

Eduard Hanslick's On the Musically Beautiful

by Lee Rothfarb & Christoph Landerer

Eduard Hanslick's On the Musically Beautiful (Vom Musikalisch-Schönen, 1854), written and published before the author turned 30, is a watershed document in the history of aesthetics, and of thought about...