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God's Dynamic Plan Revealed

by Alice Gravatt

A Master Plan exists for human life so amazing that it goes beyond human imagination. The plan is intended for all people who will claim it for themselves. It is given to us by our Creator through Moses? Tabernacle...

New Book /||\ Real Messages of `-God I, Ii; & Iii-!!!~’ /||\

by Dwayne W. Anderson

To be Certain there are Patterns in Life & Death!~? Patterns so obvious that the Mind cannot Escape Them!~? These Patterns lead down a Narrow Path to an Awakening of an Understanding that will Illuminate Mankind?s...

The Mystery of Joan of Arc

by Léon Denis & Arthur Conan Doyle

*** Premium Ebook with beautiful Layout ***

THE memory of Jeanne d'Arc has never aroused such ardent and passionate controversies as have raged for the last few years round this great historical figure. One party,...

The Kybalion

by Three Initiates

We take great pleasure in presenting to the attention of students and investigators of the Secret Doctrines this little work based upon the world-old Hermetic Teachings. There has been so little written upon...

Oracles of Nostradamus

by Charles A. Ward

Charles A. Ward is perhaps the best known of the academics who have endeavoured to explain the relevance of Nostradamus' prophecies. 

In "Oracles of Nostradamus", first published in 1891, Ward marshals an impressive...

The Prophecies of Nostradamus

by Nostradamus

Michel de Nostredame (depending on the source, 14 or 21 December 1503 – 1 or 2 July 1566), usually Latinised as Nostradamus, was a French astrologer, physician and reputed seer, who is best known for his book...

The Corpus Hermeticum

by Hermes Trismegistus

The Corpus Hermeticum are Egyptian-Greek wisdom texts from which are mostly presented as dialogues in which a teacher enlightens a disciple. The texts form the basis of Hermeticism. They discuss the divine,...

The Prophecies of Nostradamus

by Nostradamus

The true centuries and prophecies of Michel Nostradamus, credited with predicting numerous events in world history, from the Great Fire of London, and the rise of Napoleon and Adolf Hitler, to the September...

Fortune Telling by Cards

by Greg Cetus

There is a vein of superstition in every human heart, and many men who have played a great part in the world’s history have not been ashamed to seek help from occultists, when the tangle of life seemed too...

Unique  Religion Space Universe

by Ioan Ursu

Author Ioan Ursu creates this book in his wish to create a new philosophical, religious organization. Through this new organization, the author wants to unify all the religious. He wants all these teachings...

The Great Mega Earthquake in 2021

by Hermaneli Torrevillas

Where does one individual stand? He is a mere corpuscle of the souls on this earth. Yet if we are that tiny, how come God imposes his wrath on us? There will be a great mega earthquake that will soon come to...

The King of Terror

by William J. Moylan

This book is about the Nostradamus king of terror prophecy. It is a book unlike any other written about his works. It sets out to prove this prophecy is still unfolding. The idea came from years the author spent...

Immediate Messages Sent from Heaven

by Greg Belter

These spiritual messages are from way beyond this world. The Lord, Father God and the Virgin Mary have been visiting us on a daily basis, whereas many of their children have had many encounters with the other...

Instant Messages Sent from Heaven

by Greg Belter

The spiritual messages sent from heaven are so enlightening that many will feel the voice of our Lord penetrate their minds as very extraordinary. Peace will settle in to where the loving touch of the Virgin...

Armageddon Ii

by Bonnie Bell

Armageddon II the Alpha and Omega will look at the Bible in a whole new light. Never before exposed information will be revealed as this book digs deep into the pages of the Bible. For you see there is nothing...

Shadow of Things to Come

by William Daniel Kelly

Commentary on Revelation

Where God Gets a Bride

Three Raptures

Fourteen Years of Judgment

Wake Up, Sleeper!

by Kathryn Brooks

Have you ever felt anxious? Do you see what is happening in the world around you but don't really know what to do about it? There is and has been a very real and intentional battle being waged to ensure your...

Quit Trying and Start Dying!

by David Joel

A short time before this work went to press, I was listening to some of my favorite worship music and going over various parts of the completed work. In His still small voice, He told me, David, this is not...

The Whirling White Light Ride in Heaven

by Greg Belter

Adventure on into the upper realm of heaven. All events will be most enjoyable while your mind will be elevated, as you'll find the spiritual power of the Lord most exciting to feel inside of the human psyche....

"America" Because I Have Loved You, I Have Made You Rich!

by Efren M. Gamboa

About my latest book, America Because I have loved you, I have made you rich! The inevitable truth of America, Bible Prophecy, and 666 Author Efren M. Gamboa offers his own conclusions in six chapters. Each...