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Conquest of Mind: Take Charge of Your Thoughts and Reshape Your Life Through Meditation

by Eknath Easwaran

Easwaran takes the timeless teachings of the Buddha and other mystics and shows how we can train the mind not just during meditation but throughout the day.

Feeling trapped by unwanted thoughts and emotions...

The Best Meditations on the Planet

by Martin Hart & Skye Alexander

Rewire your brain for happiness, to bolster your immune system against illness, or release anxiety.

The Best Meditations on the Planet gives you 100 meditations that can be used to improve your emotional, mental,...

Energy Healing for Everyone

by Brett Bevell

"It has helped change my life for the better! Highly recommended!"—John Perkins

Energy Healing for Everyone offers an accessible healing technique for body, mind, and spirit that is easy to learn and master....

The Bhagavad Gita

by Eknath Easwaran

The Bhagavad Gita is the best known of all the Indian scriptures, and Eknath Easwaran’s best-selling translation is reliable, readable, and profound.

Easwaran's 55-page introduction places the Bhagavad Gita...

AUM: The Melody of Love

by Joseph Bharat Cornell

Seek the sound that never ceases. The winds of God's grace constantly flow into this world through Holy AUM. The Sacred Sound has many names, and mystics of all religions revere it. Just as light is intrinsic...

Fragments of Reality

by Petri Kajander

Fragments of Reality is a Zen-like modern version of insights that Bankei, Huang Po and others have said from ancient times.

Kajander uses Ramana Maharshi’s Who am I –method to enquire into the inner world...

Learn and the Doctor teach

by G.B.G. Danza

A journey along one week through the themes of the life into this our world, between talking, thoughts and meditation. Ebook funny adviced to everybody, most to who listen the own voice inward.

When I Meditate: Reclaiming a Key Facet of Prayer

by Art Toalston

When I Meditate conveys this central message: It's good to pray and it's good to meditate.

Some Christians find this hard to believe. They know that meditation is mentioned in the Bible, but they tend to think...

Guided Meditation: Meditation Daily for Stress and Anxiety Release to Eliminate Depression and Increase Happiness (Your Personal Guide to Manage Stress, Anxiety, and Negative Thinking)

by Danielle Crum

So, what exactly is meditation?

Meditation is a way of getting in touch with your true self. It can be used to still the mind and to harness the energies inside you and all around you. Meditation is nothing new....

Sleep Meditations

by Danielle North

Brimming with calming practices and serene artwork, Sleep Meditations helps readers relax, let go of daily stresses, and gently drift off into a restful slumber.

For anyone who wants to unwind at the end of the...

Conquest of Self

by Mahatma Gandhi, R. K. Prabhu & U. R. Rao

This book contains Mahatma Gandhi’s 1943 work, "Conquest Of Self". This inspiring text would make for a worthy addition to any personal library, and will be of special interest to fans and collectors of Mahatma...

Mastering the Art of Allowing

by Estrella Magdalena

This book was written for the healer looking for healing. It is infused with tools, exercises and new ways to look at things to assist in growth and transformation. I hope it can serve you as it was intended...

Meditation and Movement for Self-Healing

by Catherine Ayano Nixon

Meditation and Movement for Self-Healing provides a set of 25 activities for those who want to learn more about the practice of meditation. The movements are simple and offer an alternative to other ways of...

Overcoming Creative Anxiety

by Karen C.L. Anderson

Journal Your Way to Creativity and Confidence

“The practices in this marvelous journal will open you up to your own creative genius!” —Susannah Seton, author of Simple Pleasures

Journal away from anxiety...

Lessons in Meditation

by Jyotish Novak

In Lessons in Meditation, you will learn the basic techniques of meditation through clear, step-by-step instructions. Experience the importance of the breath-mind connection and the power of the focused mind....

Meditation over Medication

by Ravi K. Puri Ph.D.

“This book is an eye-opener for those who are not interested in the practice of meditation. Dr. Puri‘s life long journey on spiritual endeavor and his expertise in pharmaceutical sciences provide persuasive...

Momentous Reflection!

by Yosief Tewolde

The book explores and trains the practice of what, the author calls, “Momentous Reflection”. Exercised at every moment of life alongside daily life practices. It involves, communication with the self!

How to Have a Mindful Pregnancy and Birth

by Sian Warriner & Mark Pallis

  • A deliberately short, beautifully packaged, simple and easy to follow guide written by a consultant midwife specializing in mindfulness-based childbirth
  • No previous knowledge of mindfulness necessary
  • Endorsement...

A Path of Practice

by Shamar Rinpoche & Draszcyk Tina

In Toward Awakening: The Bodhi Path Program, Künzig Shamar Rinpoche offers his vision of focused Dharma practice with the power to lead practitioners in today’s world toward achieving the state of awakening....

Meditations on Being

by R.F. Poteet

Life cannot be without purpose.

When you look closely, you see how it is all connected; how the fabric of reality is woven together perfectly on the loom of everything.

Somehow, the pattern of the universe speaks...