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Energy Healing for Everyone

by Brett Bevell

"It has helped change my life for the better! Highly recommended!"—John Perkins

Energy Healing for Everyone offers an accessible healing technique for body, mind, and spirit that is easy to learn and master....

Guarire il pensiero

by Olivier Manitara

Gli Esseni sono da sempre riconosciuti quali terapeuti dell’anima e del corpo. Eredi di una tradizione millenaria, portano avanti tutt’oggi la loro opera di guarigione dell’umanità e della terra. Le terapie...

Paleolithic Diet: Digging Deeper Into the Original Human Diet and Paleo Recipes

by Lindsay Sullivan

Paleolithic Diet Digging Deeper In To The Original Human Diet and Paleo Recipes Are you looking for a healthier way of eating that will help you lose weight and improve your overall health? If so, this book...

Spirit Walk

by Jay Treiber

"A thrilling and elegantly wrought debut about the far–reaching effects of our decisions, and our irrepressible desire to undo the worst of them."

—JONATHAN EVISON, author of The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving...

Teachings of Silver Birch

by Silver Birch

Over the centuries, Spiritualism has always been hindered, yet the movement is the oldest known in the world and has changed along with the evolution of humanity. Silver Birch reveals, as well as others before...

The Energy in Your Hands. Manual of Usui Reiki

by Michele De Santis

In this manual you will find all the information on all three levels of Reiki (I, II and Master level), with the integration of the original Japanese techniques. You'll discover the history of Reiki and its...

Heal Yourself

by Lynne Zimmerman

Learn how to "remap" your brain to manage chronic pain, depression, cancer and more.Explains in lay language the cutting-edge science behind the human brain's ability to reconfigure its own electrochemical format...

Trager for Self-Healing

by Audrey Mairi

Find Enlightenment Through Your Physical Body Audrey Mairi views enlightenment not as a philosophical puzzle to solve or a spiritual epiphany but instead as an everyday experience grounded in ordinary physical...

Meditation for Beginners: Secret Meditating Techniques to Unlock Your Hidden Potential

by Abigail JD Mason

In today's fast-paced world, many people are seeking a way to get away from it all and relax. Meditation, which is essentially a method to obtain a level of deep thought and relaxation, is one way to find inner...

Hands That Heal

by Echo Bodine

Since its first publication in 1985, psychic and healer Echo Bodine?s Hands That Heal has gently and thoroughly guided readers through energy, or spiritual, healing. Explaining her approach to healing as within...

Mind - Body - God Connection

by Darlene Hall

Is there a connection between what we think and how we feel? Does the mind talk to the body and the body to the mind? What about negative childhood experiences? Can early life experiences impact the state of...

101 Selected Sayings of Mahatma Gandhi

by Irfan Jd Alli


1. The similarity between freedom and slavery.

2. What makes the world blind.

3. Who is to be considered religious.

4. What is the greatness of humanity....

Crystal Grids Handbook

by Judy Hall

Use the magic of crystal grids to create, heal, and manifest goals and intentions. A condensed version of The Ultimate Guide to Crystal Grids, Crystal Grids Handbook shows you the fundamentals of constructing...

Nothing Bad Between Us

by Marlena Fiol & Phil Cousineau

An Incredible True Story About Family, Love and Forgiveness

?This is one of the most moving and, ultimately, hopeful books I have ever read." ?Jean M. Bartunek, PhD, professor of management and organization,...

Priest of His Presence

by Tennessee Mike

This book is a testament of the joyous message of finding, first and foremost, your place in the presence of God. Pastor Mike has discovered through his years of ministry that the only way to see God's wonder-filled...

30 Day Journey to Surviving the Loss

by Haskins,Ali'ce J.

30 Day Journey to Surviving the Loss seeks to invite you into the candid reality of accounts of a Mother who died with her child, yet she was forced to live through a journey of spiraling through self-destruction,...

God's Secret

by Bobby Sky

It's a quiet night as the moonlight from the cloudless sky hits the soft sand of the empty baseball field. The field is located across the street from the Samaritan Inn homeless shelter in McKinney, Texas, the...

Surrender Your Struggles to God

by Leesa King

We all go through difficult situations in our lives. Many of us experience self-esteem issues, relationship issues, and financial problems. We grieve the loss of loved ones, and deal with illnesses, and injury...

Demonic Spirits

by Agnew,Mary E.

I will define various kinds of demonic spirits, how to recognize them, and what our behavior is like once they enter our thought process. We will explore some actions we can take to defeat them. If we trust...

The Sword of Life

by Horton,Phyllis

The Sword of Life: Your Power is in the Word gives an understanding that the strength desired to help anyone break through the barriers that hold us back in life can be found within our words. A person of faith...